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26/4/2002 18:39 GMT  sarah
i think lee complin is da bomb he is soooooo fit...... any1 agree e-mail me thanx 
12/3/2002 23:38 GMT  jjohn w
does anyone know fixture list and team members for 2002 
14/2/2002 01:09 GMT  Martin Marchegiani
Visit the site of the argentinian and world speedway thanks 
18/12/2001 20:38 GMT  STEVEN RICHARDSON
25/11/2001 12:32 GMT  jimbo
why is this site never updated????? 
29/9/2001 08:54 GMT  rachael
Sheffield Prowlers gonna win the league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
13/8/2001 22:54 GMT  Taz
David What's happened to Paul Lydes-Uings. Very good last year, I've seen him 4 or 5 times this season and apart from 1 meeting he's well below par ? 
12/8/2001 00:00 GMT  David
Cheers Barry, yeah the site draws big hits and that advertising is a real help. Complin does nothing for me neither (but Suzi Perry does!) and if Mervyn has come back, I ain't heard from him! 
11/8/2001 18:43 GMT  Barry
Great to see you're keeping up the good work on the site David. I just hope there are enough Conference clubs left next year to make the league and site worthwhile. I see you're advertising updates on - very sensible - helps us all get the most out of our surf-time. P.S. Lee Complin does nothing for me. P.P.S Did Mervyn ever come back ?. 
2/7/2001 12:12 GMT  Nicole
13/6/2001 16:27 GMT  mervyn carter
Hi, Like the site & links, will be back. Regards, Merv. 
12/6/2001 11:52 GMT  dee
Hey robbie glad to see u back at glasgw in the second half on sunday coz he have all missed seein wee robbies bn slide the bick round ashfield hope to see u soon amd keep ur the good work xxx 
11/6/2001 21:31 GMT  David
I know Karen, my fingers not quite working in conjunction with my brain! 
9/6/2001 12:50 GMT  Karen
David it is ROBERT McNeil who rides for Buxton not Ryan McNeil. 
28/5/2001 21:04 GMT  David
Matt is very committed to his grasstrack and that was why Mildenhall never went through with signing him a couple of years ago. I don't think he is classed as an old hand, but then again Steve Camden shouldn't be! 
27/5/2001 21:03 GMT  Taz
I can't believe that no conference side has not signed Matt Read. Do you know if he's classed as an "old hand"?. Yet another good display against Rye House. 
20/5/2001 22:36 GMT  David
Taz, the only rules I think are different from the Elite and Premier are the two that you mentioned. So I'll answer them here: 1.Old Hands - Last year clubs could only use 1 rider in a team that was classed as an "old hand", which was you had to have ridden 100 Division 2 or higher meetings to be classed as that. At the beginning of this season, clubs were told that they could sign who they wanted. But after Somerset went slightly overboard, the BSPA decided that they had to do something and declared certain riders as "old hands" again. However, no-one knows what the stipulation is now, not even the promoters, so they are going on the 100+ ruling from last year. However, Mildenhall dispute that Steve Camden has ever ridden that amount, and Peter Jeffery, a regular rider since the mid-80s, somehow was not classed as an old hand. So all clubs will be meeting the authorities soon to find out exactly who they can ride or not. Got it? no, me neither! 2.Twelve riders. At the beginning of the season clubs were told that they can hold up to 12 riders in a squad. However, the details about this remain sketchy like everthing else. Any other rules you have queries on, just say. 
13/5/2001 12:07 GMT  David
OK, I'll have go during the week. 
13/5/2001 10:26 GMT  taz
1.The now famous old Hands rule. 2.A club can only have 12 signed riders ? (i heard this on the grapevine) 3.Any that are different to the Elite or Premier Leagues. 
12/5/2001 15:08 GMT  David
Yeah no problem, I'll put them on once the BSPA know them themselves!! Under the Old Hands rule I'll put: "Made up as it goes along!". Seriously Taz, what sort of rules do mean? Most are the same as for the rest of the league's. 
11/5/2001 20:55 GMT  Taz
David, Would it be possible to put the rules regarding the conference league on the site ? 
9/5/2001 18:50 GMT  David
Cheers Taz. I quickly put those dates in from the diary from the Speedway Star. I should of checked with my own dates on the site, which are correct! Remind me never to trust the Star again. Incidentally, like everything else on this site, it will only feature league, KO Cup and Trophy fixtures on the Diary. That way I won't get in a muddle when trying to calculate the averages with lots of challenge matches. Averages should be updated tomorrow. Cheers again. 
8/5/2001 19:44 GMT
Great website Dave keep up the good work and thanks for the link. 
7/5/2001 19:48 GMT  Taz
Great site !. Just so you can up date your diary, Rye House will entertain Belle Vue Colts on 12/5 (not Mildenhall). Mildenhall visit on 23/6 in a trophy match. 
