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  David 'Dave'  Ashley
Age: 20
Role: Player
Position: Forward

Dave was one of the original members of the team. He has collected plenty of goals through the years. Works hard but was known for hanging on to the ball for too long, recently this has changed. He is ever present in the team.
  Paul 'Baldrick'  Brown
Age: 20
Role: Player
Position: Utility

Paul is of slight build but makes up for it with his ability. He can play any where which is one of his assets which the manager saw in him when he was signed from "Young Guns". This season he has featured more in defence but has still found time to get forward. A mid-season break has done him the world of good.
  Ian 'Widge'  Burman
Age: 17
Role: Player
Postion: Midfield/Striker
This former youth player has excelled so far this season. Ian has put into some great performances with his passing and dribbling skills always shining through. Unfortunatley he rarely hits the target but he still has time on his side.
  Gary  Burman
Age: 20
Role: Player
Position: Utility

Gary has been the star player of the club since its formation in 1996. He has enjoyed three successive promotions in the winter league to take the team to the premiership, scoring many crucial goals on the way. Owing to university commitments he has only been able to play a few of the games this season but the team seems to have picked up points when he has played. Works hard lacks skill.
  Colin  Burman
Age: 45
Role: Manager
Colin founded the club back in 1996. He was then player manager and still continued to play until December 1998 when he broke his leg in a challenge. Colin enjoyed three promotions as a player as well as a manager. B.P.R would not be in it's current position without him.
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