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one2one with a Santos Star: Andy Grosvenor
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  Des 'Desie'  Arrogah
Age: 32
Role: Defender
Probably the hardest player on the team, his no nonsense agressive style was much needed at the club. Surprisingly agile for a big lad his view of marking is straight out of the Graham Roberts school of defending. First player ever to get sent off for the team.
  Martin 'Bondo'  Bondsfield
Age: 27
Role: Defender
Nick Nick Bondo, the only Ex-Froebel member of the Digby Stuart based club. An accomplished centre half who commands the defence like he commands a shift at the weekend (flat footed ha ha ha). A valuable member of the team, we only hope he can play for us every week.
  Dom 'Baldie'  Campbell
Age: 27
Role: Manager
The Fat Babies stature of manager has grown with his girth. His tactical ability and team selections are now unquestioned. As well as providing some quality moments such as wiping out in the car park, he has also been known for slipping over and shouting "refereeeee" in a very girlie voice.
His positional sense has much improved and he doesn't follow the ball around like a mad Sky Sports camera man. Has a very nice left peg and has the ability to pick out a player from 40 yards
  Tom 'Fizzer'  Fitzgerald
Age: 24
Role: Midfielder
Mr Orange has always been ONE of Santos's most dangerous players, with his lazy like dazzeling runs the opposition find it hard to tame this Ginger wizard. He hasn't shown his full capabilities at present, but we await the circus. Lets just hope he doesn't put his head down and drag his bottom lip along the floor, for he is a santos match winner. The little girls vital match winners will surely be missed on his departure to try and achieve more at the lower standards of the football food chain.

  Tim 'Timmy'  Goodman
Age: 32
Role: Defender
Tim is the senior member of the team. A wisened pro Tim has been drawn into the Santos miracle.
Able to play at right back or centre half, Tim is a much needed level head in a team of show-ponies.
His experience and guile and ability to get out on a sunday morning under his wifes nose are all invaluable....
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