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11/2/2002 19:02 GMT  We would like to arrange a match
11/2/2002 15:15 GMT  kirklees
hey guys, check out our new player profiles of our girls! and get a feel for what you might be seeing next week! 
14/1/2002 19:18 GMT  Osama bin Laden
Ha Ha - your website says that you are mighty and will beat anyone, then I see your results and I see a 0-14 defeat, and I think you are funny people, no? 
27/11/2001 23:33 GMT  free porn:- 
26/11/2001 14:05 GMT  Irish Centre Fc
why not pay a visit to!!!! one of the most succesful sites on intheteam 
3/10/2001 22:18 GMT  Ken Pullitt in your net
I am from Australia and the Noosa football Club we are also called the lions.Love your site and will be back.  
2/10/2001 17:58 GMT  James (
Fantastic site, one of the best I ve seen! James 
27/7/2001 08:29 GMT  IVAN DRAGO
16/7/2001 18:22 GMT  Aida
cool site lads all the best for your new season... check us out at 
10/7/2001 19:42 GMT  anon
I love jamie patmores pants - do ya reckon he's got a spare pair to give to me? 
22/6/2001 10:00 GMT  Head of the ICL 3 Lions Unofficial Fan Club
Hey guys - looks like you'll have to change your name.... Fujitsu 3 Lions doesn't have the same ring to it though. 
19/6/2001 10:42 GMT  Steven Gordon (Eric's son)
Nice site lads - keep it tight at the back.... 
11/6/2001 18:31 GMT  I HATE DAVID JAMES........AND I HOPE YOU DO TO
11/6/2001 18:31 GMT  I HATE DAVID JAMES........AND I HOPE YOU DO TO
5/6/2001 14:52 GMT
nice one lads finally got a victory, i think it was the poll that brought you luck 
30/5/2001 15:05 GMT
Fancy linking mine to your site. Will return the favour if you do. Please leave a message on my guestbook. 
26/5/2001 11:23 GMT  ?
visit the best ladies football team this side of huddersfield at and leave a message in our guest book.  
7/5/2001 16:55 GMT  Darren (Westend f.c.)
Hi Dave, Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner with regards to a friendley but we are struggling at the moment! Is it possible if we could have a link from your site to ours at Westend and we will return the compliment. Hope to hear from you soon . Darren 
6/5/2001 17:29 GMT  James Green
Hi Site is great! How do you get the moving banners? Please visit and sign the guestbook with any hints and tips you have  
22/3/2001 11:33 GMT  Howard Stokes
Match report seems spot on. Esp Morris Dancing Ref. 
24/2/2001 19:56 GMT  Webmaster
Mr. Gregory (or can I call you John?) The job is yours if you are willing to work with our Director of Football David "Deadlier than Doug" Reeves. A man who makes Ellis look like Santa Claus. Is it true you have a sponsorship deal with Grecian 2000? 
24/2/2001 17:56 GMT  John Gregory
Things are looking a bit dodgy down the Villa and I've noticed that Cuddly Craddock Chops has hit the big five-o so I am prepared to make myself available to ICL 3 Lions. If you confirm that you can let me have £9.5 million to waste on a South American, then I'm yours. Luv you almost as much as I luv myself. Johnny Boy 
23/2/2001 12:42 GMT  For a cool site
14/2/2001 13:32 GMT  Howard Stokes
Dave craddock, Spoke to the team, and are willing to give you lot a game. Mail me and we can sort out arrangements. Cheers, Howard Stokes  
29/1/2001 08:57 GMT  Thai Girl
Yep he charged me £2.50!. I had a super smashing Craddock chops time! 
26/1/2001 21:22 GMT  Webmaster
Dave Craddock will be available all weekend for massage. He will also do "extra's" for a reasonable fee. 
26/1/2001 08:29 GMT  Mr Ache
Any funds for massages Dave - me aching today, also need some new shins (& pads!) 
10/1/2001 23:19 GMT  Der Präsident, Niedersächsischerfussballverband
David Cunningham (aka Barney) is banned from playing football as he is still signed to the famous Lindhooper Rovers, Verden an der Aller, Germany. 
26/11/2000 20:15 GMT  The Muppet Kickers
Great Site....if you fancy a link then let us know. 
24/11/2000 06:20 GMT  Juan Carlos II
I voted other because I've heard that none of you are any good at football. In fact you should all take up fishing!!!! 
