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19/8/2002 07:46 GMT  Coops
Count me out for next year - It been a pleasure but if no one gives a hoot then I'll step out. 
18/8/2002 16:47 GMT  disco stu
you boys definately not having a team this season? thats a shame coz you boys are gonna be missed. not sure if the refs will miss weener though! 
18/8/2002 11:25 GMT  Jase
or possibly it's the prospect of not having a team this season :-( 
16/8/2002 17:05 GMT  Mootang!
This site is pretty quiet these days-everyone seems to have their thoughts in the Sun.... 
13/8/2002 18:16 GMT  Parsonious
What about the one in your head? Well the stakes are geting higher, we are now upto the grand total of 6 players and a netminder can we do any better? 
13/8/2002 14:32 GMT  Jordy
*sniffle*..........I can't play 'cos the plate in my leg is coming out on the 29th. 
13/8/2002 11:49 GMT  Mootang!
Ian count me in Baby- I love tournaments and it is about time we won one! Come on boys if we are gonna have no team next Season let's at least go out with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
13/8/2002 09:10 GMT  Parsonious
The tornament is in Rotherham. I have not excepted as yet, I wanted to wait and see what numbers i could rustle up first. Jason if it goes ahead we will sort out travel arrangments.  
13/8/2002 07:53 GMT  Jase
I'll play if i can get there (Ian?) 
12/8/2002 21:35 GMT  Boneykid
If u want me im in, ill try and get of work that weekend, theres gotta be a bandit team next year surely!!! 
12/8/2002 18:17 GMT  parsonious
Well that looks like three players and one netminder, any more takers before we start asking ringers? 
12/8/2002 18:10 GMT  Setti
I'll be willing to play in that tournament and I think Joni is as well. 
12/8/2002 12:40 GMT  Bam Bam
Guys, i don't think i will be playing inline next year, i am likely to be going back to ED1. I will let you know as soon as i do. 
12/8/2002 11:59 GMT  DISCO STU
12/8/2002 11:16 GMT  Parsonious
I don't think that there will be a team next season as Mootang has mentioned due to commitment by players to the team. As a final conclusion the team have been invited to participate in a tournament on the 31/1 September. Please can anyone on this site leave a message to let me know if you are interested or not, definites so far would be me and Ricky. There are due to be 12 teams which will be split into a pool A and pool B. Two top teams will go through to the semis. The tournament should have the best teams from around the UK. Cheers Ian :)  
12/8/2002 10:03 GMT  Mootang!
It looks doubtfull indeed - no-one appears to be comitting to the Team!!!!!! Shame 3 times Champs and no-follow up Season........ 
11/8/2002 19:37 GMT  Setti
So do we have a team next year or is it looking doubtful? 
9/8/2002 19:11 GMT  Boneykid
oi oi chaps, Setti-no not yet, Jordy-hopefully Haringe got trial on tues, Moo-of course u can. So wots been going on fools???aint played any roller in ages, feel the urge to play(hockey)!!!!! 
9/8/2002 14:29 GMT  ?
Dont worry Ricky every one knows you won top goalie because youve put it on the website 
9/8/2002 12:46 GMT  disco stu
we need a goalie!! 
9/8/2002 11:54 GMT  Coops
I take it no one went to the awards cermomony then. 
9/8/2002 08:03 GMT  Jase
What's a B-AY? crazy FOO!! i ain't gettin' on no plane... 
9/8/2002 02:07 GMT  Setti
8/8/2002 16:44 GMT  Setti
Jordy - Babysteps, my friend, babysteps! 
8/8/2002 11:56 GMT  Jordy
Surely he would want to be taught how to play BETTER? :P 
8/8/2002 09:52 GMT  Setti
It's not perfect, but more than adequate for an English-man. BONER: Have you done anything about your future? You don't have to be a thick-shit all your life. Come to university! We'll even teach you how to play hockey!!! 
8/8/2002 08:55 GMT  disco stu
the bonus we are offering is...... playing with the great DISCO STU himself!! hockey wise only, i know what you boy's are like with your innuendo's! ( is that spelt right setti?!) 
7/8/2002 16:30 GMT  Jordy
dunno, what kind of bonus structure are you offering? not to mention the signing-on fee!! ;) 
7/8/2002 15:11 GMT  disco stu
who's joining the jags nxt season!!! 
7/8/2002 13:48 GMT  Jordy
Good to see that somebody managed to read Ian's message. But just in case you missed it, here's a summary: who's playing for the Bandits next season? 
7/8/2002 11:34 GMT  Jordy
EPL? where? 
7/8/2002 09:14 GMT  Mootang!
