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27/5/2002 08:27 GMT  Biggleswade RUFC
Congratulations on the final yesterday we felt you were the better side. Certainly a better game than the main event 
27/5/2002 07:33 GMT  Cliff Page.
Well done at Twickenham Lads. You had the best of the game. Both Teams excellent defences snuffed out the scoring chances. The weather was the only dampener on a great day. Once again, well done Lads, and Coaches. 
7/5/2002 13:34 GMT  Clive
Does the "cool" label apply to the Coaches? 
24/4/2002 09:28 GMT  Richard
Well done and good luck for the Twickenham Final. Also good luck to everybody going on tour. Lets thrash the opposition big time, show them who's boss !!!!! p.s Please look after the girlies on tour or i'll never hear the last of it 
20/4/2002 06:19 GMT  dean adamson
twickenham hear we come. AMPTHILL are the best and they the coolest. 
10/4/2002 15:45 GMT  Gareth
10/4/2002 11:57 GMT  Clive
Are me and Gareth and Richard the only saddoes to use this web site? 
7/4/2002 20:31 GMT  Gareth DAVIES
Well said Clive ! I agree ! An excellent effort by everyone and a huge improvement in the general performance since Christmas! We will do well against Saracens and Blackheath at Ampthill next Sunday. Don't forget - matches for everyone - meet at 9.30. Gareth. 
7/4/2002 20:09 GMT  Clive (LTFC) Stallwood
I would just like to congratulate the Tigers on their gutsy performance at the Banbury Festival-although we didn't win the results improved throughout the festival and some great rugby was played. WELL DONE BOYS! 
6/4/2002 22:21 GMT 
6/4/2002 05:19 GMT  Gareth DAVIES
Oh Dear! Another 'late on Friday night' e-mail about Luton Town from Clive. Readers are asked to draw their own conclusions !!  
5/4/2002 23:18 GMT  Clive Stallwood
1/4/2002 07:42 GMT  John Cresswell
Having just returned from Newark Rugby Club (Under 13's Tour)I can tell you that it is a real Rugby Club, a friendly welcome and you will have a good final afternoon there. They are looking forward to seeing you all. 
26/3/2002 14:28 GMT  Richard
Whoever his father is ??????? 
23/3/2002 15:10 GMT  Clive
Edward Stallwood's feet have a startling aroma. He doesn't grow out of his trainers-they disintegrate and have to be disposed of as special waste. (He didn't inherit this condition from his father) 
17/3/2002 16:15 GMT  Mike Adamson
Sunday 17th pm. Well done to the Tigers who I hear had a great day at Towcester with 1 win and 1 loss to their credit... some great performances. See you all next week. Mike. 
15/3/2002 17:07 GMT  Richard
See left for Towcester map 
19/2/2002 09:12 GMT  Clive
Sloppy kisses-thats what all the ladies say boom boom 
7/2/2002 17:27 GMT  Alexander Jones
My mum WILL be pleased with a sloppy kiss from Clive. (see notes on news section) 
5/2/2002 11:12 GMT  CLive Stallwood
IS there anybody there?????????? 
2/2/2002 19:02 GMT  Clive
Luton 2 Plymouth 0 COME ON YOU HATTERS! 
2/2/2002 07:46 GMT  Gareth & Paul
An important training session this Sunday as there are lots of matches to catch up with before the end of the season. 'Unfortunately' Paul (HICKEY) and I have to go to Dublin for the Ireland v Wales match. Oh well, never mind. Gareth D.  
15/11/2001 14:31 GMT  Richard Jones
Does anyone else read this there anyone out there?? 
7/10/2001 16:52 GMT  John Cresswell
Well done to all Under 9's for winning the Bedford Festival today. Your final against Bedford was a joy to watch. 
16/8/2001 09:27 GMT  richard
The new season is now upon us and I know for sure Oliver is keen to start the "proper game" I've got the bruises to prove it.It's a big year for the now under 9's. Good luck to all players, new and old and the coaches (they just fall into the old catagory). Let this be the best season so far.  
15/5/2001 18:21 GMT  John &The Under 10's
Congratulations on a great season. Next year you will be playing the real game with tackling, rucking , mauling etc. Keep working hard, listen to your coaches and you will be the best again. 
