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  David 'Where's The Match?'  Andrews
Age: 18ish

Position: Left Wing

David has proved to be a productive goalscorer from the left wing.

David joined Parson's Green properly at the start of this season, after a few appearences at the tail end of last season.

David like others joined after Tommy Wise departed, and has helped lift Parson's Green to their current position, following disappointing recent seasons.

David's inability to know where each game is being played dispite being told 26 times has not prevented him from being 2nd top scorer so far this season.
  Danny  Bartlett
Danny "Super-Hoops" Bartlett.

Age: Unknown

Position: Left-back

Danny joined Parson's Green last season.
His appearences for Parson's Green have been limited due to injury and regular trips to the caravan!
Danny progressed from the Pete Bentfield Chelsea United Acadamy, and is competing for the Left-back spot vacated by "Bealsey"

Danny has never scored a goal for Parson's Green, and having seen his shooting in training, this is a record that looks set to remain for a long time!
  Andy  Desborough
Andy "Desy" Desborough

Position: Midfield

Age: 23

Formerly of Woofferton FC (don't ask - it's in the countryside).
Scored one goal so far and is looking to reach double figures this season.
Has promised himself that there will be no vomiting incidents on the pitch - Sunday
mornings can be painful. - was once booked for doing so back in his youth.
Slightly injury prone so please be careful with him...
Finest moment was playing at Edgar Street (Hereford United) in front of hundreds:-)

  Craig 'Cruglin'  Goddard
Age: 23

Position: Striker

Craig joined Parson's Green at the start of last season. Craig finished as top goalscorer last season with 18 goals in 11 games.
Craig has new superstition every season. This season it is to wear an elastic strap on his wrist!!! has played in a variety of positions for Parson's Green, including Right Back, Right Midfield, Central Midfield and Striker.
Craig was signed from Townmead FC, where his strike rate was 8 goals in 3 games.

  Scott 'Ball and Chain'  Goddard
Age: 26

Position: Fullback/Central Midfield

Scott joined Parson's Green from the beginning in 1997. Scott played in the "Double" winning season and followed it the season after with another championship winning medal.
Scott never shirks a tackle and amazingly has NEVER been booked or sent off.
Scott used to have the nickname "Jigsaw" as he went to pieces in the box! But has now scored 3 goals for Parson's Green.
Scott is a versitile player who has also captained the side.
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