Wow, Bonus will be an EPL player- can I have youe autograph buddy?? 
6/8/2002 21:16 GMT  Boneykid
I do still wanna play, but i hope to be playing EPL next season, aint gonna be able to do both =( 
6/8/2002 13:24 GMT  disco stu
anyone who doe's still wanna play nxt year, email me and i'll try and sort summit out for you with us, do it asap though.  
6/8/2002 13:20 GMT  disco stu
anyone welcome to try out for us! let me know if you do and i'll make the arrangements. 
6/8/2002 11:39 GMT  Parsonious
Way to work the bait disco stu, but unfortunatley because of a lack of comitment it would appear there will be no Bandits side entering GB Inline this season. Anybody need any players? I can think of three guys at least from Basingstoke who would still like to play... :) If there are any of the Bandits who have not made a decision on what they are doing, could you please post a message on this site one way or the other it would be appreciated. 
6/8/2002 10:37 GMT  disco stu
you boys might aswell not enter a team anyway, coz were gonna win it!!! 
5/8/2002 16:13 GMT  Mootang!
Is this a Hockey Website or a damn Geeks Computerpage-Setti, Jordy, Jase!!! Oh and Boney!!!!!!!!!! 
2/8/2002 16:34 GMT  Jordy
I'm not cycling to work for nuffin'. I'm playing. 
2/8/2002 16:11 GMT  jase
ok, i don't have a problem paying DD, and i'll be back benchwarming :-) this coming season hehe!!! 
2/8/2002 15:14 GMT  Parsonious
I have spoken to Simon today concerning registration of the team. The team needs to be signed up within a week. At the moment, I am concerned as to whether we will have a team. Could you please leave a message on this site or talk directly to Wayne as to whether you will be playing next season. If the numbers are not high enough for training, we will not have a team. Everything will also have to be done on a direct debit basis. Bye for now all, Ian :) 
2/8/2002 08:55 GMT  Jordy
yeah, but Setti............I have a proper PC, not the glorified Speak 'N Spell that yo' poor student-ass is probably using!! Seriously though, 10 minutes after installing & using Kazaa for the first time, my PC went down like it had been hit by a power-cut, and it's done twice since (about 3 days in total). Anyways, I'm now using Blubster, no movies on there but the music searches are a LOAD faster & come back with more results! 
2/8/2002 08:25 GMT  Setti
I'm downloading Austin Powers "Goldmember" at the moment with my FULL KaZaA and that makes me feel pretty hard... 
1/8/2002 16:32 GMT  Boneykid
aaawwww poor jordy :( 
1/8/2002 11:51 GMT  Jordy
Were you missing for most of the SESHA season then Moo? :) I jest, really!! Jase & Setti; are you guys using the full Kazaa program or Kazaa-Lite? 'Cos the full program likes to crash my PC for me! :( 
1/8/2002 09:50 GMT  Mootang!
My ball Team the Maulers have just won the SESHA league- Hooray! I won the shortest player award!!!!!!!!! 
31/7/2002 12:55 GMT  jase
and it is still likely to be thursday night? as i seem to remember Sandhurst wanted all there age groups training on the same night? (not that it matters to me anyway!) 
31/7/2002 11:18 GMT  Parsonious
Hi all, so When is training due to start up again? :) 
30/7/2002 08:26 GMT  Jase
yep, we use Kazaa too...:-) 
30/7/2002 00:50 GMT  Setti
I use KaZaA cuz it's pretty much the easiest to use and I've so far found absolutely everything I've looked for. 
30/7/2002 00:48 GMT  Setti
IRC applications are all over the 'net, but I use mIRC which offers many variations to e-warfare (gayness/geekyness) and file sharing. You can do everything with every application, some just make some things a bit easier. There's all sorts of crap out there, so don't trust everything blindly. I tend to download DivX movies cuz they're good quality and usually fit on one CD. You can also download MPEG movies that can be played on your DVD player after you burn it onto a CD-R. I find MPEGs to be poorer quality but you get all sorts in every codec/format. I got a few movies myself so let me know what you're after and I'll see if I can burn it onto a CD for you. 
30/7/2002 00:41 GMT  Setti
Right, this certainly is my field of expertise. You have plenty of options, but I'll give you three here. 1) Download a small P2P (Peer to Peer) application which allows you to search, share and download all media (video, sound, software...). It comes with spyware, contact me for a patch so you won't get annoying adverts. 2) same thing, different name. 3) IRC... traditional chat application but a powerful sharing tool with various fservs offering everything you can think of. Be warned, you have police on IRC quite often... kiddie porn bastards get done. 
