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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
9/6/2001 20:52 GMT  mund
You guys are pretty active in here. For a live chat visit and click on chatroom.Anybody welcome. Duncan ,we cant give you a friendly because we share half the players! 
7/6/2001 18:26 GMT  ROCK
England ur magic... Good defending by OUR former Tower Hamlets schoolboy Ashley Cole.  
6/6/2001 15:03 GMT  ROCK
Under 21's let us down yesterday... Lets slap up the GREEKS tonite England. PS: Malcolm ur SICK... the club is sending u a SHRINK ! 
5/6/2001 19:31 GMT  Leon
When is training big Dunc?!! 
5/6/2001 14:59 GMT  Sisqo
When is pre-season duncan? So then i wear my thong th thong thong thong 
31/5/2001 13:30 GMT  Malc
Theres know fu**ing surprise there then is there Fran 
31/5/2001 13:27 GMT  francis m
i love duncan. if i lick his balls then i will always be in the first team 
31/5/2001 12:58 GMT  Duncan
I would but you would probably blow me out, have you seen how ugly i am, and i have an affro 
31/5/2001 12:38 GMT  susan
call 07944071657 for a good time 
31/5/2001 11:27 GMT  ian
duncan thinks he is the best footballer in the world but his so sh~t he should take a leaf outta my book and eat some curry and chips before the match it gives you loads of energy thats why irun around like a headless chicken always caught offside and does not score any goals for the entire season thats why all the english clubs want asian boys duncan you small cu~t u can learn from me 
30/5/2001 15:26 GMT  John Gregory
Kalvin, i would love to sign you up, next year we are having a donkey select XI, and i think you would be good in it. 
30/5/2001 15:00 GMT  kalvin
very funny whoever pulling my leg firstly who ever has type this up cannot spell is stupid and needs to grow up at least they could of said liverpool want me. mr wenger i do not wish to come to your club thanku. THANKS 4 NOTICING ME. 
30/5/2001 14:58 GMT  Jack Dee
All i need to say is Jack Dee you pair of comedians your both crap 
30/5/2001 14:52 GMT  Mr Wenger
David you are a very telented player but ithink you are ot up to the kind of quality that i am looking for however i was wastching one of your games and i noticed a guy named Kalvin Thomas he was excellent upfront i would to see him play upfront with tierry because they will work together in a way that i cannot describe. Therefore i am going to put in a bid of 21 million for kalvin 
29/5/2001 08:27 GMT  ROCK THE COCK
Shut up you nob you aint even English, cheer on the African Nations 
25/5/2001 17:44 GMT  ROCK
22/5/2001 12:32 GMT  Claudio Ranieri
David are you Italian, because the way you spell words is very funny, or are you just a thick cu*t, i wouldnt offer you the drippings from my ar*e, i saw you play one game for Tower Hamlets and its know wonder they fuc*ed you off, you are the only person i know who wears fuc*ing ice skates to play football and a fuc*ing blind fold over your eyes, what a fuc*ing donkey you should get a job down on Blackpool beach mate. Ciao 
22/5/2001 12:21 GMT  Duncan Isaac
First of all you need to spell you thick bas*tard, you cant even play football anyway, youre sh*t, On behalf of Tower Hamlets you are released on a free transfer. 
22/5/2001 11:52 GMT  football agent
west ham have offerd DAVID BARRABLE a place in there youth taem and offerd a 4 year deal to him DAVID side today that he does not want to lave tower hamlets and he is hopeing he will get a new contract befor the end of the week and he as all so turned down man u he is wariting for DUNCON the manager of tower hamlets fc to get back to him as soon disides hes future  
21/5/2001 15:47 GMT  Alex Ferguson
Hi Dave, Sir Alex here, i have a bit of a proposition for you, im looking for someone to wipe the s**t from around my ar*e after Champions League matches, and ive heard your the best ar*e wiper in the world, Pay in negotiable 
21/5/2001 12:09 GMT  football agent
news just in 19million rated david barrable has left tower hamlets fc because hes contract has ran out and was not offerd a new dael many of the premiership teams are intersted but offers have been made yet 
18/5/2001 09:01 GMT  BOBBY HELLIWELL
17/5/2001 22:04 GMT  Duncan (the real McCoy)
LIVERPOOL ARE BACK - Congrats Gerard Houllier and his boys and all the backroom staff for being the FIRST club to win the LEAGUE, FA & UEFA CUP in one season. Great Treble ! Yesterday was an historic day...what a thrilling UEFA CUP Final Alaves gave ya... I hope THE KOP can CELEBRATE after Saturday's game at Charlton. Win that and the party begins for the CHAMPIOMS LEAGUE !!! 
