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  Joe 'Murphy'  Beattie
Role: over and jump
Joe bares an uncanny resemblence to young Liverpool midfielder Joe Murphy, but unfortunately this is where the similarities end, Joe has great ball control and shooting prowess, but again unfortunately the same can't be said for his football skills, most likely to be seen wandering around a lake using a plastic bag as shorts!!!
  Dean 'Psycho cube'  Harris
Role: Midfield/defence
This man takes nothing from nobody (apart from there dinner money), never one to back down from a challange can often be seen arguing with refs or chastising fellow team mates for not going in hard enough in a certain leg breaking 50-50.
  Trystan 'Simon Davies/Licun'  Hughes
Age: 22
Role: Goalkeeper/Defence/Mid/Striker
Apparent look-a-like to "Simon Davies" of "Spurs". Renowned for his losing ability on PS ISS football. Famous traits include sucking crisps, having big toes the size of boats, getting wrecked at his favourite weekend venues "gatecrasher/Pacha/Cream fields", doing the moon face and smelling of cabbage. It's easier to split the atom that it is to get Trystan away from his girlfriend.
Other than the above, Trystan has a vital role for the club, and without him, the club would suffer. His goal keeping skills must have origianated from his Italian blood, and is the spine of the team.
  Gareth 'Davey boy'  James
Role: over and jump
Another of 'keep it clean's replacement players, used to play rugby but career was cut short due to injuries but some think he still plays under the guise of Brett Davey, will bring pace and level headedness to the team along with great goal kicking
  David 'Schnai'  James
Role: Striker/Midfield
Is one of the two main strikers in the team, posesses strength and balance in abundance and is one of the most awkwardest players i have ever played against, so i'm glad he's on my team, Dai has some amazing attributes, such as the ability to balance a stick on one foot and hop across a room at the same time and has the ability to to throw paper planes over a large distance,all attributes which should come in handy on the carpet
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