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12/8/2002 07:48 GMT  roger
thanks Rob. 
12/8/2002 07:47 GMT  roger
Okay - blatant plug for a fantasy football site that I am involved with - It is hosted by the same guys who do the telegraph and has mini-leagues and all that. We have predicted the final point scores of the premiership sides and you guess where we have got it wrong. Rob - delete this if you don't think that it belongs here, but to prove that this message comes from me you can see that my name is on the 'About us' page on the web site. Anyone who registers from Camden then I will give half the money back to the club (just let me know that you have registered). It costs £5. Ta. 
12/8/2002 07:39 GMT  Rob Patchett
I'll let Gav know. 
12/8/2002 07:32 GMT  roger
Hey - can anyone reading this who can get hold of Gav and tell him that I can't make the friendly this week? I told him that I was working in Norway, but he seems to have forgotten. I can still make Saturday games, but nothing mid-week. I don't have his number. Thanks. 
9/8/2002 16:54 GMT  Rob Patchett
Ah, my mistake. I've fixed it now, Cheers. Good luck for the new season Adrian. See you in November! 
9/8/2002 12:15 GMT  Adrian - Aventis now Bayer
Rob, you have missed the return fixture against us on 15th Feb, I don't know if this is an error by you or Cambs FA Hopefully see you for a top of the tabel clash then........  
11/7/2002 09:43 GMT  Robert Patchett
TRAINING: Loads of first team players and even a few reserve players. I was there, so was Roger and his mate (forgot his name), plus John Murray, John Rigby, Will and even Gareth. Come on the rest of you, get down there next week at 7. Gav wasn't there but I think he had a reasonable excuse. 
22/11/2000 16:06 GMT  Rob Patchett
This is a first blast at setting up the page. I now need to get hold of loads of details, fixtures, results etc... 
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