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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
1/8/2002 11:46 GMT  Jon
Look forward to playing you on Bank Holiday Monday in the Combination cup.  
6/5/2002 16:11 GMT  Yann
Good luck for tomorrow, after the league, the cup final, come on horsforth. A fan in Paris... 
5/5/2002 06:51 GMT  charlotte dabill
well done to horsforth rangers 4 getting into the final and been champions. 
2/5/2002 21:42 GMT  kate
dus any one here no nathan elliot who plays for rhinos younger team? 
25/4/2002 11:15 GMT  Jools
If anyone fancies the District Cup Final 2nite, kick off is at 7.30 @ Guiseley (Park Rangers v Rawdon) Should be a few of us there and it's another chance to gloat!!  
23/4/2002 08:18 GMT  Damion Vozniak - Secretary Thackley Commercial FC
Well done on winning the league, see ya in the final 
22/4/2002 13:37 GMT  Julie
I feel worse but it was worth it!! 
22/4/2002 10:16 GMT  Don
I hope you are all feeling as rough as I feel 
22/4/2002 09:51 GMT  Mark Munnelly
Congratulations on winning the league, its good to see my natural goal scoring ability wasn't missed!!! A double would be nice though lads..... 
21/4/2002 14:36 GMT  JACKY
Sun 21st 3.30pm Can I be the first to Congratulate the team on winning the League Championship!(Well,Yes I can, seeing as everyone else is still in the King's celebrating!) 
16/4/2002 16:49 GMT  James
Hi. Nice site, I was wondering how you get the pics on the site, on my site ( it says file is too large etc, what file do you upload the image from. If you could email me or whatever, that would be great! Cheers, james 
16/4/2002 14:47 GMT  Up the Andy !!!!
When he gets the ball he scores a goal, Andy, Andy Ward !!! 
15/4/2002 19:38 GMT  Andy Ward
I never realised there were so many of you out there. On Tuesday I will be generally aiming to score from a distance of greater than 1ft. 
15/4/2002 12:55 GMT  Another Andy Ward fan
Oh Andy Ward,Andy Andy Andy Ward, Andy Andy Andy Ward, oh Andy Ward  
15/4/2002 12:39 GMT  Andy Ward fan
Who put the ball in the Fairweather net Andy Andy ward!! 
12/4/2002 17:10 GMT  s
7/4/2002 07:58 GMT  MALLAGER
28/3/2002 19:12 GMT  GRRR!!
Bring on Sunday 
25/2/2002 18:53 GMT  Mike
I've just seen the vote for top Premiership scorer. I've voted for Van Nistelrooy because there was no mention of God. By the way, where was Kevin Phillips on the list!!! The little rat faced Mackem f**k!! 
15/2/2002 10:37 GMT  Bob
This facility is been grossly underused. I think this issue needs adressing in due course! 
8/2/2002 16:03 GMT  christine
hey guys, check out our new player my be back for more when the snapshots come in! 
13/1/2002 23:38 GMT  Julie
Just you and me by the looks of it!! 
11/1/2002 20:59 GMT  marty
dont you go on this site anymore 
6/12/2001 10:01 GMT  Don
Whilst I know we have a game this Sunday I think we should start to organise the Xmas night out, i.e. times, people meeting in town etc. I've discussed it already with a couple of you but if anyone would like to meet in town during the afternoon, let me know 
29/11/2001 17:21 GMT  check out this site:- 
9/11/2001 17:28 GMT  marty
steve powell who the hell is he.certainly not a referee. 
7/9/2001 14:39 GMT  Steve Powell
Hello Julie, I've had a good look round your site and yes this confirms you have to be mad to run a football team. Keep going you may become mad enough to take up the whistle! All the best for 01/02 Steve 
6/9/2001 16:10 GMT  JDM
We're not professional enough to have a bucket man!!! 
6/9/2001 08:50 GMT  Broadford Plant Bucket Man
Visit our website Broadford Plant...has your bucket man got any stories???!!! 
8/8/2001 18:12 GMT  Steve (HFFC)
As Julie's away, let me advise you that the fixtures for September are now online at Fixtures page. 
