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  Eddie 'Stretch Armstrong'  Berry
Age: 45
Role: First team coach
Fitness fanatic Eddie is actualy injury prone after pulling a hamstring in a local rounders match. Eddie is well known for his strange warm up routines and queer stretching excersises.
  Andrew 'GOD'  Brooker
Age: 18
A complete GOD!! The world hasn't seen anyone as good since George Best.
(currently out of action due to a broken leg thanks to a fat boy called Darren Vickers)
And Alastair is an asshole bescause....... well no reason he just is.
  John 'Crafty Cockney'  Brooker
Age: 47
Role: Chairman
Recentley appointed chairman of Allstars John is a great character around the club. John is renowned for miss understandings after Ben thought he asked him if he had any pants on but he actually asked if he had a pencil. Once known for Elvis impersonations John had to retire after losing his hair.
  Paul 'Puff'  Buckley
Age: 18
A right back by trade Paul is an etenal disapointment to his father Chris as he is not a particurlally good player. He always puts in 100% however and never shys from the tackle. Pauls biggest career disapointment is that in 8 years of playing he has never managed a goal. This record can only be described as utter pants.
  Tom 'Cat'  Furber
Age: 18
Goalkeeper Tom is currentley enjoying his best season ever. He has been rewarded by several man of the match awards and is a candidate for player of the year.
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