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19/12/2001 16:02 GMT  steve dent
I must right the gross injustice of the match report of the nobs game v PSST. The magnitude of Ricky Roberts mistake that led to the penalty so unluckily conceded by Bourney was seriously understated by the writer (and he got WOTW!!!) 
2/11/2001 22:21 GMT  richard roberts
Check out whose top of the league , yes the team we drew 4:4 away to . 
22/10/2001 18:51 GMT  madox
Looks like you could do with an easy warm up game,contact this web site to arrange a freindly....  
29/8/2001 12:25 GMT  scoop
21/8/2001 15:41 GMT  Derick colman
I have not herd from any of you yet, i take it you are not interested? Anyway if you change your mind give us as ring. (01275 857236) steven davey. 
30/7/2001 19:58 GMT  Jason
When are we meant to play you in league, Avon Retreads? Regardless of league game I am loking to arrange some much needed friendlies for practice/fun etc. Please contact me re playing on either 2/9, 16/9 or 28/10,this coming season. Cheers J. 
1/7/2001 20:37 GMT  Blind T,V viewer
I've been following the developement of this "new" club with little interest. However good to see the edited highlights of one of their closed winter training sessions on telly the other evening, all three seconds were almost action packed. Keep up the good work big boys. I must add that Ivor Feeny is alot posher than his double, Ivor-you whore-Phelan.  
27/6/2001 09:38 GMT  Yours optimistically.
Can the Big man please take over as treasurer. Being such a financial wizard (of large proportion) we are all looking forward to retiring at the end of the year and touring the world. Surely this can be achieved on the subs we pay ?  
26/6/2001 08:26 GMT  Mr touchy-Feeley !!
I lost that lovin' Feeley, whoaaaooo that lovin' Feeley... hahahahahahahaha. Good programme, but don't think much of the shower scene. Too much flab !!  
12/5/2001 11:14 GMT  A BIG Nobs fan
What a pleasure and delight to see the Nobs victory at Chew Magna. Welcome back Hughsie, Bournie and Richins. It is amazing how those 3 Nobs can be missed. Scoop (Lippy) had another blinder and as for that bloke Kev Thomas in goal - well, Phelan ......sorry, who ??? Well done the Nobs, and good luck on tour. 
7/5/2001 17:01 GMT  Darren(WestendF.C. Nailsea)
We would love to give you boys a game but we are busy at the moment. Could you add alink from your site to ours and then we will return the compliment. Hope to hear from you soon darren 
11/4/2001 10:56 GMT  simon
nobber you are a negrofeeliac! ha ha  
10/4/2001 20:46 GMT  Nobber
Heard rumours that Phelan is looking to transfer to the Pink Tracksuit Brigade. Witnessed drinking G & T and saying things like "we'd like to live on the Elms one day". Get rid. 
10/4/2001 20:43 GMT  Nob Fanatic
Can't take anymore of this. Hughesie's good but not that good. And he's a moaning scouse t**t as well. I hate Scousers and I hate Hughesie.  
10/4/2001 20:29 GMT  Nobby Stiles
I'm the original nob - 1966 and all that.Hughesie's always reminded me of my old friend Bobby, Bobby Moore that is.Class act and liked his booze. Mooro always had a saying " Any chance of a lock in ?" Remember those three east end boys ? Bobby, Geoff Hurst and the bloke who was always 10 years ahead of his time, Andy Thomsett. Fond memories, come on you Nobbers!  
10/4/2001 16:51 GMT  A big Nobs fan
I am a big fan of Nobs (in fact I can't get enough) and was distraught to see such a defeat at the weekend. Hughesie and Bournie were well missed at the back, as was the little Nob of Blakey in mid-field and the biggest Nob of the lot-Richens, up front. Carson and Thomas were shooting off into space as usual. Scoop had a blinder, and as for that man Bray, carrying on with 2 broken legs and a slipped disc, fair play to the bloke. were crap, enough said this time. So come on boys, room for improvement, but it would be nice to see all the Nobs out next time. 
9/4/2001 22:01 GMT  Sir Alex Ferguson
Nice to see that that "Captain Fantastic" has finally been recognised by you fans as the great player he really is. The man is a God - count your blessings all you Nobites. 
9/4/2001 21:54 GMT  The other nobs supporter
I agree. We missed Hughesey at the back and Bourney's good looks. I left with ten minutes to go, I was gutted. That little stoke sh*** shud stop moaning at everyone and Carson has got to stop moaning at the ref every game. Thomas was ok especially the uppercut on Captain Hook ! Phelan was dreadful but he did have a shedful the night before! Let's look forward to the next game, come on you Nobby boys.........!!!! 
9/4/2001 21:42 GMT  Nobs Supporter
I watched the game yesterday and have to say that I'm distraught. I have to question our captain's commitment(where was he yesterday and last year in Dublin?)Having said that, call him a fat bastard if you want but we definitely missed his class and aggression yesterday. And I hope those fans who barracked "Scoop" from the start are pleased with themselves. At least he gives 100% even if he is crap.The other thing, we need a new goalie. Phelan's done well over the years but he's well past his sell by date. Thomas is having a bad spell but we fans were well pleased when he gave Skip a good left Hook. (get it ?) Anyway, all you Nobs fans get behind the team next game, forget all this "thomsett out" business, next game we'll have Richens, Blakey, Bourney toe poke and Hughesieeeeee... back ! Come on you nobbiesss.......!!!!!! 
5/4/2001 20:16 GMT  Derick colman
I forgot to tell you that we are from weston Jr football team. Thankyou again ring , 01275 857236(steven davey) chairman. 
5/4/2001 20:12 GMT  Derick colman
I here that you are up for a challange, so me and the rest of the boys would'nt mind giving you a game on sunday 5th of may (The nearest Sunday) if you could please comtact me or give me a number. Call: 01275 857236 Thankyou .Derick colman. 
22/3/2001 14:59 GMT  The Chairman
With the widespread outbreak of Foot & Mouth disease, may I remind everyone to ensure that all NOB's are clean, and free from infection. We cannot afford for members to be out of action. You may recall that the last such episode related to that most horrible curse to our Chairman......Leopardrosy. Thank you. 
1/3/2001 23:15 GMT  scoop
Mark great job. I will get showered ready for team photo still love you Ivor !! 
1/3/2001 23:03 GMT  SCOOP
25/2/2001 12:23 GMT  jason
Get some pictures! so i can copy them and go on paint and muck around with them. he he he 
24/2/2001 21:13 GMT  jason phelan
Nice site, who is scoope and mistory man? Are they only havin a laught? 
30/1/2001 10:05 GMT  John Aldridge
I believe some of you Scousers are looking for a quality side to follow, take a look at this web site.  
29/1/2001 19:19 GMT  Darren Napier
Hello Nailsea old boys, this is Westend F.C also from Nailsea, now I know that your also on here I'll be checking out your site in the future. Hope to be in contact soon 
18/1/2001 15:09 GMT  Kevin Thomas
Good site, who is the top scorer ???? Why is there no mention of him ????  
14/1/2001 20:08 GMT  Alan
great site ,looking forward to the Dublin trip. 
12/1/2001 19:03 GMT  Spikes
Not a bad website, but could have some pics so that we can see who you jabronis are. 
8/1/2001 17:00 GMT  Alex Ferguson
Please contact me directly re availability of certain members of your squad particuarly Richard Roberts and Ivor Phelan 
5/1/2001 21:43 GMT  jhughes
Great site - well done Mark. Up the P........per 
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