23/11/2000 14:36 GMT  JOB CENTRE
ICL 3 LIONS require 1 nurse to attend to all of the team members with injurys - team members want a (Big chested Girl) Nurse to take on the job. will need to attend to the squads (Fantasies) injurys & fetch the half time drinks, please reply to the webmaster. 
23/11/2000 14:32 GMT  Rug Rat
since our last match we need to improve so how about we start some serious football practice training on saturdays. we also need a nurse to attend to all our injurys, nurse requests can be posted to webmaster. 
22/11/2000 12:56 GMT  Tony Blair
every one at the house of lords would like to know if they can play the lions in a political match...... our team for the 2000/2001 is as stands. 1) Tony Blair Keeper 2) William Hauge Right Back 3) Peter Mandleson Left Back 4) Gordon Brown SW Defender 5) John Major My first match 6) Maggie Thatcher Hard Midfield 7) David Beckham Posh likes polotics 8) Paddy Ashdown Central Midfield 9) Prince Charles Royle Striker 10)Bill Clinton American Bum Dude 11)Nickell Gorbachav Russin Hittler 
22/11/2000 12:21 GMT  Tony Blair
hello mom, my email address is: 
21/11/2000 15:46 GMT  Webmaster
They didn't hack into the site. That's an award that's been given to me by some strange cyber-geeks who surf the web looking for pointless websites!! I'm quite proud of it actually!! 
21/11/2000 09:15 GMT  WHATS UP WITH MR. 95%
How dare they hack onto our web page & add a logo saying our web page is rated 95% bottom of all web sites (pointless) 
20/11/2000 16:54 GMT  MR Fixture (no my name is not jim)
ICL CUSTOMERS - such as transco Gloucester could well be interested in a grudge match - i think we should have a voting poll on who should be the lions offical team fixture captin. Dave Craddock would be top man with some help of Raul, Morientes, Matieüs Whelan (Recommended from spain). 
20/11/2000 16:50 GMT  MR Fixture (no my name is not jim)
Please note Barrow town could soon be meeting the lions in the first ever none leauge clash if this match gets the green light we may be on the end of trebble figures well get beat by a very high goal margin as they only lost 2-0 in there home clash to leighton Orient in the FA CUP first round. 
19/11/2000 17:35 GMT  The Jail Ender
Thanx for signing my guestbook so I though I would return the favour.. Good site BTW 
17/11/2000 13:39 GMT  Gordon Strachan
Humorous site guys but I prefer the Cadzow Hamilton site. Strachan strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont ya just love exclamation marks!!!!! 
17/11/2000 12:07 GMT  Sven Goran Motorola
Knowing me knowing you ah ha - great line from a great song. Great, yes that is what Dave "Fanny" Craddock is - I need him to help me with the England job - ah yes the England job were I am going to be paid a fortune and don't want to fail - that is why I need the "Haddock" sorry "Craddock - can you imaging the crowd singing "3 Craddocks on our shirts" when we win the World Cup - even I, a turnip, sorry swede is moved.  
16/11/2000 17:01 GMT  Terry Venables
who needs an international team when we have the lions (ICL's wonder team), stop messing about with the divisonal championship and role into the world cup race ? I see it now, ICL 3 Lions next world champions 2002. 
16/11/2000 15:08 GMT  jamie
Due to the scathing response to my 'chest of God' antics in my player profile, I have had no choice but to put in a transfer request to Dave Craddock. In an almost Stan Collymore-esque turn of events, one moment of greatness has somehow given me ideas above my station, and i feel it is time to move on....most probably into management, with the occasional TV appearance.  
16/11/2000 14:49 GMT  Tony Scott Borrows
Im a man in vain and would like to offer the lions a deal a new stadium with capacity of 1521 fans located in birmingham its called the new bull ring we could change the name from: ICL 3lions to the ICL 3BULLS Interested please contact me @ the birmingham city council 
16/11/2000 14:41 GMT  Im a Lazio Player Who hates England
I think mr telephone man erricsson also my manager should be shot because what has he done for my club. we now want a new manager...... some one like Dave Craddock Could take us to champions leauge glory 
16/11/2000 14:36 GMT  MR Giv Im A Match......
like david james last night who else was to blame? England snubbed our great leader Dave craddock of having a chance to Take them to the world cup  
13/11/2000 18:03 GMT  Jones the Steam
I have just managed to make 23 words on the Welsh word square.I had to stop then as my screen had become covered in phlegm.And no I am not related to Attilla the Hun , even though we have the same middle name 
10/11/2000 10:50 GMT  Webmaster
But there is only one of me! I'm just big-boned that's all. And who is Hannah anyway? But I suppose I am a bit of a tart!  