13/5/2001 17:19 GMT  Duncan (the real McCoy)
Well done Liverpool yesterday beating Arsenal in the FA CUP FINAL 2001. Michael Owen is Magic ! 
11/5/2001 15:28 GMT  duncan
to the boy who stole the number 11 shirt you probably need it you scruffy ba**ard 
9/5/2001 21:17 GMT  Stink
I wear tight shorts, labelled no.2. Love you know who, I love you men, i wish to lick you thoroughly, oh baby, I'm already sweating, please phone me 
8/5/2001 16:45 GMT  IZZY HUNG
Malcom, it Izzy he-remember the lady boy from last night. I had a great time. When are you going "come" and see me again?? You can brinmg that other doo doo stabber Duncan along too if you like.  
8/5/2001 14:57 GMT  The boy who stole the no.11 shirt
You want it come and get it 
8/5/2001 14:56 GMT  I P Freely
Duncan Is an alien trooper sent to the world. 
30/4/2001 11:02 GMT  Duncan
Why do you hate me?Im sending 30 flat nose geezers to the ground on Saturday you tw$ts!! 
28/4/2001 17:54 GMT  Defender of the faith returns
Its a damn shame boys. I leave you guys on your own for a couple of weeks to find you're all kissing batty and losing matches at the same time. Is there a connection between me not playing and we losing all of a sudden? Hmmm.. Where's that cockney spirit gone the women ask? 
27/4/2001 15:39 GMT  Franny
Ian you were crap anyway, what a waste of football boots 
27/4/2001 13:48 GMT  Malc ( the one who plays at the back )
Ian dont worry sbout it mate, next season is a brand new start for everyone im sure the goals will start flying in for you, just watch that flag 
26/4/2001 14:56 GMT  ian (the one who plays up front)
this season i think i played well although i did not score a goal and i am always offside but it has been a great season. 
20/4/2001 15:23 GMT  Matthew Morpurgo
Hi Matthew here if anyone has got a job out there for me please let me know, i can do anything from bum licking to penis sucking yours hopefully Matt 
20/4/2001 15:09 GMT  Malc Desailly
Doris nice name, dont waste your time on a little pee wee like Duncan come and meet a real man with a real job and a real nob 
20/4/2001 15:05 GMT  Malc Desailly
Duncan you have got a small nob, you cant play football, you aint got a job what can you do? IVE SEEN TRAMPS WITH MORE MONEY THAN YOU AND BETTER CLOTHES 
28/3/2001 17:31 GMT  ROCK
Good Luck England against Albania tonite. 
25/3/2001 10:19 GMT  Duncan Head Coach THFC
This is a family site. Stop being an idiot with your dirty remarks. Doris Delaney don't exist... only in your sick mind. 
25/3/2001 10:06 GMT  ROCK
Well done England !!!  
14/3/2001 11:58 GMT  terry m
hi its terry agin my phone numbre is 0208 613 9860 ask for anita brown and ask her to get me 
13/3/2001 13:10 GMT  terry m
my name is terry i whant to join a football team i have playd for west ham under 19s iam 18 years old i will e mail back soon with a teliphone numbre  
13/3/2001 12:59 GMT  terry w
come on you reds 
13/3/2001 01:47 GMT  Dave, Hammers Fan
Where was Jaki when we needed her...Is it true she is a Spurs Fan ? 
26/2/2001 11:55 GMT  kalvin
liverpool won the cup and are going for the treble come on u reds 
23/2/2001 22:24 GMT  Admiral Nance, THFC Chair
Happy Birthday James from the board. Have a great time tonite with the lads... No game tomorrow you lucky lad. 
23/2/2001 10:54 GMT  joni b
please show as 1 of your links. then we mite have sum more visistors to our great site. everyone visit now. Free supporters pack for every lucky reader.  
21/2/2001 14:59 GMT  The Webmaster
Click Here for a nice site 
20/2/2001 16:09 GMT  Kieron
Now I know why your site is the most popular, it is so colorful and full of life. Keep up the good work. 
18/2/2001 18:46 GMT  Site Admin THFC
PLEASE NOTE: All foul messages will be deleted straight away. This is a family site. Thank You 
14/2/2001 01:09 GMT  Anon
No one doubts u.... just get ur ass outta bed Kalvin 
12/2/2001 20:16 GMT  kalvin
play me on saturday and i'll show all u doubters whose da man 
11/2/2001 17:05 GMT  Site Admin THFC
The demand for profiles is getting big... nice to see so many players of Tower Hamlets loggin' on the site. I will email u guys a password and u can fix up a pic and pro bout urself.  
10/2/2001 16:55 GMT  Jimmy Finn
This site is the dogs b******* !!! 
