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24/7/2002 20:36 GMT  Whipper Williams
20 points at the weekend will do nicely! all we need is a "quality start" then me and rhys will do the rest! sorry "spin twins" but its time for the fast and the furious!!!!! 
18/7/2002 08:56 GMT  Duncan Wright
Our address at Fenns Bank is See you on Sept 7th. Thanks. 
17/7/2002 21:37 GMT  Duncan Wright
Thanks for the message of support you put on the Fenns Bank website. Good luck for the rest of the season. Would it be possible to put our club down as a link on your homepage if we did the same for you? See you later in the season. 
26/6/2002 19:59 GMT  Steve Morgan
good luck next match lads! 
17/6/2002 19:15 GMT  Chris Tavere
Solid Start! I say old boy jolly good season so far could it be down to a solid start?!  
7/6/2002 15:21 GMT  John The Duke Wayne
Shot any injuns recently ? I luv to pump em full of lead . Yeehah I squeal as I let em have it  
30/5/2002 07:55 GMT  Ilove Chinesechips&beer
Hello Jacob, have a nice break in the old U S of A did you, just compiling tour brochure, it will beat last years into a cocked hat, and by the way young maaaaaan, its not what you leave on the table its what you drink thats matters so there !, hahahahaha, see you Saturday 
29/5/2002 19:47 GMT  Imran Igetalotofwickets M.B.E
hi there Javed great fan of yours, but i'm not a great fan of that Foggy, i'm not one for these public school people, we all know what they get up to. Don't pay much attention to the voting for Dave the person doesn't know what they are on about. Geoffrey looking forward to some batting tips in Derbyshire I could with all the help I can get. Minor we all know that you're going to be the weakest LEAK!!!!! you never know you might leave 3 pints on the table this year. Here's for a great jolly boys weekend and some more classic photos of Minor and Uncle Buck. 
14/5/2002 17:24 GMT  javed lotsarunniis
I say Foggy! Is he a man or is he a woman? hhmmm? the tuck behind? indeed sir, Do u like it sir? hhmmm? do u want it sir? 
14/5/2002 14:32 GMT  Mr J. Agnew
Congratulations! 20 points indeed on Saturday and a very large pat on the back for young Donut... "I say Foggy patting young men on the back sounds like school days". 
10/5/2002 19:46 GMT  donut
20 points 4 the castle 2morrow boys  
31/3/2002 17:33 GMT  Edwin Steer
FAO Stephen Morris. Just come across the site and would like to congratulate you for all the hours you must have put in over the old scorebooks.Really brought back lots of memories,particularly some of the names of people who played years ago and sadly were slipping out of my memory.Really very well done,I'm sorry that half a dozen or so old books were missing(re I had them as a child)but great job you should be very proud of all your hard work.Give my regards to any of my contempories if you see any of them,John Humph,Mike Lennox in particular. Best Wishes Ed. 
26/3/2002 14:28 GMT  Jake
Bloody hell MH thats realy weird how on earth did you find yourself on the BCCC website? Anyway my email address is JACOBCINTRA@HOTMAIL.COM contact me through that. 
2/3/2002 00:54 GMT  Mary Helen Fein
Hello Jake Cintra, I haven't seen you for 5 or 10 years. I would love to see you soon. Say Hi to your mom too!! Does anyone have email? Mary Helen 
4/2/2002 22:23 GMT  Hester
How about posting a picture of the ground in winter. Sorry, but I won't be able to make the net practice in March. 
13/1/2002 16:03 GMT  Charles Fentiman
Enjoyed looking round the site although the xxx files were almost too horrible! See you in September. 
14/12/2001 14:20 GMT  Jake Cintra
Ansley CC you cant be refering to me!!! As for the OLD geezer from from some rock band being the real Love Gun, well all I'm saying is real men dont wear make up, but with a tongue that big I bet he dont get to many complaints, sorry donuts mum hope you are'nt offended.  
12/12/2001 21:26 GMT  Ansley CC
Thanks for your welcome. As requested I took a look at your site.....very good....but boy, do you have some ugly players!!!!!!  
10/12/2001 17:09 GMT  Webmaster Hobsons
Owdo Geoffrey, I have got the photo of you scorimg against Instones yesterday but I cannot seem to get in the right format to put it on the site, shame about the result, have a look at thats where its all at !! 
10/12/2001 13:48 GMT  Jacob Cintra
My god I look even better in photos than I do in the flesh. Mind you those rather disturbing xxx files are not the kind of flesh any of my adoring fans want to see. Never the less well done Mr Morris a fine update. If you would like me to write any entertaining ditties for the site just ask, I have plenty of time on my hands at the moment. 
30/11/2001 20:15 GMT  Donut's Ma
Many thanks for the flowers last Friday - totally unexpected. I'd have dressed posh if I had known! Good Luck for next season lads - the sooner the better as keeps Donut out of mischief except for "on tour". He was found under a gooseberry bush - Robert and I took him in and treat him as one of our own! By the way as you will probably have guessed he still hasn't paid me back for paying his fine - there's a surprise. Mine's a lemonade and lime (as usual !!) 
26/11/2001 19:14 GMT  donut
cheers geoff! it 'woulod' appear you can't spell either! 
26/11/2001 16:47 GMT  Mr G Boycott
Now look here Donut, first of all its Mr Boycott to you and secondly your spelling looks like you might have been drinking Absynth or something. As for young Tendulkar well there is no doubt that he is a fine player, thats not to say he couldnt learn a thing or to from someone like myself. However it woulod appear that the little buggar got his nails stuck in... on the other hand seeing as Indian T.V. companies are my only employers at the moment I refrain from comment. Thank you. 