28/4/2001 19:01 GMT  Kevin Moore
Congratulations on a very good website. I would however like to make some comments on your rider profile for Richard Green (Riders Archive A-Z). Firstly, Simon Green is not Richard's younger brother as stated in Simon's profile - they are not related. Secondly, Richard has never ridden for Eastbourne - I can only assume you have confused him with an American former rider named Randy Green who I know rode for Hackney, but I'm not sure about Eastbourne. As to what I assume is your personal view that Richard resorted to "some dirty tactics" - assuming that you are referring to Richard and not some other Eastbourne rider - I think that is a serious and unfair comment to make. My view is that Richard was a hard rider, but that is a requirement if you want to progress in speedway. In his 12 year career, there was only one instance 11 years ago where a team took exception to Richard's hard riding ('witch' club was that?). Also, I believe that riders would shun any fellow rider who was in any way 'dirty'-therefore I think the quality field that assembled for Richard's benefit meeting in March 1997 at Exeter proves how popular he actually was. Please don't spoil such a good website with unsubstantiated derogatory comments towards riders. By the way, "The Richard Green Story" is an excellent video - have you got your copy yet?! All the Best Kevin Moore  
19/3/2001 00:00 GMT  David (Webmaster)
I couldn't say, where did you hear of the rumour? 
18/3/2001 15:20 GMT  MJ
16/3/2001 13:58 GMT  RICHARD WATTS
Secure that fence, Hotwatts may return in 2001! 
6/3/2001 22:10 GMT  Jake
Hi,David you wanted to know how I got photos so big.As I am new to computing I dont know how they are as big.  
26/2/2001 09:31 GMT  welshy
Shane Colvin Signs for Newport Mavericks 
24/2/2001 00:16 GMT  Steve Harland
David, I would like your permission to cut and paste the Conference League details of other clubs on my Barford website at I also need a contact number for Jittendra Duffill if Mildenhall are going to use him for next season. We want to publicise the Middlesbrough website on either his bike or his leathers and are interested in sponsoring him. Ring 01642 656803 or e-mail me at We are convinced that if we buy him a tube of superglue then he will stay on his bike for four laps and make Dingle a happy man indeed! 
21/2/2001 16:23 GMT  taribo west
Wicked site mate. Gave me some ideas for my football one( 
18/2/2001 21:30 GMT  keith yorke
david i hope you got my e-mail ok. cheers keith 
12/2/2001 02:15 GMT  Peter Hopkins
Good Luck to Mildenhall this season. 
11/2/2001 18:05 GMT  Steve Harland
Another update on the training track in the north east. The venue is situated on the outskirts of Darlington near a place called STANHOPE in County Durham on the road to Barnard Castle. There is a banger racing circuit called BARFORD RACEWAY nearby. It's on the site of an old army camp and is situated about two miles from Barnard Castle. There are noise restrictions even though the nearest housing is over a mile away. 
7/2/2001 23:48 GMT  David (Webmaster)
If the previous entry really is from the great Pink Panther, I would most like to hear from you Jamie! Email on homepage  
7/2/2001 02:11 GMT  JAMIE HABBIN
23/1/2001 13:22 GMT
Mmmm, your listing of the Premier League teams looks strangely familiar !. Good luck with the site. 
18/1/2001 23:45 GMT
I have a Hackney Hawks site too !!! Add it to your links please. Cheers Gray  
18/1/2001 23:43 GMT
You got a thing about that music ain't ya David !! Thanks for the comments in my book. Just want to say nice site you got here, loads on it. Trelawny is a tad blank cos nothings happened........yet. Now St Austell has packed up I hope you win the Conference. Gary.  
16/1/2001 00:03 GMT  Steve Harland
Just an update on the training track near Middlesbrough. I understand the track is situated on the outskirts of Durham City in a place called Pity Me. It's situated off the A167 between Durham and Chester-Le-Street less than two miles from the A1 motorway. 
13/1/2001 09:29 GMT  rocket fan
Well Kranky what can I say it took time but I never thought I would say this.At present your site is far more informative than ours, and very professionally done. Ihave got to give credit where it is due and with your permission will visit regularly. Keep up the good work and keep the news up to date. Our site has not given us any info at all, in fact it has become quite static. I think the Kranky label I gave you in the past is not now necessary as you have proved your intentions after all my critiscm.Well done and keep your site as good as it is now for all time and you wont go far wrong. 
6/1/2001 17:05 GMT  David Holden
Nice one David Keep it up.  
6/1/2001 14:54 GMT
David, Thanks for the comments on our site. Yours looks pretty good too. In answer to your query about our photo album - Once you have uploaded your photo's and created a page for them, open the page in admin, go to Text editor & Web page dialogue (by clicking on the square with 3 dots in the bottom right hand corner of Page details). You should see a drop down bopx that contains all your photo's file names. One by one highlight the ones you want and type Alt P. You can then click on Preview to check what the page will look like before savibg it. Hope this makes sense & keep up the good work. 
4/1/2001 23:03 GMT  sean
Excellent work David,You certainly have been a busy boy. Congratulations on a well set out website. I hope you can now go on suceed in your plans. if the list on the left is anything to go by, we should witness a First Class Speedway Site, Only one thing missing is a link to other sites. The best link i use for speedway sites is Belle Vue,Thats one thing we at Rye Haven't got on our Site. Keep up the good work, if you need any help from down this way don't hesitate to e-mail me Sean  
3/1/2001 21:03 GMT  jawa power
congratulations on your new website.Do us all a favour, cancel rocket mans invite to the site, I'm sure you realise not all Rocket fan's are like him,a wave short of an ocean, a can short of a six pack etc, I look forward to seeing your site grow, and also to some banter with you and yours alike in the comeing months. 
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