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10/9/2002 12:20 GMT  jamie
ok thanks richie thats great thnx. well i'll try ma best to go trainin. if i still cant play sunday i'll still come and watch. see ya thursday or sunday. 
10/9/2002 11:45 GMT  Sven
Dave, we will start training @ 8pm.. we're training on the concrete playground until we can find more suitable premises.. 
9/9/2002 20:32 GMT  richie
Don't be silly Jamie - who else you gonna be other than Eminem when he was going through his homo period. Think we're at home to Highams Park Lakers but will let Uncle Steven know more on Thursday when i've spoken to 'shaven haven' Tucker. Rest your foot if it's fuct, we'd rather see you Sunday. PS blinding tackle Sunday - nice one! 
9/9/2002 17:48 GMT  jamie
richie when am i gettin a picture put on ere? and what am i havin? i know ya wanna put someone good and not embarrassing i mite not be able to make it to tarinin on thursday coz on sunday i got studded twice on the toe and once on the foot and it hurts. if i am able to play on sunday who are we playin and where we playin . jamie 
9/9/2002 17:29 GMT  dave roddwell
sven i know it well. i used to live in plaistow. what time ?? and what shall i bring with me boots or turfs or moulds ?? 
9/9/2002 10:47 GMT  Sven
Dave, we dont train over there now. We traing Lister School in Plaistow. Leave a message or your phone no on this website if you want more deatils. 
8/9/2002 22:50 GMT  Richie
Thanks Luce... both times : ) 
8/9/2002 21:28 GMT  Lucy
Nice report Rich. 
8/9/2002 21:28 GMT  Lucy
Nice report Rich. 
8/9/2002 18:33 GMT  BILLY
7/9/2002 22:56 GMT  dave rodwell
sorry i couldnt train with ya guys i have been busy at work "the photo industry" but i''l be over there thursday at 7 
31/8/2002 09:09 GMT  Richie
Georgie Dawes didn't play because of his 'mystery' injury, and he's pants at football! (no change there!!) 
26/8/2002 12:43 GMT  Richie - re. Ronnie Fairs
For those of you who are un-aware, Ronnie's wife Mickey died during a holiday accident last week in Malta. As you all know, Ronnie was the heart and soul of this club for many many years, and his and his family's loss will be felt by us all. Mickey was always a great supporter of New Ward dances and always turned up regardless how cr#p the previous one had been. From all at New Ward Ronnie, we offer our heart-felt condolences, sympathy, and support.  
26/8/2002 10:43 GMT  aussie
you lot must be desperate to let george play, next thing swampy will get a run out. good luck both teams for this season and i know you all miss me  
18/8/2002 18:48 GMT  GEORGE DAWES
Thanks for the match lads.  
12/8/2002 14:58 GMT  martha focker
new ward played quite good football yesterday but little things let u down like passing other than that i can say u played good, james scored a brilliant goal and ritchie was unlucky to score 2 goals oh and that boy billy was annoyin gon the touchline 
12/8/2002 11:59 GMT  News At Ten
New Ward continued their great start to the pre season, with a 3-0 win over Arabians. Goals came from Richie, Gavin and James, along with a good penalty save from new B team Captain Lee Bishop. Its looking good for New Ward with two games played they have scored 7 goals and let in 0... ZERO! 
10/8/2002 21:02 GMT  Att. the Brian Hunte Ya club
Chris and Jamie. Brian's not allowed on the net or to turn his mobile on without the permission of his bird. Whisper to him quietly on Sunday in case she hear's about it and gives him some serious slaps! 
10/8/2002 15:38 GMT  Att. Dave
Please contact Lee Cox on 07958 417829 for details of when and where we train. Bring 2 quid dosh and all will be explained when you get there! 
9/8/2002 19:04 GMT  to Brian Hunte
hi brian, ya know those photos ya took will ya bring em to the match on sunday, or trainin on thursday or if ya can send em to my e-mail address thanks brian. chris and jamie  
9/8/2002 18:59 GMT  Dave Rodwell
hi new ward i have just looked at your team on here and was wonderin if i will be able to train with the group and maybe sign up if you could contact me on 07904051275 thanks. dave 
6/8/2002 15:55 GMT  News At Ten
New ward B team started off their pre season campaign with a 4-0 victory over Josh's Giants. Although not a pretty game, there were some encouraging signs from Svens new signings.. A free transfer from Upminster, Mark played on the left wing, scoring one goal and setting up another and Kevin, who cost a gram of Charlie, also got on the score sheet on his debut. Further goals from Mark Bird and Bobby. It has to be said that alot of chances were missed, with Steptoe getting the trophy for "Miss of the Season" before it even starts. The new look "So Solid Crew" started as they mean to go on, where although they are still finding their feet, they still managed to keep a clean sheet. Special mention to the 2 A team lads for coming along and to the "fire starter"... Ian Winterflood, who is well on the road to recovery.. hope to see you back soon... 
