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  Jake  Alder
Jake joined Bucks CC in mid season 2001/2002. He can play either in midfield or in defence but although slightly built is most at home in the back line where his tackling and speed are his assets.
  Alex 'Aldy'  Alderton Alex signed for Bucks CC in January 2002 and has already given us more strength in midfield.  His height is an obvious advantage in high ball situations and his confidence has grown in the few matches he has been involved in.   
  Chris 'Bucky'  Buck
Chris Buck is another old campaigner and has made his home on the right flank. He will normally play in a wing back position from where he is able to dribble and pass accurately down the line. He is also Bucks first choice corner taker from where he is able to create a lot of goal scoring chances for his team mates. He also has a strong right foot and has scored a few goals from 20yards out.
  Luke  Cottle Luke joined Bucks CC in January 2002 transferring from Walton Court. He played his first game away at Wingrave on 3rd February 2002. He is a defender who reads the game very shrewdly and while being strong has considerable speed combined with balance.  Luke has made an immediate impact on the team and is set to start the new season as Bucks CC under 16's team captain.
  Andy  Eeles Andy Eeles joined Bucks CC from Downley Albion in 2001. He is an out and out striker plotting up on the half way line and waiting for service. He links well with Ollie Jones and is capable of good solo runs with accurate finishing having scored 30 goals in league games this season. He can score with foot or head.
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