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12/6/2002 16:30 GMT  josh
do any other team members even go on here any more? becasue u should 
10/6/2002 15:39 GMT  josh
i said to too many times! 
7/6/2002 16:06 GMT  josh
wow i look to forward to next season 
20/5/2002 11:06 GMT  TOM.S
I am goin 2 kick all your arses at paintballing! Well done every 1 who got an award, perhaps I'll win 1 nxt year. 
2/5/2002 16:56 GMT  j again
sorry i meant wanted instead of wouldn't 
2/5/2002 16:43 GMT  jaime da skipper
well dun ladds its finished now i no it weren't as good as we wouldn't but we played some good rugby (occasionally). so don't be to dissapointed. cya all soon. TINKY WINKY  
4/4/2002 13:49 GMT  J
big game tonight against the irish.just what andy has said play hard all the way to the banbury 10's because we need something to end the season on a high, so we'll win that trophy. Do me proudd tonight and get there nice and early 
29/3/2002 19:33 GMT  josh
i would like to whole heartedly apoligise for not going to training last night, this apoligie goes to both the players who did go and to the coaches.  
24/3/2002 17:56 GMT  Andy
Excellent game today lads against the odds. You might feel that you could have played better, and only you know the truth of that, but you all played with commitment and discipline and you were unlucky to lose, despite being out numbered. If you enjoyed playing it as much as we did watching then it was indeed a good day. 
10/3/2002 06:34 GMT  Andy
There is just over a month and three matches to play before the Banbury 10's competition. We all have to work hard to raise our game between now and then. Let's see maximum commitment and discipline from all of the squad for the rest of the season. Each match is a training session for the next match.Win lose or draw come off the pitch knowing that you have played the best rugby you can, as a team, working together, supporting each other - Ampthill Rugby. 
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