26/7/2002 15:45 GMT  Dave Dundee
Hello lads first of all i am going to congratulate the a team on winning the league. i will turn up at training on sunday hope to see you all lots of love Dave  
26/7/2002 09:11 GMT  ATT. Paul Wallace
We've started training wobble-guts so get your lily-white butt over the Flats at 11.30 this Sunday. 
8/7/2002 19:09 GMT  Terry Venables
Dear 'Us' - does this mean youre available for a up and coming young side from the north of England? We have a donkey of a right-back on a par with one of the scumchester Neville's and who we're trying to get shot of. Yours and mini-me's names cropped up but he (like Keane) has decided to stay at his present club. Therefore you are the outstanding (and only) candidate to fill this position. ps if you know of a left-back NOT called Harte then bring him along. Cheers, El Tel.  
8/7/2002 10:52 GMT  David 'us' Steadman (Retired)
After winning the B team clubman of the year award last season, i feel that my football career has gone as far as it can and its time for Gary Gerada to take the B team right back position onto a new level. Good luck to both the A and B teams this coming season, your all a great bunch of blokes and i'll miss you all and the laughs, well nearly miss all of you.  
8/7/2002 10:18 GMT  Martin (follow on from message below)
Tops are available in the following sizes. 38-40(M), 42-44(L), 46-48 (XL) 50-52(XXL) Please state your size, initials and/or number. Thank you. 
8/7/2002 09:49 GMT  **ATT ALL NEW WARD PLAYERS**
Dear all, As we move into next season, I think it is time we showed other teams how well organised we are and how well turned out we can be!! - To start this, we are giving everyone at the club the opportunity to purchase their very own "New Ward Drill Top" ! These drill tops come in all sizes, so the fat boys need not worry!! - They are 'Pro Star Rio Navy Blue, with "New Ward FC" on the back and your initials and/or squad number on the front". The tops will be approx £23.50 (for team name, number and initials) although, as we always looking to bring money in to the club, an extra £1.50pp will be charged. I am sure you can all appreciate that we have to do that. For more details, please email me on or speak to me at training on Sundays. I am looking to order these at the end of the month.  
30/5/2002 10:13 GMT  Coxy
And the award to the most miserable bunch of bastar*'s ever to win a league title, goes to .... the A team !!! 
30/5/2002 09:48 GMT  New Wards Koh Samui Supporters Branch
well done the A team for a resounding 1-0 victory. shame about the weather though, only 35 degrees here. oh well, back to the beach. ho ho ho 
30/5/2002 06:26 GMT  A Team
Coxy could you give out any more trophies on Sunday. I thought you were going to get the keyring and cream eggs out next, for Best dressed in a footie kit award 
28/5/2002 12:39 GMT  New Ward F.C.
Who the f#ck is that fat c#nt Paul Wallace?? Remember a sumo estate agent a while back but surely someone's done the b#gger in by now! 
28/5/2002 12:33 GMT  'A' team CHAMPIONS!!
Well done the B's on your defeat... again ho ho ho 
28/5/2002 11:35 GMT  paul wallace
hi all sorry i could not make the fun day ,hope u had a good one ,congrats to the a team on winning the league and well done to the b team for getting to the top half of the table for a change ,let me know when summer training starts i might pop over , god knows i need to lose weight , hope to see you all soon ..  
28/5/2002 08:44 GMT  B team
Well done A team on your massive 1-0 win. As champions of the division above us we were expecting a tough match, never mind. When we get promoted this season and you lot get relegated we look forward to playing you in the same division and beating you. 
28/5/2002 07:44 GMT  'A' team gloaters
Can you hear the 'B' team sing... I can't hear a f#cking thing... 
5/4/2002 07:24 GMT  Terry Fitzpatrick
Congratulations at long last for the 'A' team winning the title. 
24/3/2002 16:03 GMT  Lucy
Well done New Ward A. Champions at last! 
19/3/2002 08:28 GMT  danny 'murph' bluemore
hello boys. just a call from the land down under to say i cant believe u might win something after all these years. even makes me want to play again when i get home. and dont say i cant. like the site lads, the team pics were quite amusing-especially briggies. right gotta go coz i feel like topping up my tan for an hour or two. ha ha 
14/3/2002 20:37 GMT  Brian Lewis
Louise can you tell your dad I will see him at Blue Oyster club on Saturday. As for Pie if you stood next to me it might be the only time I would look slim 
11/3/2002 19:02 GMT  Louise
Hello George,Ive been over to c the lads a few times .there used to be a fat problem in the club but its stopped since a certain member left but i cant remember his name but i think his first name is brian and his second name is lewis by the way dad told me to write that. My dad recons that instead of goin to the p*** up at the end of the season you should go to the Blue Oyster on your own on a saturday night anyway i dont know what my dad means by that. 
