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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
26/5/2002 07:54 GMT  barry
my son is thinking of transfering over from luton could you tell me the prices of the kit etc ? 
13/5/2002 11:36 GMT  bob
Congratulations to the award winners at the presentation yesterday. Tom Ward - Most Improved, Luke Radley - Players Player, Ben Ashton - Managers Player, and James Wright - Coaches player of the year Well done lads 
13/4/2002 16:00 GMT  Tony u16
After Bedford and the coach crash 2me 2you will try sky diving with no parachute in another attempt to straighten his snozzle 
3/4/2002 16:45 GMT  The French Police Training College
ve are pleazed to zee zat gripper did not hav to throw zumbody out of a 4th floor vindow to get a confession. Ve ave taught him how to though!! 
1/4/2002 15:26 GMT  Cliff.
All those who took photos on Tour !. Even if your camaras aren't digital, some processing outlets will give you a diskette with the pics on (for a small charge). If you have this done, can I borrow the disk to put the snaps in a tour gallery on the net. Thank you. 
1/4/2002 07:38 GMT  John 'Sinatra' Cresswell
What a great tour. Many thanks to the organisors, Pete and Brian plus others. Some classic moments such as, ''I had a note telling me to come to this room Mister'' and the ''I didn't make any phone calls''. Well done Gripper for getting a confession which would actually stand up in court for a change! 
22/3/2002 10:28 GMT  Cliff.
Any tackle shield bruises from last nights Training ?. It was a good tough session. Did you notice that niether Nick, Kevin, nor I offered to run the gauntlet. 
8/3/2002 13:25 GMT  ????????????
LB write in our book, but dont say nothing bout game in theirs 
7/3/2002 12:25 GMT  Bob from Barca
Glad to see some use of the guestbook. Bit concerned about the nosedive in proper use of the English language though 
4/3/2002 15:02 GMT  Concerned of ampthill
After last years red hair, is there any truth in the rumour we're going blond (ala Joe Cole) for this years tour ?. 
3/3/2002 14:02 GMT  No Mates's Dad
Well done at Leighton Buzzard guys. Just goes to show-do your talking on the pitch and not via a guest book on a web site. 
26/2/2002 15:13 GMT  Leighton Buzzard RFU
Prepare to loose ! 
23/2/2002 18:08 GMT  beware
henry your gunna gat ut at training 
21/2/2002 16:39 GMT  Tom
I would like to thank all those who came to our party and for the pressies. Ta Tom 
20/2/2002 08:08 GMT  Henrys
I did'nt mean to be offensive to you Richard I was only joking. Thank you Jonny, Luke and Tom for the party. 
20/2/2002 07:52 GMT  Henry'S
Jonny there were some fit girls at your party, but rich could'nt even get a dance wiht a dog. 
17/2/2002 17:49 GMT  v.happy english guy
2 any lepricorns out there (not refering 2 callum i would like 2 say ..................neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 45-11 2 england u suck neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from a very happy english guy! 
13/2/2002 11:57 GMT  Cliff
U13's page of has been updated re the Luton match and this Thursday's Training. This weeks Email has also been sent. 
8/2/2002 14:05 GMT  Cliff
Check your Emails for Luton squad, and Map. U13s Page has also been updated.  
4/2/2002 17:45 GMT  Anonymous
"Lets knock those Luton player right on their a*ses!" Quote by Bob. 
27/1/2002 21:24 GMT  bob
match report from Hemel is up 
15/1/2002 10:25 GMT  Cliff
A Match report of our win over Braintree is on the Under13's home page on 
13/1/2002 20:43 GMT  Gripper
Great game today against Braintree, some sterling work alround!!. Thought John did a good job of Captain, loved that little move that him and Ben set up from a penalty which resulted in a try. Some great tackles were put in(Joe Burton and he has the bruises to show for it.Great team effort lads really enjoyed it well done. 
19/12/2001 14:09 GMT  cliff
I don't work either. I work for the same company as little bruv (JC snr). Cambridge was a Team Win. I have no complaints. - Well done all who played.  
18/12/2001 08:51 GMT  bob
Isn't that what your dad tells you Jonny? 
17/12/2001 10:58 GMT  JONNY
John do you ever do any work  
3/12/2001 11:02 GMT  John Cresswell
Where does Bob get those headlines from? Great match against Banbury. The lads will learn a great deal more from games like that. 
1/12/2001 18:22 GMT  Tom Ward
Hey Ashley Cole 
26/11/2001 21:40 GMT  Cliff
17-32 Win over Kettering. As young Mr Grace would say - "You've all done very well". Make sure you're up on Sunday for Training before the Banbury match. updated (with lots of lads given a mention).  
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