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  Lee  Adams
Lee 'Duck' Adams seems to spend his time on the pitch with his eyes closed - as the above photo shows !!!. This is not a good idea when you are a forward Lee. He also pays little attention to what is shouted at him from the sideline. Lee tried to 'will' his body to medical science but they turned him down as his MOUTH was worn out but his EARS were brand new !!!!
  David  Cowe
The quiet man of the team. Obviously he can't get a word in for his father. Could have a career in front of him as a male model. He was chosen to model the new strip.
A great player.
Of Golf. The little rabbit plays off nine+.
Best position is normally in midfield. He has his uses being good at helping to put up the nets.
Age: 44
The Manager is always in a flat spin and you can hear him before you see him !!!!!
  Mark  Doig
Big Doigie is not the brightest thing on two legs but he does seem to able to attract beautiful young girls to the game.
A Lionhearted if not a little reckless with his challenges on his game he is a match for any attacker. Has been known to score spectatular goals but you are not quite sure if his free kicks will be on target. He practices his shooting technique at training wildly belting the ball from one end to the other.

  Stuart 'Hayser'  Hay
Hang about - isn't that --- Yes its Stuart Scholes !!!

It's just a pity - He's a Celtic TIM
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