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  Gilles  Boute
The oldest man in the world still playing rugby, Gilles has just entered a very successful
period in his career. This year has seen him become a winner of the Indochine Cup and
the captain of the Buffalos. It is thought that the Cup, in which Gilles played a heroic role,
was the Frenchman's first trophy since 1846 when he played alongside Louis XVII and
the Holy Roman Emperor. Long may you continue Monsieur Gilles!
  Robb 'Niceboy'  Butler
Role: Captain
Robb Butler

The golden boy of both the Vientiane Buffalos and the Farang Rovers, 'Nice Boy' Butler has been
dazzling with his skills and radiant personality ever since he burst onto the scene about 3 years ago.
With lightning pace, great strength and fantastic ball control, Robb has been driving fans wild whenever
he shows his legs on a pitch. These days, his no.1 fan, a fellow athlete has monopolised the affections
of Sport Billy Butler, breaking the hearts of thousands. While this development may have improved
Robb's stamina, it has done nothing for his infamous temper, which makes him a feared opponent and
team mate and a regular recipient of the Rovers' Stefan Islandi short fuse award. A great finisher and
leader on the rugby field, Robb's inspiration and tries took the Buffalos to Indochina Cup glory in 2001.
Just back from his wedding to The Touch Viking, it remains to be seen whether Robb has any finishing
power left when the new season starts. Rumours are that he stretched his tackle a bit too much and may
now be leaky in defence.

  Jennifer  Cameron
  Angela  Clearfield
Angela Clearfield

Captain of the Ladies side and a committee member, Angela has shown her value on the field in several tournaments. During her time at the club, the Buffalo girls (or are they the Buffalettes?) have become one of the most successful teams in the region. This is due as much to Angela's talent and hard work as to anything else. She reads the game well and has a knack of scoring key tries in the crunch matches. The ever-present bandana around Angela's head may make her look like a Grateful Dead fan, but on the rugby pitch Ms. Clearfield is no acid casualty. (?)

  Jean-Christophe 'JC'  Delvallet
Age: 43
Enthusiastic debutant...
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