6/8/2001 17:24 GMT  wakefield ladies fc
hello! nice site! pls visit ours good luck 4 next season any chance we could be added to your links? thanx 
27/7/2001 10:55 GMT  Danny
Happy birthday Jigsaw!!!!! I can't remember if it's 22 or 23 pieces he is now made up of but congrats anyhow. Kings from 7pm, 
16/7/2001 13:50 GMT  Julie
Yeh congrats to the Kane family, baby ginner with cone head aswell.....bless. With regard to predator boy, apparently they are hung up on the mantelpiece now but he will still be patrolling at training sessions!! Won't be long I wouldn't have thought b4 Sally kicks him out on a Sunday morning. By my reckoning he'll be back wearing the no 4 shirt by October!! 
16/7/2001 13:05 GMT  andy ward
You probably know by now that Pat is a Dad. Leslie Ann had a baby boy on Saturday night. What he hasn't disclosed is the fact that the baby is a ginner, so I guess Tosh will have a bit of explaining to do. 
16/7/2001 08:20 GMT  Confused Bob
Can someone clear this up for mr please. Has Firthy really hung up his predators (they're like slippers you know), or was he just taking the mick when he told me the other night? 
12/7/2001 11:35 GMT  DANNY
Well said Bob,here's to a full and speedy recovery.Thoughts with you mate! On a matter of no importance anyboby wanting to play Saturday football next season is welcome and required at Westbrook. We started 2 weeks ago on Wednesday evenings (7pm) at the YMCA (Any interest-give me a ring) 
5/7/2001 08:29 GMT  Bobblie
Just a quick note to say how much I'm looking forward to the new season. I am a little bit more trim as I have lost a stone since Xmas although it's probably down the back of the sofa somewhere! Also I think I echo the sentiments of the whole club when I say GET WELL SOON GREG. 
12/6/2001 19:00 GMT  Miles - Huddersfield Irish Centre
Hey do you guys fancy a mid-summer/ pre-season friendly against Huddersfield U17 double winners. CUP AND LEAGUE. Soon to be u18. Leave a msg in our guestbook and if your not scared it will be arranged. 
30/5/2001 18:20 GMT  Steve (HFFC)
Hey, Roy (Bille?), how come we never hear from you any more? Julie (and others at HRFC), thanks for not biting, let's have two more memorable games next season and forget the dickheads with grudges? Respect always, Steve and all at HFFC. 
26/5/2001 08:59 GMT  roy returns
your both wrong, and as bad as each other imo. both going down next season too 
25/5/2001 17:24 GMT  Steve (yes really)
Wrong Julie, I think that was a dig at us, not you. Our Semi-Final was a bit more controversial than yours, I've deleted a few messages from our guestbook on this subject. Respect, Steve.  
25/5/2001 13:08 GMT  hrfc
What's wrong Steve erm Roy of the Rovers I mean, daren't leave your real name? It's amazing how much Horsforth Sadweather have bitten!!!  
25/5/2001 12:12 GMT  roy of the rovers
i don't remember you lot laughing after the league cup semifinal, ha ha 
25/5/2001 11:41 GMT  Christine
Julie - thanks for your message in our guest book and some tips on how to improve the web site, unfortunatly we run it from the local library so its difficult to get photo's scanned on to it. As for the girl that was taken to hospital thats me, i fractured my knee but i'll be back soon! how did you know about it? we didn't get a match report in the huddersfield examiner? 
24/5/2001 17:54 GMT  marty
glad to see horsforth fairweathers luck ran out lets hope it runs out next year and the luckiest team in the league get relegated.then every team in the league will be cheering. 
24/5/2001 10:26 GMT  Julie
Yes, we can all laugh about it!!!!!! 
23/5/2001 18:48 GMT  Steve again
Danny, I suspect you want to sign Matthew in exchange for your goalkeeper, well we've got two already thanks. Tell you what, we'll swap him for your manager, at least he's some use in a fight, unlike ours. And Julie, touched a nerve? No, we lose the league title to the last kick of the ball every season. But if we can laugh about it, there must be some hope for the game? 
