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28/5/2001 18:37 GMT  stevo
hey there every 1. have a nice break and c u all when training starts again. 
23/5/2001 15:46 GMT  James Howe
Hiya everyone, at the moment i am in production in making another website for Next season  
18/5/2001 15:19 GMT  Ewart
big it up 2 da q-tip boyz! also i would like to say well done 2 all players who won an award WELL DONE!  
10/5/2001 16:49 GMT  Ewart
its nearly presentation nite lads hope u r all there or ill be angry! 
22/4/2001 15:14 GMT  stevo
20/4/2001 19:17 GMT  Jukebox Jake
Alrite guyz here r sum nicknames we made on tour : Darren= getting up gary, Degsy=2nd up simon. James=window writing william. find me and ill tell u the rest 
18/4/2001 21:50 GMT  katie
well done ladz 4 amsterdam, nice site 
11/4/2001 17:26 GMT  stevo
not long now ladz. just a few days. best start 2 pack now 
10/4/2001 21:26 GMT  Hertz van Rental
You Engleesh canot pray Rugby. We Dutch will, how you sayz, wipe your ass. 
10/4/2001 17:24 GMT  Ewart
ooh its nearly tour lads! c u all there  
9/4/2001 12:31 GMT  James Howe
Well Done lads. We finally beat Leighton Buzzard after 7 long hard years! Well lets keep going for te wins when we go on tour lads! Watch out Holland! 
31/3/2001 10:27 GMT  nick st.
lets go and get a win against stockwoood tommoro lads 
21/3/2001 18:28 GMT  Ewart
aight lads i aint seen sum of youze 4 a while.when is our next game jamo? 
18/3/2001 13:46 GMT  natasha edwards
this site puts mine to shame!!! 
19/2/2001 17:14 GMT  Barbs
Despite the score, the determination shown by all those who played, made a great game. Teamwork and support of the ball carrier was excellent. Well done. 
18/2/2001 14:40 GMT  nick st.
unlucky. these things happpen 
16/2/2001 21:43 GMT  Ewart
lets keep it up lads!i cant play on sunday tho james  
14/2/2001 17:06 GMT  Mead
good site. keep on wining lads 
11/2/2001 13:49 GMT  nick st.
good win against hitchin ladz. let's go and beat oundle.  
10/2/2001 18:23 GMT  James Howe
Sunday is still on, meet at the club at 9:30. Why might you not be able to play nick????????? 
10/2/2001 11:36 GMT  nick st.
is sunday still on? i might not be able to play but i'll turn up n e way. 
7/2/2001 23:08 GMT  James
no worries nick so is mine 
7/2/2001 09:50 GMT  chris
hi i think you are all very good at rugby and you all should play for england  
6/2/2001 20:42 GMT  Barbs
6/2/2001 19:36 GMT  nick st.
sorry james. just a joke 
5/2/2001 16:35 GMT  James Howe
Please remember that Tom Chalk was a member of our team and that you should treat him with the respect he deserves (for deserting the team!) 
4/2/2001 16:51 GMT  nick st.
the puddles were great today. lets go kick some tom chalk ass on sunday. 4 get the game, just get tom. 
4/2/2001 13:57 GMT  Ewart
did yall enjoy trainin 2day?the puddles was great fun ay lads!!lets beat hitchin 
3/2/2001 15:13 GMT  jan cooper
accomadation for tour looks fine, tony. c u sunday. jan 
30/1/2001 20:13 GMT  Rosie
ello boys!! like the site james, thought i'd wish u all luck in the future wiv rugby. take care, cya soon *rosie* 
24/1/2001 10:40 GMT  Richard jones
how about a link to your feeder squad... the under 8's. some of them have already got the attributes to play u15 but need to grow somewhat more great site...especially the flashing bits 
22/1/2001 22:18 GMT  Barbs
Good Luck Against Chingford lads. Let's go all out for the WIN. These words from your Chairman apply to us all. "Always fight for what you believe in and never give in to your opponents. Always believe in yourself and do not let anyone put you down. Once the team is on the pitch put all personal differences to one side and concentrate on what really matters. Never criticise but encourage, help them to understand and overcome their weaknesses. Do not just hear what people say to you but always listen, as team work is what the game is all about without it, you will be lost." 
15/1/2001 12:08 GMT  Andy
Saracens under 14s 0, Ampthill under 14's 38! 
13/1/2001 14:22 GMT  Barbs
2001 TOUR - Please bring deposit cheques,payable to B.Birtles & J. Britton, by Sunday 21 Jan LATEST.Thanks. 
13/1/2001 14:20 GMT  Barbs
Sunday 14 Jan v Saracens - Let's give them our best shot lads. Show them not to "Mess with the Best". 10.00 at the Club - then down to Redborne. We are excused Bar Duty! Good Luck. 
