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8/5/2002 15:16 GMT  Laraine
Jake! Just make sure DSS pays up for the Cardiff trip! We want to see whats in the Mothercare bag this time round!!!! 
4/5/2002 21:06 GMT  jake
Well done Erchie winning the half cut draw drinks would be on you last night. I will get mine when I can get some money saved up D.S.S. does not pay alot  
27/4/2002 13:30 GMT  anon
the best person to see about Cardiff is Erchie on the second bend Friday nights or in the bar after the meeting  
19/4/2002 22:55 GMT  BEN
13/4/2002 21:04 GMT  Michael Purves
Well, no, sorry, I don't really see what we can do either at the moment Lynn. However, Blair has made me eat my words this weekend, bigtime, with two much better performances, so well done Blair! You are certainly right about Ben too- he really needed a bit more time at reserve in my humble opinion!  
12/4/2002 12:48 GMT  lynn
Michael - yes and no. Maybe he does have potential but 1 or 2 points every meeting is just not acceptable. Most of it is the promotions fault for placing him at second string, as when he was racing at reserve he found that tough enough. We cant afford to go on carrying riders, we are not a strong team in the first place this season anyway. I agree Blair wont ever improve much, but he does better than Ben at the moment. Blair isnt the answer, but i dont know who else would be. Have you any suggestions? Dont think theres many riders available at the moment, specialy as we have no new averages yet. 
11/4/2002 20:49 GMT  Michael Purves
Lynn- who would you replace him with? Please don't say Blair, as he has not improved in 5 years, yet he's still there! Granted, Ben is really struggling, but he does at least have the potential to 
8/4/2002 10:27 GMT  Lynn
I really think we should send Ben home. without being horrid he really doesnt have it does he. He should try sencond half racing, then he might look competative. 
3/4/2002 17:00 GMT  martin
Pleace scores Open Scotland Speedway Championships 
28/2/2002 22:10 GMT  Smithy
Brett - G'day or night or whatever the hell it is wherever you are. Strawberries?? mail me on 
27/2/2002 10:46 GMT  Brett Saunders
Hi guys, can't believe the Emmerdales have their own web page. Are there any of the original Emmerdale Badnits out there from the 80's/early 90's? 
13/11/2001 21:57 GMT  tracey
hope to see all the emmerdales back at workington (and cardiff) next season 
30/10/2001 04:02 GMT  David Brand
Good Luck to the Emmerdales and Edinburgh against IOW.Hope your sober after the Scottish Cup Win. Cheers from New Zealand. 
24/10/2001 18:55 GMT  speedwaybabe
Love the Photos of Stoney in the dress!Most people have seen it from workington! 
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