23/5/2001 11:51 GMT  Danny
I think we should be careful, it sounds like they want to sign Shaun (our prize goal keeper) for next season. I would just like to say congratulations to leechy (if he reads this) - Hopefully next season will be different and they will only be one goal from relegation!!!!!!! 
23/5/2001 08:56 GMT  Julie
mmmmm I think I've touched a nerve there what do you think boys? 
22/5/2001 17:52 GMT  Steve (HFFC)
Thanks Julie and congrats on being the first club to make that claim, I'm sure you won't be the last! Actually, Park won by one goal, not a point, so it was more likely the goal you scored against us at your place or possibly the saves your goalie made that day. Come to think of it, any goal we conceded or any save any keeper made all season might have cost us the title. Still, we can deal with it, and there's always another season... With respect, Steve. 
20/5/2001 19:37 GMT  Julie
Hope to see you all at the Presentation Night-Sat 2nd June in the Kings. Get in touch for further details. Park Rangers won the League on goal difference so that point we "ended" up with at at Fairweather cost them the Title.....shame that!  
17/5/2001 19:59 GMT  marty
actually,me and stuart was going to go but we are working(GREEDY TWATS)but i will be expecting a card.well done for remembering julie. 
15/5/2001 10:45 GMT  Julie
Are we going to watch the Title decider @ Kirk Lane this Sunday? Don't suppose Marty will be allowed as it's his first wedding anniversary! 
14/5/2001 12:18 GMT  danny
Sorry Julie - It was another woman on the brain!!! Please accept my apologies proof reader. I take it you have not got anything better to do? 
14/5/2001 09:50 GMT  proof reader
Julia who......?  
11/5/2001 11:59 GMT  danny
I have got a few suggestions for the end of season knee's up! 1. A day out on the golf course or drinking during the day and then up to tall tree's (Yarm) for the evening, stay over in the hotel with early start next morning. This is strongly oppossed by Julia for very good reasons, so I would need to get some feedback on this. (Tall Tree hotel = £50 each) (Posthouse = £35.00 each - inc free taxi 2.A day at the races (York etc...) Pick up Kings (coach / Minibus) Drop off Leeds for night out. 3. Night in Blackpool (Cheap B&B) Suggestion Dates-(sat)9/6/01/(sat)23/6/01 Deposit's will be required for the york races day out as travel will have to be confirmed dependant on numbers. I would like preferred dates and definates buy telephone (2613795) so this can be agreed on the presentation night. 3.  
9/5/2001 15:50 GMT  Avid supporter
Don't worry Bob, Jiggy's been doing it all season and still ended up with 34 goals so there's hope. 
9/5/2001 12:46 GMT  Bobbins
Thanks for the game last night. I appreciate all the kind praise even though I did miss an open bloody goal! 
4/5/2001 12:14 GMT  Danny
Anybody fancy a pint this evening? A few of us are meeting in the Kings at 7pm this evening. (Friday that is!) It is also Andy Firth's birthday. I thought if we got enough of the boys together we could have a whip round to buy him some new preditors. (As his current ones have been so ineffective)- JJB do them with 50% free talent at the moment if your interested Andy. Only joking mate! - Happy Birthday 
24/4/2001 07:15 GMT  Snitch
Da show is Bob and he is talking about Liverpool. 
23/4/2001 21:14 GMT  marty
i hope da show does not mean death to all man utd fans(red) becouse that will mean death to them .(who is da show anyway lets see who it is ) 
17/4/2001 15:47 GMT  Da Show
Jeff Winter is a cheating scumbag. Death to all red noses! 
5/4/2001 21:50 GMT  Stuart White
Cheers for the message you posted in our guestbook Julie, much appreciated. The lack of photos on our site won't last much longer I'm sure, as now the site is up and running suddenly all the players are trying to find their cameras!! One last point, if you're past the stage of getting players out of bed on a Sunday morning then all I can say is that you're damn lucky! Good luck for the rest of the season!  
