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  Charlotte  Adams
Scored on her debut this year. The latest member to join the team, recently moved down from London way after playing football for several years. This can be seen as she has talent with the ball. Still young and inexperienced but in a few years, what with her pace and entusiasm to win she will be a decent player.
  Marie 'Wheely'  Barrow
Age: 18
Marie, captain of the team, also plays for Devon. Been with the team for over 8 years. A natural left wing player but also a useful defender. With her pace and determination and energy, she can just about take on anyone - even those Newton Abbot lot!!!!!
  Mia  Collins
Has recently joined the club. Started out well and is improving game. From not playing football before she has learnted fast and is one for the future. Still only young she will hopefully be with the club for quite a few years yet.
  Hannah 'Spanner'  Courtney
Age: 18
North Molton's top goal scorer last season with 50 goals. She combines well with her co-partnership, the other Hannah (Rat)! Not scared to take on any team, in fact come on Newton Abbot!
Plays for Devon, well tries to anyway!!!!! If you put her straight infront of the goalie she is sure to miss, however put her at an angle and she's sure to score (she has trouble off the pitch though!!!!!) Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.
  Vikki 'Little Miss Happy'  Courtney
Age: 18
Little Miss Happy has changed roles this season from striker to defender. Her partnership up front with twin sister Hannah has changed to a partnership with Emily or Alison at the centre of the defence. Much to her disapproval, Vikki has performed well this season with solid performances in all her appearances. She is improving all the time and is even starting to header the ball! We have however yet to see her smile this year! Only joking Vik - keep up the good work.
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