29/7/2002 09:10 GMT  Jordy
This more for Setti 'cos I know he knows, but if anyone else can help........where can I download movies from? and I mean proper movies as opposed to movies of the kind I usually seem to get associated with!! 
26/7/2002 09:51 GMT  Setti
26/7/2002 08:01 GMT  Jase
2 of their best stars!!!! HAHAHAHHAHA!! (Sorry Setti!!!) 
25/7/2002 23:41 GMT  Setti 
25/7/2002 18:46 GMT  Boneykid
Chesney will win it all 
25/7/2002 16:27 GMT  Jase
i reckon Jade will win...but i want Jonny no, whats going on mate? 
25/7/2002 14:34 GMT  Mootang!
Anyone watching the Cricket???? So who is gonna win Big Bother, I reckon Kate or Alex will win!!! 
25/7/2002 11:08 GMT  Jordy
The pressure must have got to him......... :(  
25/7/2002 10:26 GMT  Boneykid 
25/7/2002 08:48 GMT  David
Hey guys, how is hockey? I'm playing bisha through the summer for borehamwood - what the hell, it's all hockey, eh? just got back from the rossemaison tournoi in switzerland, which was the dog's b*****s. Have you guys decided what's happening next season yet? weener, how was germany? 
24/7/2002 14:42 GMT  Jordy
Boney's got a point there. "The One & Only" would add the finishing touch to an already great site!! And he didn't get an autograph, although Chesney did buy him a pint! 
24/7/2002 14:31 GMT  WEENER
Um, yeah, add me to the list of Bandits that think Chesney's a top bloke too (or at least his song anyway).  
24/7/2002 14:18 GMT  Floody
Yeah, Chesney's the kiddie!!! "I am the one & only............" 
24/7/2002 14:17 GMT  jase
oh dear... 
24/7/2002 14:17 GMT  Parsonious
Eh? Oi, I think he's a top bloke too! 
24/7/2002 13:50 GMT  Jase
Thomas...thats a silly idea...especially as you and jordy are the ONLY ones who think he's great... 
23/7/2002 21:51 GMT  Boneykid
oooohhh my god he met CHESNEY!!! Hope he got a photo or an autograph at least, Chesney u rule, i think we should have it as an intro when u log onto this website, that would be awesome!!! jordy wot u recon?  
23/7/2002 16:43 GMT  Setti
By the way, I'm trusting nobody has a problem with me offering the Bandits support to getting inline hockey into BUSA...??? Too late anyway. 
23/7/2002 16:01 GMT  jase
whilst i'm out in town with Anne yeah?...;-) 
23/7/2002 14:32 GMT  Jordy
OI.........I resemble all of those remarks........and saying I've never been seen with a bird when I'm out on the town with most your mothers of a weekend is just plain outrageous!! :P 
23/7/2002 13:08 GMT  Setti
Moo - If you start going down that route, we must also remember that not seeing Jordy with a bird might not be due to lack of trying... not saying that is the case, but it must be taken into consideration! 
23/7/2002 12:36 GMT  Mootang!
Setti, I think you could be raising the suspicion about Jordy- Has anyone ever seen him with a bird????? Unless you count Parsnip or Jase as girls he could be in trouble!!!!!LOL 
23/7/2002 10:56 GMT  Setti
Moo - Jordy also kept insisting on playing the game "Circle Jerk" in the back of the bus on our way to Deeside! 
23/7/2002 10:44 GMT  Mootang!
Jordy, so Bonus turns you inside out and you know about Gay people......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 
23/7/2002 09:19 GMT  Jordy
I'd heard something along those lines............ :) 
22/7/2002 16:31 GMT  LEE BURDEN
22/7/2002 14:15 GMT  Jordy
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored, somebody help me! 
19/7/2002 16:57 GMT  LEE BURDEN
19/7/2002 09:19 GMT  Jordy
You wish Boney........was this a dream you had & by "turning inside out" you mean something else????? And by the way, my new saturday bitch bumped into Chesney Hawkes in a pub near Andover recently too! 
18/7/2002 22:23 GMT  Boneykid
LOL sorry mootang, she was actually chatting me up!!!! how is little squeek the guinea pig by the way?!?!!?.....oh almost forgot, send my love to lisaxxxx Stay Big, i miss playing on thursdays i especially miss turning jordy inside out!!!! 
18/7/2002 09:46 GMT  Mootang!