30/3/2001 22:53 GMT  Stuart White
Got advised by one of my team that an ex-player of ours had been turning out for you lot - a certain Roy Farrell? You say he does a good impression of Lord Lucan in your profiles and you're dead right, he played for us (Pudsey Amateurs) for a while then left without a word! I thought I recognised your team name, looking at your fixtures I see you played in that Jepson's Cup pre-season up at Lawnswood as we did (we lost in the quarters to Highwood Hotel on penalties after a 0-0 draw). Good luck for the rest of the season anyway and if you have the time visit our site at www.intheteam/pudseyamateurs, though its not fully functional yet. By the way if Roy turns up let him know we've been looking for him! Cheers. (Stuart White, secretary Pudsey Amateurs) 
30/3/2001 20:36 GMT  marty
anyone fancy a game of golf on sunday with me stuart& sean?if you do give me a ring or email me 
26/3/2001 08:48 GMT  The Manager
Come on boys heads up, the season is not over yet. We still have a cup semi to work for and possibly a final and lets see how many points we can finish with. You are all good players and I still have faith in you. Come on Rangers. 
18/3/2001 20:46 GMT  Julie
Well done lads, you showed a lot of character and bottle to bounce back the way you did and if Damian keeps knocking in those crosses....sorry shots from 40 yds the Neville Sister's might be ousted from the England squad!! 
16/3/2001 21:58 GMT  marty
can i just say that i agree with everything don&danny said. 
16/3/2001 12:55 GMT  Danny
To get over last sunday's disgrace we should not panic and look at the next games where we now have a great deal more room for improvement. Bad day in the office for all concerned (sorry not Shaun) but remember the games when we have played well and there has been alot more good than bad. We do not become bad player's overnight, we were'nt at the races on Sunday and suffered the embarrassment. Arrange a night or day out when we have a free week, sooner thaner than later which involves everyone not just the usual suspects.(easier to talk when drunk syndrome.) I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what is going on with Firthy?  
13/3/2001 16:42 GMT  Julie
Mmmmmm all quiet on the message front, hope those pet lips have all disappeared by Sunday!! 
12/3/2001 11:01 GMT  Don
I for one believe we need to sit down as a team and identify what we can do better as individuals, and take it to heart, as if we don't there is a fear we will just turn up next week still believing we are a good side having learnt nothing from this weeks' drumming !! 
5/3/2001 08:36 GMT  Julie
I'm not even going to rise to it. You know you were outclassed! 
3/3/2001 20:10 GMT  marty&joe
rhinos are the best,(leeds utd are crap)?but unlucky to leeds,they deserved to win,ian harte who? 
2/3/2001 11:18 GMT  The Secretary
Would that be a work or home e-mail? We don't want you getting into trouble again do we Robert? For those who turned up late to training, the pitch was unplayable, even for Phil and those dedicated lads who got there on time were sat in the warmth watching the England game by the time you lot turned up!!!!  
1/3/2001 16:47 GMT  Sideshow
new address were you lot on Wednesday. I was very surprised not to see Phil-it might be alright-Morton! 
28/2/2001 13:58 GMT  Caprice
Hi Danny, I hear you read my article in the Sunday newspapapers in relation to me looking for a new man. Well handsome........DREAM ON! 
24/2/2001 17:41 GMT  marty
we love you rhinos we do oh rhinos we love you.rhinos rhinos rhinos rhinos rhinos.castleford WHO? 
24/2/2001 17:35 GMT  ma rty
julie what happened to the rumble in the jungle?make your mind up wich team you support?rhinos rhinos,see you tommorow at least that other leeds team won 
5/2/2001 22:18 GMT  Jamie
Dont know if I will be able to make Friday as I dont finish work till 18:30 as I have a meeting. I could catch a later train but i will let you know on Wednesday 
5/2/2001 13:05 GMT  DANNY
Julie, we did'nt manage a game,Martyn made the very sound decission of a rain check. This however did not stop Phil turning up at my house in 2ft of snow, clubs and all with the words and I quote "Come on it might be alright" 
5/2/2001 12:56 GMT  DANNY
I am under the impression that most are meeting at witherspoons (in the train station) from 5pm onwards. I am meeting Andy,Stan and Phil at the fox at 5.30pm we will then get to Leeds for approx 6.30pm. It would be a good idea though to have this confirmed at training on Wed. 