19/11/2001 19:45 GMT  donut
hey geoffrey what is your opinion on that young mr tendulkar and hus ball tmapering?(alledgedly) 
19/11/2001 09:13 GMT  Minor
Just remember boys if it was not for my age, there would only be 1 winner of this category, hahahahaha, see u on Friday. 
19/11/2001 08:50 GMT  Webmaster hobsons
Any votes required, any amount of the old folding material would be most useful. 
15/11/2001 18:45 GMT  donut
i aint cheatin man if i was id b p**sin it!we need sum more votes...might giv me nan the adress!haha. 
14/11/2001 15:44 GMT  The Jake Man
Donut you cheating git!!! At least give me a chance I rekon you must have voted for yourself at least 6 times. Lets just agree that we are both miles ahead of Pikle. 
1/11/2001 18:31 GMT  Donut
i definitely wudn't do it, u see us masterbakers don't have a lot of time on our hands, couldn't dream of fixing a pole!oh well got to go and put sum buns in ovens u know tally ho! 
26/10/2001 11:21 GMT  Mr J Cintra
Pikle stop voting for yourself on the new poll. A true superstar like myself would never do such a thing. 
19/10/2001 11:04 GMT  Jim Morris
Minor This site is getting better and better. I see that you use yhr Graham Gidding Statistics package is there a chance I might borrow it to have a good look at it, as I am considering purchasing a copy. Does it include the Willows Scorebook? I am also interested at looking at that. Hope to Hear from you soon. Regards Jim Morris PS You could send it over with Welshy. 
17/10/2001 05:53 GMT  Stephen Morris
Give us a chance Dave, unlike what your brother thinks, I do actually have work to do, be patient. 
16/10/2001 22:00 GMT  david palmer
were's the weston gossip then minor. 
19/9/2001 17:55 GMT  donut
i got a suggestion for the photobook perhaps that entriguing tour photo of 'THE JACK HAMMER' incident! 
18/9/2001 15:55 GMT  Tom Benjamin - TGCC
Sorry Simon forgot to put in that e-mail that our address is Cheers, Tom 
18/9/2001 15:51 GMT  Jacob Cintra
Thank you dearly Mr Boycott, I am a great fan of your behaviour on and off the field of play. Like you I play hard at cricket and in bed, but also like you I have no time for gold diggers so if a certain young lady from the hills of Derbyshire would return my watch it would be appreciated. I would also like to add, and I'm sure Mr Boycott will back me up on this one, Richard Fyfield is in no terms deserved of the best fielder award this year, he may have the most catches but as we all know Geoff it's about ratios. Well I could go on all day but I have to coach some women about the "corrador of uncertainty". Goodbye. 
13/9/2001 16:50 GMT  gerry jones
Why has the season suddenley been extended to include a fixture on the 16.09.01.Has the fixture secretary received a monetary incentive from a 2nd change bowler and a tailender who is struggling to come to terms with the fact he lost the challenge!!!!!????? 
11/9/2001 16:30 GMT  Webmaster hobsons
Lovely to hear from you Geoffrey, we prostrate our selves at your feet, we are not worthy, Jacob is indeed God, and women have been known to sleep with him on floors, thats what a love gun he doth possess 
11/9/2001 13:29 GMT  Mr G Boycott
I wouldjust like to say what a wonderful player young Jacob Cintra is. He clearly recognises the importance of protecting ones wicket with ones life, as I like to say occassionaly you cant score runs in the pavillion. I hear he also is the clubs greatest lover. 
4/9/2001 08:46 GMT  fred
I wish to make a complaint to the sunday captain. Please explain why Gerald is batting so high up the order, and also if he is going to bowl, make sure the opposition can bat a bit. Thankyou 
1/6/2001 19:18 GMT  Donut
Cracking tour castle lads!One problem- how long does this 'rib complaint' last?naoo any pointers?!  
25/5/2001 17:14 GMT  ESTER
what a classy site, have not had time to peruse it all, but i wish i was on tour with you. Hope you are well, i am home in October good luck in the forthcoming season, nice knock the other day minor  
7/5/2001 10:40 GMT  fred
Keep your eye on the ball when you're fielding Minor. Est's address is byebye 
25/4/2001 18:12 GMT  Donut
c'mon castle lets giv the old hill boys a lesson!!failing that lets get LAUNCHED!! 
6/4/2001 11:11 GMT  Ynyr owen
Excellent site Minor. Good luck for 2001 season. Look forward to playing you on the 17th June 
29/3/2001 19:01 GMT  dilwyn jones
Where's my name in these 'so-called' club records. I'm assuming 'who can throw the cricket ball past the stumps, and cause most damage' category will be the next feature on this superb site. 
29/3/2001 11:07 GMT  neil perks
brilliant,didnt know we had a site,it really does look good.see you all soon and good luck for the start of the season nezza. 
21/3/2001 15:59 GMT  Jim Morris
Just a couple of pieces of information for you. I was recently reading a book titled 'Shropshire Criceters' two players who played for Bishops Castle had represented'The Castle' in the 1800s for the County, Henry Newill (1864/5) and Rev WGC Nottley (1870)I hope this of some use to the history of your club. Regards Jim Morris  
8/3/2001 18:49 GMT  Jim Morris
Well done Steve an excellent site. Best wishes to the team for 2001 season. I hope 'Harry' Palmer gets some runs this seson!!! 
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