Bonus, If I catch you chatting up my wife again on Messenger you will be for it !!!!!!!LOL 
16/7/2002 11:16 GMT  Coops
Parsnips - call me if you want a lift, I need to speak with you. (0) 870 9075791 
16/7/2002 10:01 GMT  Jordy
Is Weener having flashbacks to that fateful day where he meant to say that to the ref just before he knocked him on his butt? ;) 
16/7/2002 08:16 GMT  weener
Once again any time any place 
15/7/2002 16:04 GMT  Mootang!
Good to see you have not changed and setti is full of poo  
15/7/2002 16:03 GMT  Setti
Weener - I believe I gave you a whooppin' in Deeside already! Sam, back me up on this. Weener is my NHL 2002 b!tch! 
15/7/2002 14:35 GMT  Parsonious
Weener can you e-mail me legends (steve)telephone number. 
15/7/2002 13:11 GMT  weener
any time any place, put your money where your mouth is. 
15/7/2002 13:08 GMT  Setti
I'm sure you meant that you're selling NHL 2002 cuz you can't play for $hit! 
15/7/2002 10:53 GMT  weener
If any one is interested I have for sale Formula 1 2002 for the ps2 still in the wrapper going for £20 call or email me 
15/7/2002 09:19 GMT  Jordy
So Setti wants to show off that buff body & Boney wants a small boy? Do I understand that correctly? :) 
15/7/2002 08:19 GMT  Setti
Can I have a sleeveless body shirt!? 
13/7/2002 22:11 GMT  Boneykid
Jordy u big homo. ill wear ur t-shirt, ill have a boys small please. 
12/7/2002 17:42 GMT  Jordy
You've seen it!? 
12/7/2002 17:26 GMT  Mootang!
Jordy, depends if your shop is called Gay Toys for Gimps or something!!!! LOL 
12/7/2002 11:09 GMT  jase
RE. Jordy's comment about t-shirts below...go to to take a look 
12/7/2002 10:51 GMT  Jase only if i lived in the US 
12/7/2002 10:38 GMT  Jordy
I'm gonna ask on here even though you'd think none of us look at this page anymore!! If I get some t-shirts printed up with my shop logo for the team, would you guys be prepared to wear them to our games? What I mean is ALL of us wearing them rather than me getting them done & then only one or two of you wearing them?  
12/7/2002 08:22 GMT  Mootang!
Did you know you can get anyone's driving license info on the net Try it, it has the picture and details 
12/7/2002 08:00 GMT  Mootang!
Setti, you Tax Dodging Bug*er!!!! another year eaking all the tax out of the land! 
11/7/2002 16:00 GMT  jase
nice one least we got the minibus for next years finals again!!! 
11/7/2002 15:57 GMT  disco stu
#12 shirt.... wasted on saturday! 
11/7/2002 15:07 GMT  weener
Bet that was a hard decision go out and earn money or live of us for another year 
11/7/2002 14:49 GMT  Setti
Hi everyone! Just letting everyone who had any doubts that I am a complete TOOL! I shall be a student for another year. :) 
11/7/2002 13:50 GMT  weener
ask jeeves 
11/7/2002 13:29 GMT  Welshy
Ask weener 
11/7/2002 10:33 GMT  WEENER
Ask Welshy 
11/7/2002 08:53 GMT  david
Are you sure? Weiner said that this is the last week it is booked for (tonight)  
11/7/2002 08:39 GMT  Mootang!
Hi Hiney I'm Home-How is everyone-whats the news and who won the Tornament last weekend???? So many questions 
11/7/2002 07:52 GMT  jase
nope, training has finished for the summer mate 
10/7/2002 23:05 GMT  David
Is it taining tonight? 
9/7/2002 21:32 GMT  Boneykid
Dunno?? coach, wot we doing? 
9/7/2002 14:36 GMT  tom (fan)
is it true you boys are not entering the gbhi nxt year and yor going back to bisha? 
4/7/2002 10:23 GMT  Setti
Not showing up for training tonight. Gots transport issues. 
4/7/2002 07:26 GMT  disco stu
i ent picking him up because he is a dole dosser who lives off other people! he can catch the bus!! lee is playing anyway. see you sat 
3/7/2002 14:13 GMT  Lyn
I can come training this week, if it is on? 
3/7/2002 13:14 GMT  Setti
I've been told to be there at 9:00. The tournament starts at 9:30 so doubtful we gotta be ready to play at 9:00. Anywho, no idea when the final is... phone Gary from the Hornets for that info. Why don't you pick Ross up?! 
3/7/2002 06:57 GMT  disco stu
is our first game at 9 or we just gotta be there? how do you get there?? is it just setti ian and wayne playing out of you guys? i dont think the burdens are playing, lee cant normally get saturdays off and ross cant drive. anyone know what time the final is so i know when i can go home!!! 