4/2/2001 23:04 GMT  The Manager
What are the arrangements for Friday? Anybody that doesn't turn up (Excluding Sean)will be in serious danger of losing their squad place!!!! 
4/2/2001 23:02 GMT  Julie
Did you play then? 
2/2/2001 19:35 GMT  marty
myself,stuart,sean,danny@phil are going for a game of golf on sunday anybody intrested call me on (01274 310280). 
2/2/2001 13:17 GMT  FRED FLINTSTONE
Marty, both Phil and myself are playing if you are interested.Give me a ring to sort it (2613795) cheers...  
1/2/2001 18:49 GMT  marty(MUFC)
there is only one (BARTHEZ)best keeper in the world enough said.DANNY your right it did come EVENTUALLY. 
31/1/2001 11:50 GMT  Andy Ward
Obviously a lot of people out there who have not been on a night out with Yann to see him in "action" if 68% of people think he has any chance of scoring any other place than on the pitch 
29/1/2001 12:59 GMT  Danny
Marty,I was just going to ask how you got on with your promise last night, but judging by way you achieved such a high level of drunkeness at warp speed yesterday and what looks like pillow talk with Wadey, I can only assume it ended in failure. (To coin a football phrase - Dont worry it will come!) 
29/1/2001 10:44 GMT  lufc
Barthez, there's only one Barthez! It's all gone quiet over there!!! 
28/1/2001 02:55 GMT  MARTY
TO. the boys of horsforth rangers wadey is 30 on the ninth of feb when we go out.its party time make sure you are all there by orders of your captain. 
28/1/2001 02:43 GMT  STUART(LIVERPOOL)
all for the love liverpool FC.LEEDS BYE BYE BYE BYE ,BYE BYE BYE BYE.LOVE STU  
16/1/2001 15:38 GMT  yann
I am in San Francisco and it is going to be a real relief for our horsforth rangers US fan club that we didn't loose this game. 
16/1/2001 09:42 GMT  Julie
The match was postponed on Friday night due to Park Rangers having a County Cup fixture which takes precedence over the League. Shame really, I think they were in for a right tonking!! The other Premier League fixture between Fairweather and Rawdon was also postponed due to a frozen pitch. Where abouts in the world are you now Yann? 
16/1/2001 04:49 GMT  yann
I 've checked the result of the Park rangers game in the fixtures menu and I can't find it. Is it that bad that it can't even be disclosed or it has been cancelled due to a frozen pitch or ... I 'll check again some times in the week 
9/1/2001 11:44 GMT  lufc
Isn't he a bit young to be walking....never mind jumping on the bandwagon!! That's just typical of you scumbags, born in Leeds and already deserting your home town team just cos your dad says.  
8/1/2001 16:27 GMT  Macca
Just a note to let you all know that my first born, Louis Joseph has stated that the Mighty Reds are his chosen team of choice. 
8/1/2001 12:18 GMT  Andy, Shaun, Stan and Brookie (and Don!)
Danny please get yourself right for this weekend, we can't stand having Don at centre half again. The ref was out of breath blowing his whistle for so many penalties!! Although he did get 2 match points !  
4/1/2001 14:52 GMT  Don
How do you know so many gay terms Danny !?! 
3/1/2001 15:31 GMT  Jordan
Good luck on the rest of the season boys 
3/1/2001 13:08 GMT  DANNY
My sister is a young innocent girl who does not posess any of the masculine attributes which you crave Jamie, I applaued the fact that you have dismissed these ridiculous rumors about the dark side and the way you now advertise your services in a this way now. Here are just a few more of the services he can provide. Electrician (AC/DC only), Up hill gardening, Fudge Packing, Pole fitting and Dirt-trecking. 
