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FC Abysmal vs the outside world
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12/7/2001 17:02 GMT  Noel
Go to the Oasis website and sign the petition to get them at t In The park as id enough have signed it when its sent to the t in the park people, they''ll realize people want to see Oasis 
9/7/2001 17:55 GMT  The Lawman
Well your team done pish last night15-0. hahahahahahahahahahahahhaa yer all F*cking pish.........even you zi zu. 
30/6/2001 14:55 GMT  The Chief
Check out my T In The Park mini-site at The Socceroos' website as a build up to next week. 
21/6/2001 18:48 GMT  supertenny
when you going to update the website you lazy b*****d who do we play in our next game? 
17/6/2001 10:55 GMT  tallboy24687
i have signed it now i like the site as well 
16/6/2001 21:40 GMT  jack_pounder
mon the rapid fire!!!!!!!! 
14/6/2001 19:44 GMT  Tea spoon
Awrite wee sacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ` 
14/6/2001 18:27 GMT  yep monday mornin
12/6/2001 19:15 GMT  mad_phuker
ur s**** ya bunch a bams 
12/6/2001 18:35 GMT  fads
great site and enjoy the new season! ill come back and leave another message asap. bye 4 now! 
10/6/2001 22:48 GMT  The Chief
Good result last night lads, get a review up Thomson, my team lost 9-4 and we had 4 players ,check out match report at Socceroos website now! 
9/6/2001 16:22 GMT  The Chief
Check out my now updated page at socceroos website at 
22/5/2001 21:04 GMT  Gareth
I have entered us into the pre season tournament lads. Any team can win hte cup and i hope we do. 
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