2/7/2002 22:14 GMT  Setti
Jordy - is just too intriguing to do any work! Weener & Ian - We are to report for White Lightning duties on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. sharp. 
2/7/2002 17:14 GMT  welshy
just been told this is the last week of training for the summer 
2/7/2002 01:08 GMT  Mootang!
Hey guys from sunny Mexico, you guys still talk so much pooo-LOL no good to see you are all training NOT!!!! 
1/7/2002 20:28 GMT  welshy
training next two weeks 
1/7/2002 14:01 GMT  Jordy
Maybe you should leave yourself alone once in a while, you may get some work done then!!! You KNOW what I'm talking about too............... 
1/7/2002 12:11 GMT  Setti
"1000 monkeys on a 1000 typewriters in a 1000 years" session coming up. Gots to do some uni work... apparently I failed to submit a few essays in. 
1/7/2002 08:50 GMT  weener
Ring Si He knows for definate if there is training, but I think it is for the next 2 weeks  
30/6/2002 20:25 GMT  Boneykid
Oi,Oi chaps, just returned from Benidorm, a week of abusing my body and women. Is there any training thurs?? Theo- U better stay alongside the boards or your gonna get run over! 
30/6/2002 17:17 GMT  Theo
Remember Boney the only thing better than a beer is tea with Miss McGill!! Catch ya later! 
28/6/2002 15:06 GMT  Jordy
Sorry sir...........I shall go & put my gimp suit on right now. 
28/6/2002 15:04 GMT  Setti
You got it all wrong, my friend. The BITCH does not ask for money from the master. You will gracefully accept anything I give you... and at this time its a stinky kit and a slap to go with it if this sort of behaviour doesn't seize immediately! 
28/6/2002 13:40 GMT  Jordy
Have you taken into account the small rental fee I charge for kit storage? A very reasonable £5 a day.......... 
28/6/2002 12:56 GMT  Setti
Screw that! I'll leave my kit at Jordy's house every time and he'll be bringing it in for me. I don't actually have to carry anything! 
28/6/2002 12:34 GMT  Jordy
FOOL!! You don't think he's thought of that? He's looking at motorcycle/sidecar combinations!! :D 
28/6/2002 12:30 GMT  Jase
Setti, do you not think that getting a hockey kit and sticks from Portsmouth (well, from anywhere in fact) to Bisley on a motorbike might prove fairly awkward? 
28/6/2002 12:11 GMT  Jordy
Packs of 4 wheels, £10 per pack: Hyper Formula G (76A/72mm) & (74A/76mm), Hyper Superlite (82A/76mm), Kuzak Kontaks (77A/72.5mm & 76.5mm) & (75A/72.5mm). 
28/6/2002 11:46 GMT  Jordy
I was at home preparing for next season...........who else wasn't there then?  
28/6/2002 11:27 GMT  Setti
Got no transportation anymore, I'm afraid. Gonna buy a motorcycle the second I get a proper job though. 
28/6/2002 11:14 GMT  Parsonious
Afternoon everybody, hello anybody out there? Where was every one last night? 
27/6/2002 12:28 GMT  Setti
0900... actually! 
27/6/2002 12:05 GMT  Jordy
Yeah, 0800 G-A-Y-E-X-C-H-A-N-G-E right? 
27/6/2002 08:43 GMT  Setti
What? Everybody's got my mobile number!'s on the members page thingie. 
27/6/2002 08:33 GMT  weener
Interested- but havent got your mobile  
26/6/2002 21:50 GMT  Setti
Hey poo-pants!
As you all know there's this tournament that the Hornets have set up in Southampton on the 6th. We have a pretty good team going and need an extra 2 or 3 players if anyone is interested. We got players from all over the show... some fella from Cardiff, the Burden bros and Disco-Stu from the Jags and of course me myself and I to name a few. Phone me on my mobile tomorrow if you're interested. 
26/6/2002 08:21 GMT  wenner
stop being a pus 
25/6/2002 15:54 GMT  Jordy
slight graze more like............. 
25/6/2002 15:30 GMT  Jase
yes, i'll be there, not sure if i'll be able to train though, due to a huge cut on my elbow... 
25/6/2002 11:47 GMT  weener
Can anybody training this week bring down team shirts and trousers as some changes have got to be made to them, cheers 
25/6/2002 11:01 GMT  jase
yes mate - i'm gonna order next week (after i get paid) 2001 missions half price (£124 inc. shipping!!) not too bad i thought!! 
25/6/2002 09:44 GMT  Parsonious
Morning all, Jase did you have any luck with 
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