28/12/2000 18:42 GMT  Bob
Good response jamie my man-lokking forward to your response DG. By the way any girls who read jamies message-I'm single as well!Cheers 
23/12/2000 17:22 GMT  gypo
To the boys...have a great christmas and new year! 
21/12/2000 20:21 GMT  Jamie
Just for the record I am not gay so if there is any attractive single girls contact the club for further details. ie Danny's Sister. 
14/12/2000 18:32 GMT  marty
i hope nobody was late for training lastnight.if you was i feel sorry for you.i bet you got a right bollocking from HITLER(firthy).glad i wasnt their. 
14/12/2000 14:03 GMT  Gypo
Has Andy Firth ever heard of havin' a rest or do we just train until we die! 
13/12/2000 13:10 GMT  Danny
13/12/2000 13:08 GMT  Danny
I am totally bemused by all this silly talk of 'bets' and 'Bob the builder'. I have far better thing's to discuss on my sunday day sessions than children's programmes and what I can only presume is a recently released chart-topper. Don, both Bob and myself have very different reputations to protect and therefore I must warn you not to tarnish my image with these LIES.... (Carlsberg Please)  
12/12/2000 16:44 GMT  Da' Show
Cheers for the birthday greetings Dan. I thankyou from the bottom of my Arse! Well done Don for admitting defeat-it takes a real man to stand up and say he's wrong! Altogether now-"Bob the builder-can we fix it? Bob the builder-yes we can! 
11/12/2000 17:14 GMT  The Secretary
oy, Fred Flintstone, leave my brother alone! He's quite a sensitive chap you know. If you don't stop picking on him he'll take his stiletto's and run! 
11/12/2000 15:33 GMT  Don
I have to come clean.....I've had a bet with 'Side show Bob' and Danny 'Barney Rubble' which relates to the words to the 'Bob the Builder' song. They we're right and I was wrong..........but they did have an insight, what being cartoon characters themselves. Pint of lager coming your way !!!  
11/12/2000 13:53 GMT  Danny
During my lunch break now i have been able to look through all the player profiles, which are in all honesty a little disappointing. Take young Jamie I find it quite astonishing we were unable to find a suitable picture. With celebraties such as George micheal,Elton John, Dale Winton and of course fooballs own Greame Le Saux. I have been told it gets easier when your out of the closit... 
11/12/2000 13:28 GMT  Danny
I would just like to take this opportunity to wish Bob a very happy birthday and I hope all his dreams (mainly about blokes,animals and Everton)come true.  
6/12/2000 19:06 GMT  Phil Forster
Hello, you are all weird with wonderful pictures. Mad Rob with the Everton Shirt told me to put this down. 
1/12/2000 16:10 GMT  Sad person
Nothing better to do on a Friday night than answer brainteasers! Finally got it-Rangers (Queens Park) 
30/11/2000 09:55 GMT  Sad person
Nah Oldham, Charlton..!! 
29/11/2000 16:42 GMT  BAD PENNY
Could that other team be Athletic? 
29/11/2000 11:47 GMT  HRFC
Sorry Nicola we don't have any Fred's playing for us but seen as though you've supplied us with your e-mail address we can pass the message on to No 6!! 
29/11/2000 11:41 GMT  NICOLA
I came to watch you play on Sunday and was very interested in one of your players no 6 I think his name is Fred Please could I have his phone number. 
28/11/2000 19:27 GMT  Official rock god-da' show
you are wrong with west ham UNITED! sad person but you're in look as i can't remember the bloody name of the last one! 
27/11/2000 17:14 GMT  HRFC
For an unbiased account of last sunday's game, go to and read the match report. Their Secretary knows his stuff....ahem !  
22/11/2000 17:03 GMT  Sad person
Alexandra,Hotspur,Palace,North End,Forest,Wednesday,Villa,Vale,Orient,Harriers,Argyle,Ham. That do ya show? 
18/11/2000 17:13 GMT  da' show
Brainteaser-12 teams in the english league with exclusive second names. It's a tough one but I'm sure someone sad will get it 
13/11/2000 11:59 GMT  da' QEF
I have got an itchy bum bum 
9/11/2000 21:10 GMT  da 'show
The winter nights must fly by in your house Julie! I've not got an answer but I'm working on it. 