28/4/2001 01:45 GMT  Mike W
Does anyone have any digital (or scanned) pictures of the tour. Must be less than 20K. If you do, please email them to me and I'll see if I can put them up here on the website. If your photo is more than 20K it might be worth emailing it to Richard J because he's dead clever and can reduce the file size. 
23/4/2001 12:07 GMT  richard
CONGRATULATIONS toall involved in this weekends tour to Worcester and Banbury. A fanstastic time had by all (if i can recall). well done to all the boys from all ages for their perfomance and behaviour on and off the pitch. A credit to Ampthill RFU. I think we returned with the same amount that we went with. thanks to all the organisers for their hard work and the posh venues we played and stayed at.Is there a pitch near the London HIlton for next year? can't let the standard drop.. WELL DONE TO ALL.I think the U8's are ready for some tackling, roll on next year.  
12/3/2001 19:57 GMT  Gareth DAVIES
On behalf of all the under 8's, a big thank you to all those who were involved in arranging the festival and helping on the day. In particular, a special thank you to Richard JONES and Mike WADE. Also, well done to 'The Tigers' for an excellent performance to win the shield competition. Bad luck though to 'The Lions' - unbeaten on the day, 20 tries scored, only one conceded, but still going out in the semi-final. Next time, let's hope it will be 'Tails' !!  
12/3/2001 14:43 GMT  Richard Jones
CONGRATULATIONS to Oliver, Edward and the rest of the squad for their fantastic win at the weekend in the South Beds Festival. WELL DONE TO ALL PLAYERS....Also thanks to all that helped with the running of the festival, coaches , control and those on the stalls/BBQ. thanks to all. a great success for Ampthill RFU  
8/3/2001 11:43 GMT  Richard Jones
SOUTH BEDS FESTIVAL-- A copy of the people rosta detailing who does what, where and when is now available at the club on the mini notice board. i've tried to put it on the web but it comes out gobbledygook ( yes that is in the dictionary) i will keep trying. Everybody has only one 1 hours slot to fill throughout the day. thanks to all the volenteers who made this possible.volenteers still required from 5pm on Saturday to mark out pitches and allocated areas. Also help needed sunday am to erect tent. Time to be confirmed.  
5/3/2001 22:42 GMT  Mike Wade
SOUTH BEDS FESTIVAL - THIS SUNDAY 11th MARCH Under 8s parents have been asked to provide something for a Cakes/Food stall. Either homemade or shop bought, doesn't matter. Please bring it along on Sunday morning - Thanks 
3/3/2001 19:13 GMT  andrew paisley
ampthill rugby rulz only because i live in ampthill to ! 
1/2/2001 19:30 GMT  Clive
Greetings from the touchline. The players will be getting a wee bit muddy on Sunday..we will have some tackling practice. Mums beware! 
31/1/2001 07:38 GMT  Gareth
Tour fundraising:- Six nations points aggregate competition forms and money to be returned on Sunday. Time for a final effort in the next three days !! 
26/1/2001 16:40 GMT  Mark Leverett
I have been nominated to be in charge of the sponsorship for the South Beds Mini Rugby Festival at Ampthill on March 11th. If anybody has any contacts of people or companies who have some spare cash and would like to help out with this great event please contact me via e-mail on Thanks for your help. The more the merrier!! 
23/1/2001 21:13 GMT  John Cresswell
Nice photos. I have one request. Please,please,please never put a photo of Tony Phillips on the site. The world is just not ready! 
23/1/2001 07:19 GMT  Gareth
Newsletters are being circulated to the squad regarding current issues,particularly the festival and the tour. Contact one of the coaches if you don't receive your letter before Thursday Jan. 25th. Newsletters etc will also be added to the web in future. Thanks, Gareth. 
17/1/2001 21:35 GMT  John Cresswell
You might have a flashy homepage Wade, but we've got photo's. 
12/1/2001 10:00 GMT  bob
Mike, I tried to reply to your email, and it has been returned. To answer your question, when you set up a 'member' you grant them an access level. One of them is administrator. That is your answer. Call me if you need help 
10/1/2001 12:06 GMT  Richard
a link to the u'8 is now on the u10's site 
9/1/2001 20:13 GMT  John - Under 10's
Hello to all the Under 8's. Keep the unbeaten record going (what went wrong in April 1999?) 
8/1/2001 08:14 GMT  richard &claire
congratulations to all u8's their players and supporters for their previous record and wish them well for the remainder of the season 
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