9/11/2000 20:51 GMT  Web genius type person
Don't you think it's time you tarts grew up and were nice to you, I reckon Hannah moved to Hong Kong to get away from you two 
9/11/2000 18:05 GMT  Webmaster
Forrest (sic) fan - Sounds like a great idea, I'll speak to Mr Craddock tomorrow. 
9/11/2000 12:27 GMT  IM A FORREST FAN - WHAT A SHAME :-(
How about Davy house and our leader Dennis Reeves take on CRAZY Craddock & his NMC world class international kings. 
9/11/2000 12:21 GMT  RICK MISTER
9/11/2000 12:15 GMT  3 STRIKES - YOUR OUT
Bring on Manchester United our Loons will beat there Goons Icl 3 Lions in the champs leauge next year ??? 
8/11/2000 21:24 GMT  Webmaster
If it's good enough for Beckham...... 
8/11/2000 14:06 GMT  The Mole
I have heard that our inspirational manager likes to wear womens pants??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Could this be the reason why he is so quick and nimble of his feet?. 
7/11/2000 16:36 GMT  Gazza Merson
I will be available for next wednesday so lock up your daughters and open the bars..... 
6/11/2000 11:41 GMT  Webmaster
I have spoken to both players you mention and I'm afraid that neither will be available. Gazza has an important meeting at hislocal kebab shop and David Unsworth's wife says he has to do the ironing that night. 
6/11/2000 09:09 GMT  John Gregory
Dave, After hearing the reports about your next opponents being rough, may I suggest you consider both Gazza and David Unsworth to be part of your side?! 
5/11/2000 09:34 GMT  Sven Goran Ivanisavich
Thank you for the words of advice now I am England manager but remember, Phil Neville is God. Sven P.S. I was not the chef on the muppet Show 
3/11/2000 22:49 GMT  Webmaster
I do not know this Graham Bate person. I have never wore Tasmanian Devil underpants and I am Gail Porters sex slave. 
3/11/2000 19:51 GMT  Graham Bate
Should anyone be interested I have pictures of Dave Cooper modelling a pair of Tasmanian devil underpants with a pair of socks stuffed down the front. Will forward when scanned 
3/11/2000 17:06 GMT  Dave Cooper
Davie Scott - Errr yes, agree totally. And can I have curry sauce with mine? 
3/11/2000 09:04 GMT  Anonymous England Player
Any one for a game of cards - £10,000 a head????? What do you reckon Dave? 
3/11/2000 08:19 GMT  Davie Scott
Fàilte gu Clàr nam Dave Craddock. Tha clàr na seirbhis TBh agus Dave Craddock aig Craoladh nan Gaidheal air fad ri Tennents Super Lager! fhaotainn an seo. Gach Dihaoine Dave Craddock an làrach, gheibh thu eirmheas Dave Craddock na Seachdain. Gheibh Sexy position thu tuilleadh fiosrachaidh mu na prògraman a tha air an Dave Craddock le fo-sgrìobhadh, le bruthadh air an tiotalan, Dave Craddock, 5-0! Ha Ha Ha!  
1/11/2000 13:06 GMT  Dave Cooper
Sven, see news page for my reply! 
1/11/2000 11:41 GMT  Sven
Davie. Could you give me any useful tips to how I should approach my 1st England game and who should play??? 
31/10/2000 09:00 GMT  Andy
That illusive scorer who kept us in the final was Me !!!!! Get rid of Sven - we want Davie Craddock. 
30/10/2000 19:41 GMT  Davie (tc) Craddock
YOU are doing a fantastic JOB DAVIE(THE WALL) cooper ,Keep it up.MATCH COMING UP NEST WED 8TH OR 15TH, Cheers from Davie craddock 
28/10/2000 00:37 GMT  Stan Collymore
Lads, if things don't work out at Bradford is there any chance of signing for you? I hear some of you like a drink or two so I should fit in. Any fire extinguishers handy? 
26/10/2000 17:17 GMT  Julius Easer
What a fantastic web-site!!! Promote the webmaster immediately and give him a huge pay rise!!! 
25/10/2000 19:37 GMT  Dave Cooper
Hi, welcome to the ICL 3 Lions FC guestbook. Please leave a message, or don't. It's your choice, it's a free country (unless, of course, you are in China). 
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