2/11/2000 14:02 GMT  The Secretary
Yes I can but I'll let Sideshow have his glory. Little clue..3 teams start with the same letter! 
1/11/2000 20:04 GMT  Greg
As the site seems to be full of idle brianteasers here's another, especially for Bob... 4 teams (2 English, 2 Scottish) contain the first 5 letters of the alphabet (that's ABCDE) in their name. Can you name them? 
31/10/2000 15:11 GMT  Don
5 pairs of players, each pair has one black and one white player, both share the same surname and both have played for England ? (All played since 1970) 
31/10/2000 13:58 GMT  Don
Dennis Law ? Man U, Scotland and Rest of the world against Gordon Banks, Leicester, England and English League XI  
30/10/2000 20:05 GMT  Tosh
I can see by the amount of input Bob has on this site he has far too much time on his hands at work!!  
27/10/2000 18:18 GMT  BOB AND MIKE-AGAIN
27/10/2000 18:13 GMT  BOB AND MIKE
26/10/2000 21:23 GMT  Sideshow
Thats terrible grammer marty. Good result in belgium by the way! I can't say owt though cos the closest we get to Europe is Southampton away!  
25/10/2000 20:48 GMT  MARTY (MUFC SIMPLY THE BEST)
25/10/2000 16:24 GMT  Lynn Thompson
What a brilliant site! I'm well impressed (especially with the player profiles - still think Martin looks like a Flump, though!!!) A very professional site with loads of good info and laughs. (All this praise - anyone would think I was related to Martin !!!!) 
23/10/2000 12:11 GMT  LUFC
Good result for you skummers. Managed to beat the reserves with an offside goal, own goal and free kick that should have gone the other way oops forgot, the first offence doesn't count at Old Trafford does it?!! Oh yes the linesman had a great game for you aswell 
21/10/2000 21:11 GMT  sideshow
Well done sttato! Congratulations to the toffees for beating the mags this afternoon-superb stadium and superb views from the top-gas and air next time please. congrats to leeds for keeping it down to three! 
20/10/2000 18:20 GMT  M ARTY
20/10/2000 16:00 GMT  The Secretary
It would have to be Trevor Brooking I think! 
20/10/2000 12:17 GMT  BOB
BRAINTEASER-Mike you can't answer this one. If Sunderland did it 1979 and Villa did it in 1981 who did it in 1980? Answers on a postcard! 
17/10/2000 13:52 GMT  Andy Ward
Er I think you'll find my player profile needs changing to "Outstanding forward, with a tackle of steel and natually curly hair" 
12/10/2000 15:48 GMT  website administrator
We need some picture profiles for the remaining few without them. Any suggestions?(Marty,Pat,Greg,Andy,Stan,Damian etc) 
11/10/2000 18:05 GMT  MARTY
no that was leeds against barcalona. 
11/10/2000 15:57 GMT  JDM
I thought they got wupped by Vasco Da Gama, or somebody like that! 
6/10/2000 20:29 GMT  MARTY
6/10/2000 08:14 GMT  Don
Graig Johnston and Ardilles (Ozzie), mines a lager. My question, Man U decided to play in the Club World Cup instead of the FA cup (good decision,not!), which 3 teams did they play against ? Shouldn't be too hard for all the Scum fans  
5/10/2000 20:37 GMT  MARTY
BRAINTEASER-who are the only two aussies to win the F.A.CUP? 1.pint for the first correct answer(horsforth rangers players only) 
5/10/2000 16:22 GMT  SIDESHOW!
We all enjoyed the script on Wednesday Martin. Here's hoping the second acts shorter than the first! 
4/10/2000 15:56 GMT  Thirsty team mates
Mr Wade you know him well!! 
4/10/2000 13:04 GMT  Mr Wade
Hi. I am one (probably the only one!!?) of Bob's customers. Think of me next time he spends his commission that I have paid him for all my toner cartridges when and if he ever buys a round of ale in the pub after a game. Knowing Bob the lad will be the 1st one in the pub but last one to the bar!!! 