24/12/2000 18:29 GMT  James Howe
Don't forget everyone I have a new feature on this site now! It's the Club forum! So leave questions in there and I'll answer them A.S.A.P. Merry Xmas 
24/12/2000 14:08 GMT  nick
happy christmas 
22/12/2000 11:05 GMT  Darren Birtles
When is the next game please Sir James.C U later boyz!!!!!!!!!!  
17/12/2000 21:20 GMT  THE GOVERNOR COOP.S
Thank,s to James Howell and Luke stafford in today,s Game sunday 17.12.oo Cheer,s Boy,s GOOD RUGBY GOOD WIN 57/5 ALL HAVE A GOOD CHRISMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. COOP,S  
16/12/2000 10:54 GMT  Barbs
Sunday 17 December - GAME v CHESHUNT IS AT HOME. Playing at Redborne School - Meet @ 10.30 at Redborne. Return to club following match for shower and food. PLEASE BRING ALL RAFFLE TICKET MONEY WITH YOU - MUST BE IN BY SUNDAY. 
11/12/2000 13:40 GMT  Barbs
Training Night - Now Moved to Thursdays! 
11/12/2000 13:39 GMT  Barbs
Tour Dates Changed!! Now Easter Weekend. More news from Tony soon. 
7/12/2000 16:58 GMT  dean
well played nice game  
6/12/2000 19:18 GMT  Barry Muncaster
If you need transport, could you consider getting a coach from Dunn-line. They are going to sponsor the club next year and so are keen to get a bit of business from us all. If you need their number you can contact me via the club 
4/12/2000 19:30 GMT  Andee
dont matter about Rugby lads but lets beat Nuneaton!!! 
3/12/2000 17:00 GMT  Nick Stephenson
whats happening with games+training????? 
1/12/2000 19:37 GMT  Manager
Game Off On Sunday 3 Dec at Rugby. Pitch Waterlogged. Training at Club @ 10am instead. 
30/11/2000 21:04 GMT  James
Come on lads we need another win!!!!! 
30/11/2000 19:02 GMT  Andee
Lets av another win on Sunday against Rugby lads 
29/11/2000 21:51 GMT  Ratty
Good site. Thanks for the link. Nice Gifs Mr Howe, well done. 
27/11/2000 21:05 GMT  bob
thanks for the links James!! 
24/11/2000 09:30 GMT  Andy
James, I like the animations. Well done. If you see me at the club I've got some on disk for you. Keep up the good work. 
24/11/2000 07:42 GMT  Rosie
ello sweeties, love the site james!! hard luck about Banbury but i'm sure you'll do fab on 26th. Happy birthday to dinger on the 20th and i'll see most of u @ school!  
23/11/2000 18:09 GMT  martin from the under 14's
they banned our guestbook some idiots were muckin' around in it and swearing in it.  
22/11/2000 23:05 GMT  Under 16's
Thanks to Sam for todays training session. 
21/11/2000 22:57 GMT  Darren
Wootton boys watch out cos we're gonna kick ya ass on saturday.From da redborne rude boyz!!!!!!!!!! 
21/11/2000 22:47 GMT  Barbs
November Birthday's - Jimbo Feasey and Dinger Bell - Happy Birthday lads. Drinks on you on Sunday!! 
21/11/2000 22:06 GMT  Barbs
All those for Holland on 6-9 April 2001, say Aye to Tony Howe. Cost Approx £150.00. We need numbers now. 
21/11/2000 22:04 GMT  Barbs
Another injury to the list - big Ahhh for Jamie's torn ankle ligament. Crutches are a fashion item in the U15's! 
21/11/2000 22:00 GMT  Your Manager
Found it at last. Eggsellent! And up-to-date too! We could put more info in the team profiles - ask the lads to write their own profile. All offensive language sensored! 
21/11/2000 17:29 GMT  Bob
James, How about adding links to the other Ampthill sites? 
19/11/2000 15:44 GMT  Nick. st
unlucky at banbury.  
16/11/2000 16:46 GMT  Andee
14/11/2000 21:40 GMT  Benny J
Well played everyone in the team. Nice page James!!! 
12/11/2000 22:57 GMT  Bob
Sam, How about adding tactical awareness to your list of things to improve on? 
5/11/2000 21:36 GMT  jancooper
Tony have received e-mail from Holland re tour tournament.Things looking good for the tour.They have provided us with phone numbers of hotel options.Tell u more on sunday Pete 
5/11/2000 14:05 GMT  Andee
we was unlucky today but luton are good 
31/10/2000 12:25 GMT  Pete Cooper
Dont forget to let us know how many are comming to Old Ruts for a game to remember and the party of the year! ! See you all on sunday. 
27/10/2000 18:26 GMT  Jan Cooper
Congratulations James and the U15's on a superb looking site. Welcoming home page, James. Good Luck on Sunday, theyre coming a long way so give them a game to remember.  
26/10/2000 14:22 GMT  Andrew Ewart (KoolmoeAndee)
We kick some Ass. 
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