11/3/2002 17:06 GMT  Pie
Brian Lewis calling people fat?? Thats like Richy Matin calling someone bald!!  
7/3/2002 21:50 GMT  Brian Lewis
Hello Louise are you still going over to see the lads try and play football and if yes are the still s#+t. Could someone please let me know when the end of season p#ss up is going to be so I can meet up and see how fat you've all got. 
3/3/2002 07:24 GMT  Richie
Coxy..... you're p#ssed! What have I told you about alcohol, regular sex, and you not mixing?? 
1/3/2002 23:56 GMT  Sven
I love you all boys, you're the best fcuking bunch of lads I've ever had the privelege of working with ... We will pi** the 4th Division next season BECAUSE we have the players who want it more than other fcuking player in these divisions!!!! We are the New Ward !!! 
21/2/2002 23:26 GMT  Richie
Hope you was good boys at training, p#ssed-up me in Eindhoven signing off.  
17/2/2002 19:40 GMT  Lucy
To Rich and all New Ward F.C. well done on your success so far this season, keep up the good work. 
14/2/2002 08:06 GMT  David 'us' Steadman
Louise i can clear up this matter for you. The shouts of "eat me, eat me, if your hard enough, come on then if you want a piece of me" that all of us thought were from an half eaten pepperami, were in fact shouts from non other than New Ward B defensive hard man Gary 'Mini-Me' Gerada. I hope he didn't scare you, because he certainly scared all of us. 
13/2/2002 19:23 GMT  louise 'daughter of right said fred'
HI ya people i was watchin the game on sunday when i heard what sounded like a half eaten pepperami comin from defence can anyone enlighten me on who or what this wailing was comin from?. Hi georgie dawes. 
12/2/2002 20:07 GMT  BRIAN LEWIS
12/2/2002 16:35 GMT  David 'us' Steadman
Well done to Mini-me, Us, Makka, Zammo and Bish for the sly kicks, chops, moaning and pushing we did on the opposition this week. About time the B's toughened up, shame we've done it 20 games into the season and with only a few games remaining. 
12/2/2002 13:28 GMT  Zammo
Thanks Mini, no, really thanks.... What ever you say goes... We'd hate to be confronted by a 4'1 bloke shouting "Do you wanna piece of me, do ya, do ya" 
11/2/2002 19:38 GMT  mini me
well done sunday lads lets hope we can win the next round. 
8/2/2002 16:04 GMT  christine
hey guys, check out our new player my be back for more when the snapshots come in! 
14/1/2002 15:40 GMT  christine
hey guys! good luck for this season! visit us at 
20/11/2001 19:00 GMT  Richie
You must remember Bobby Walker, who has only recently retired, but still turns up to watch but brings his boots...just in case? Probably know Billy Gerada and Ronnie Fairs, they packed in season before last but still turn up to spectate. Billy's boy is hoping to sign on for us next season, wouldn't be the same without a couple of Geradas. 'A' were relegated 3 seasons ago but it's looking better at the moment. You can get more info, results, and stats at Keep in touch.  
20/11/2001 13:39 GMT  terry fitzpatrick
I played for the club 70s/80s for approx 10 years. The 'A' team were in div 2 and the 'B' were in div 5. 
18/11/2001 21:30 GMT  Richie
Alright Terry, what's your connection with New Ward? 
14/11/2001 08:13 GMT  Terry Fitzpatrick
Nice to see the club still going strong, now i have found your site i will look more often for your results. Good luck for the rest of the season. 
9/11/2001 14:56 GMT  Sven
I hear you have a defender Called David us Steadman... Can you tell him NOT to let the ball bounce is very off putting..! 
9/11/2001 14:44 GMT  Sven Goren
Dear New Ward B. I hear you have a DODGY left back called Martin Avis and that he is the weak link of your side..tell me, Can i have him to give the oranges out at half time?? 
12/2/2001 12:21 GMT  Ruairi
Ruairi's BAALLLLLLL!!! 
8/12/2000 09:41 GMT  David Steadman
1/12/2000 11:49 GMT  Shorey
Coxy and Pie are useless bastards, get off me case faggots!!!! 
30/11/2000 12:23 GMT  Nabutunana Ngwongey
I saved Paul Shore's penalty. 
24/11/2000 08:41 GMT  Paul Tucker
Steve Ellis should be dropped 
13/11/2000 15:28 GMT  Dave McTurvish
Paul Shore's penalty was expertly saved and as a result Nabutunana Ngwongey has been called up for Angloa's African Nations Qualifier with Botswana. 
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