29/9/2000 16:06 GMT  Bob-you know who I am!
It is not me thats weird its you lot! Where did you get that picture of Tosh-It's pure genius. Bob.  
26/9/2000 20:55 GMT  marty
i,am never drinking again (especially on saturdays)PS well done to leeds 
24/9/2000 20:59 GMT  The Manager
How many times have you polished your trophy Andy?! 
24/9/2000 20:58 GMT  The Manager
MESSAGE TO MY CAPTAIN. If the Rhino's beat the Bulls next week, please celebrate on Sunday!!!! (The Secretary.....They've no chuffing chance!) 
22/9/2000 20:07 GMT  award wining captain
come on you RHINOS (make up your mind julie wich team do you support) 
21/9/2000 11:59 GMT  The Award Winning Secretary
Hope you all enjoyed the BBQ. Well done to the Chefs'!!! We couldn't really go wrong with a Frenchman in there! We've managed to raise a few quid aswell so quite a successful day. 
8/9/2000 11:28 GMT  STUART
lookalikes-rodney trotter:ian beal;DOT COTTON:=DONALD (DUCK)KERSLEY. 
7/9/2000 21:00 GMT  MARTY
7/9/2000 10:08 GMT  Don
Lookalikes, Eastenders, Sonia + Ethel = Stuart Wade 
2/9/2000 14:52 GMT  The Secretary
Happy Birthday Marty & Mum 31/8  
2/9/2000 14:50 GMT  The Secretary
Phil Mitchel's not hard enough!!! 
1/9/2000 07:34 GMT  Paul Connell (Macca)
Lookalikes? Phil Mitchel + Jimmy Sommerville = Andy Firth? 
29/8/2000 00:17 GMT  The Secretary
Couldn't agree more.Shopping will be fab in Milan aswell! Great result on Tuesday night. We've got a "good little team" according to their Manager who is now chasing our French superstar Zin Zid!! 
26/8/2000 06:52 GMT  andy firth
Tosh's goal on Tuesday night at Old- Boys was TOTAL QUALITY!!! I see Scum get easy Champ League draw. Mind you rather go to Spain than Russia! 
21/8/2000 15:06 GMT  Paul Connell (macca)
Hello Buck Rogers, Schmuck Bodgers. Goodbye  
16/8/2000 22:13 GMT  yann Raoul
Who is that guy on picture in the article about the foreign transfer ? I've seen him somewhere but I can't remember his name, Zin Zid something... 
8/8/2000 16:21 GMT  The Secretary
Just for the record Julie & Martin will not be producing any offspring in the near or far future! There's more chance of Liverpool winning the Premiership than that. 
20/7/2000 10:46 GMT  Don
If any of you get chance look at, then you will see where Martin gets all his training exercises 
18/7/2000 17:42 GMT  Andy Firth
Love the profiles, especially Brookies Where was Martin on Friday Eve,waited in the Fox for an Hour. p.s. I'd rather be a paki than a scum! 
28/6/2000 17:54 GMT  Gypo
Where did Warren get to? If Don Kersley has got time to slag us all off via the world wide web, he's got time to miss a few on a sunday morning! PS That chimp's got alopecia compared to me! 
23/6/2000 11:20 GMT  The Secretary
Not guilty your honour! 
22/6/2000 22:12 GMT  Pat Kane
Managed to find the web-site at last. Good effort. I see the authors of the profiles are anonymous!! I think Simon in particular would like a word with whoever wrote his.  
19/6/2000 12:20 GMT  Steve Burns
Just to let you know you now a link from Horsforth Fairweather FC site Best wishes from all at HFFC. 
13/6/2000 09:06 GMT  Landlord
That kid who looks like Nigel Winterburn,seems a bit handy! p.s can't wait for the start of the season. 
7/6/2000 10:38 GMT  Jacky Martin
Well done team for this year! Good Luck for next! 
28/5/2000 17:42 GMT  Ian Burman
Great Site. Especially enjoyed the profiles!! Please visit our site for my team 
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