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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
4/11/2001 19:18 GMT  Claire
Great game yesterday then enjoyed ice skating and Mcdonalds yesterday  
13/10/2001 20:22 GMT  Katie
Excellent performances today from both teams, well done! 
13/10/2001 18:26 GMT  Kev
Well done today all of you 2 very good games keep up the good work. 
11/10/2001 14:26 GMT  paul isaacson
who would have believed Under 13's unbeaten after 2 games.Still need more players.Ice-skating on the agenda.Thanks to Kev for using his epertise on the web site. 
30/9/2001 20:02 GMT  Katie
Well done to the U12's and the U13's for your performance on Saturday, keep it up!  
15/9/2001 17:25 GMT  Andy Swallowe
Thanks to Paul & Kevin for inviting us over for a preseason friendly.Your goalie in the first half played really well.See you during the season. 
5/9/2001 16:23 GMT  Teresa
I was looking at other soccer sites on the web and I liked your site. We are a brand new team in North Dallas and we begin our first season on 8 September. Good luck during your season and visit us on our website at and don't forget to cheer us on during the year! Please sign our guest book if you do visit. Remember Girl Soccer Rules! 
29/8/2001 22:56 GMT  Andy Swallowe
Hi Paul & Kevin, Good luck for the forthcoming season. I'm now managing Cambridge Blues Under 13's so I will look forward to meeting up with you both during the season. Please visit our site and sign the guest book. 
17/6/2001 18:22 GMT  Katie
I am glad Milton colts girls know how to dance the night away!! I am sure it is due to the managements dancing skills!! 
8/6/2001 08:10 GMT  Kev
Great night out yesterday thanks to Paul and to everyone who come along. Hope you all enjoyed it.See you all Saturday. 
21/5/2001 09:45 GMT  Kev
I hear you got to the semi's yesterday well done!! 
20/5/2001 19:21 GMT  Katie
A brilliant tournament today, you all played really well. I think we did Milton proud and I am looking forward to next season. 
19/4/2001 15:03 GMT  fiona and g.k
hi everyone on the team from fi and g.k 
17/4/2001 18:04 GMT  Katie
Good Luck on Saturday, I am sure a few goals will be scored, let's hope Milton score them!! 
17/4/2001 14:29 GMT  claire
Hi everyone it's me I hope your getting ready for Saturdays BIG match because i am and I hope we don't lose by to many this week. 
4/3/2001 21:28 GMT  Paul
great team performance. we are really showing signs of improvement. spectators impressed by the number of passes put together. Encouraging for the future.keep it up. 
4/3/2001 21:21 GMT  ceri
me again, win on the 17th girls as this Northants gal is coming to Cambridge that day and i would love to hear you won Good Luck 
4/3/2001 21:14 GMT  Ceri
Great news/club page hope to see more soon keep up the good work and hello to Clare whom i will see soon, Best wishes from Northampton 
4/3/2001 18:08 GMT  Katie
I hear you did very well yesterday. Well done, Keep it up!! 
2/2/2001 22:03 GMT  Katie
Good Luck tomorrow girls! 
27/1/2001 18:57 GMT  Kev
Well done today girls keep it up. 
25/1/2001 19:00 GMT  Kerry Wisbey
Just thought I'd sign in. Good web page."Go Milton Colts Girls". A member of the Baby Burcos! 
23/1/2001 10:47 GMT  Andy Swallowe
Glad to see you've got a web site sorted out. Good luck for the rest of the season. Wildcats F.C 
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