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  Stu  Bateson
Role: Player
Centre forward and top scorer last season. Not happy unless he gets at least 2 a game. No point in backing him up when he's got ball, very rare that anyone can keep up with him and when they do he still won't pass it!!!!!
  Gav  Bateson
Role: Player
Currently with D1 rivals Fieldhead, Gav was previously joined at the hip to Elbeck and Peaker. Scored nearly as many goals in 7 years as his brother did last season, the words "pass the ball" do not exist in his vocaublary either.
  Lee  Camfield
Role: Player
Club joker and complete fruitcake. Top DJ and not too bad between the sticks when he turns up on time.
  Mark 'Coney/ Gazza'  Elbeck
Role: Player
Midfield engine who smokes like a chimney. Got more skill than Gazza and totally 'chilled' out guy - if you know what i mean...
Second only to Rich Ellis in the moaning stakes.
  Rich  Ellis
Role: Player
Team Captain which makes him think he's got the right to moan at everyone all the time. Currently playing Centre Half with Kevin Webster (See Roy Fairbrass) though when the blind man with one leg comes back he will probably drop to the bench.

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