9/2/2001 22:27 GMT  John, Vicky Pk Groundsmen
9/2/2001 19:15 GMT  leon
eh yo dunc how's about a profile 
6/2/2001 14:22 GMT  JB
Coooooooooooooool Site 
5/2/2001 23:08 GMT  Site Admin THFC
We are still waiting for player profiles to come in Ray and it all should be done soon. 
4/2/2001 17:39 GMT  RAY
how about all player profiles inc the best centre half in the leagueRAY RUSSELL 
4/2/2001 15:14 GMT  Jakki
sectionscoob fae The Red Star, it is so nice that my pic can please even your wildest fantasies... How do you think West Ham beat Man Utd last week...'DREAM ON' 
3/2/2001 15:35 GMT  sectionscoob fae The Red Star
aw right that burd jaki is a real goer i gave her a right good rogering up the ar se . This means she is a fuki n slag and the whole team has been through this slag. 
2/2/2001 18:16 GMT  Dave, Hammers Fan
So thats how West Ham beat Man Utd. It was your good luck charm the sexy Jaki. Any chance of her number. 
1/2/2001 01:13 GMT  Duncan Head Coach THFC
WOW !!! Now that sounds very interesting Eleanor. You have a Tower Hamlets FC Winners medal from a season 90 years ago. We will mail u ASAP when we find out more of this historic medallion. Thanx for the info. 
1/2/2001 01:10 GMT  Duncan Head Coach THFC
Thanx for the compliment A. Byrne. We will check out your site and get back to u here on our guestbook. 
1/2/2001 01:08 GMT  Duncan Head Coach THFC
We will do IC. Thanx 
31/1/2001 07:21 GMT  Eleanor Tsiampas
Dear Sirs: I am in possession of a small medallion bearing the inscription "Tower Hamlets F.C. on the front and "Winners ELL, Div. II, 1909-10. Could you please provide some information on this item. Believe that it may have belonged to a Great Uncle by the name of H.T. Page, and would appreciate any information you may have available. Thank you for considering my request. Sincerely, Eleanor Tsiampas 
30/1/2001 16:27 GMT  A Byrne
Just opened the Brown Cow Fc site, very basic, no idea what to do with it, any help generously accepted. Thankyou, nice site by the way! 
29/1/2001 20:22 GMT  IC
pay Huddersfield Irish Centre a visit at 
26/1/2001 13:54 GMT  Bonita
Hi Duncan I forgat to say happy Birthday to you on Saturday, hope you had a good one. With 6 pts to add I'm sure you did!!! 
19/1/2001 20:18 GMT  Duncan Head Coach THFC
On behalf of Tower Hamlets Football Club I would like to thank everyone that has supported this website to make us the most popular club on intheteam. Soon we will be adding competitions and loads more stuff to maintain us as No1. Tell your friends and keep coming back. Once again thanx for your loyal support. PS: Why are you all shy to use the guestbook? Its for you, so use it with all your views about us.  
2/1/2001 13:36 GMT  Dorris D
Duncan you naughty boy. Sorry coudn't make the Crimbo party, things to see people to do. So when will you boys be playing again? 
15/12/2000 19:12 GMT  Duncan Head Coach THFC
Thank u ladies 4 the compliments... I hope 2 see u at our xmas party in the lounge...Dorris, How do I play ? Get ur kit off and I will show u !!!  
6/12/2000 13:55 GMT  Dorris Delaney
Hi there Duncan, me again. Just to let you know ya not that little at all. In fact the site of you makes me all moist :-) Your team plays big, how do you play....... 
6/12/2000 13:54 GMT  Dorris dalaney
Hey just checked out the site guys, congrats on Saturdays match. Especially you Francis!! Will I see you and your sexy little manager Duncan down the Lounge this Friday night?? I'll be waiting.  
4/12/2000 13:48 GMT  Samatha smith
Hi there guys, I saw the game on Saturday and was very impressed, especially with those 3 goal scorers. Ouch you cuties!! I think I'll defo bring my mates down to watch on that recomendation. And as for your manager, what a star!! See you down the Roman big boy!!  
4/12/2000 13:48 GMT  Samatha smith
Hi there guys, I saw the game on Saturday and was very impressed, especially with those 3 goal scorers. Ouch you cuties!! I think I'll defo bring my mates down to watch on that recomendation. And as for your manager, what a star!! See you down the Roman big boy!!  
4/12/2000 13:39 GMT  James Bond
Hows it going Mr Cockney Red!!!! Damn p'd about not comming to at least see the game on Saturday!! I'm back on the road to recovery!!!! As for training, I will prove this to you on Thursday!!!!! C'mon you COCKNEY REDS!!!!  
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