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  Mark 'Blanty'  Blant
Role: Captain/Midfielder
One word best decribes Blanty - drunk! Loves to pack the pints away at every available opportunity! Been at the club for many years and has always put everything into the game. As captain got the priveledge of lifting the league and cup titles. Very dangerous in the air.
  Paul 'Student'  Breslin
You've heard of the Nevilles, you've heard of the De Boers, well Muskham have their very own, with Martin expected to make his debut any time now. This speedy left wing back, completeing the 100m in a lightening fast 14.1 seconds, is expected to establish himself as part of the muskham set up, providing he quits stinky laurens. Has a tendency to fall asleep on market benches and run away from angry taxi drivers.
Now left the club.
  Nicky 'Nugget'  Brompton
Role: Centre-Back
This player is the epitomy of versatility. Can play anywhere but is best in the middle of midfield with his strong tackling and intelligent passing. However has recently latched on to a Mrs Kelly Atkins and his numerous trips to Alcoholics Annonymous has meant that football has not been top of his agenda as of late.
  Greig  Burt
Role: Wing-Back
Left-back who has played many years for the club. Famous for his usually inaccurate political views he is the teams most skillful player and has an outstanding left foot. However he needs to get his hair-cut desperatly and has a profound love for Martha Skipper - the local brainy beauty! He also plays for Newark side IDP and Farndon United.
  Simon  Ellison
Role: Striker
Joined mid-way through the season and immediately proved to be the answer to Muskhams striking problem. Formed a superb double act alongside Mark Sauve, his hold-up play is second to none and he scores more than his fair share of goals.
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