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25/5/2001 12:11 GMT  ?
we need the hits so visit the best ladies soccer team this side of huddersfield on and leave a meassage in our guest book or e-mail us at great to see that there is a link on your site to ladies football - keep up the good work. 
10/5/2001 08:51 GMT  Star Man
you know how we won on tuesday its only because that puff ghandi wasn't playing he should stay away more often 
17/4/2001 16:57 GMT  Gaffer
I don't believe it (in a Victor Meldrew stylee)we had a write up in the Sentinel.  
26/3/2001 10:50 GMT  myatt (Clayton Athletic F.C.)
Good Site! We're always on the look out for friendly games. Visit us at 
11/3/2001 21:28 GMT  Gaffer
Well done lads! good result today.Joint M.O.M today Ghandi & Starman.  
3/3/2001 15:52 GMT  Gaffer
The Star Man is back.Lets hope he's fit for Sunday.He could be playing along side Ghandi.  
2/3/2001 15:55 GMT  Star Man
Ghandi you are still the worst player in the team you might as well quit now you big puff  
28/2/2001 21:54 GMT  Rob Caulcott
Hang on, I didnt post that....Some B'stard is posting things in my name. 
27/2/2001 10:23 GMT  Gaffer
All the lads would like to wish Rob good luck with his new club. 
26/2/2001 23:13 GMT  Rob Caulcott
You are all tossers. I'm off to play for Brennan's 2000. F*ck you all especially you Andy !! 
22/1/2001 18:00 GMT  Nigel Harper
Hi Lads. Great site. I'm the secretary of Brennans 2000 (we shared a pitch with you last season and play on the one next to yours this year). Check out our website at and leave your mark on the message board 
3/1/2001 19:41 GMT  The Gaffer
Were back!!! Training kicks in on Thursday 4/01/01. See you there. 
12/12/2000 11:33 GMT  star man
is training on thursday? I hope ghandi the puff isnt there. All he does is moan about the weather 
8/12/2000 14:15 GMT  The Gaffer
Well done to everyone who braved the storm and attended training. Nice to get a result against Necastle Town especially when they played with twenty players.  
8/12/2000 10:30 GMT  Star man
Once again the midfield won us the game last night every one else was OK I suppose. Exept ghandi the puff 
4/12/2000 15:23 GMT  star man
sorry ghandi u puff  
2/12/2000 19:29 GMT  mr
who ever star man is hope he is not there on sunday,you must also be a sad c**t for leaving a message 
1/12/2000 15:45 GMT  Andy Jenkins
Excellent English my friend!!!!!!!!........ 
1/12/2000 11:12 GMT  star man
you are all sad c**ts for leaving messages if you especially you ghandi. 
28/11/2000 11:25 GMT  Andy Jenkins
STOP RAINING!!!!!!!!, Does anyone know if we have a game on Sunday???, See you all at training.... 
25/11/2000 11:29 GMT  The Gaffer
Hi all, Sorry I couldn't make training.I was deep in talks regarding the upcoming managers job at Lazio.I was actually at work,still I liked the the made up excuse. Hopefully I should see you all this week.Finally we need to organise our Xmas get together!  
22/11/2000 11:41 GMT  Andy Jenkins
WHEN WILL WE PLAY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!, I will forget what a footy looks like soon!!, see you all Thursday... 
21/11/2000 21:00 GMT  dave
Just hope this rain stays away for sunday because the whole team are mad for it,see you all sunday sid GLENN YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE top web site 
29/10/2000 09:48 GMT  Tracksuit Boy...
I can confirm that all 75 of my tracksuits were in the wash on thursday... 
27/10/2000 20:44 GMT  sarah wilshaw (junior)
just browsing. 
26/10/2000 14:14 GMT  Spectator
Chris is Charles Charlie Charles on the wing 
25/10/2000 12:16 GMT  Alan Shearer
Just wondering if the pictures had been uploaded to the site yet?..Looking forward to some big nets in training tomorrow...Laters BIG AL 
21/10/2000 21:12 GMT  little wilsh
there was nothing wrong with my perm love from the scouser Terry Mcdermott 
18/10/2000 17:54 GMT  Big Wilsh
Sarah,We may have to cut some of the perm out to get it to fit the scanner. 
18/10/2000 11:16 GMT  Fish
nice site . good luck for this season . check out my site : 
17/10/2000 14:07 GMT  Sarah Wilshaw(senior)
FTAO Big Wilsh,let me know when the incriminating photos on line. 
16/10/2000 10:59 GMT  Andy Jenkins
Sorry Gaffer, I will take that last point back!!!! 
16/10/2000 10:28 GMT  The Gaffer
Ghandi check out my match report you do get a mention. 
16/10/2000 10:25 GMT  Andy Jenkins
Glen, Not bad, However I do think that there should me more coverage of my wondergoal!!!!!!!!!!, apart from that not bad...Where are the pictures..??? 
13/10/2000 14:51 GMT  The Gaffer
Glen,Can you set a new page up.I have got history and photo's of the Talismans golden years including Championship and cup victories.Maybe call it "Back to the future".  
11/10/2000 18:08 GMT  The Gaffer
Glen, I seem to have deleted the Team Talk page in error.Can you please re-instate 
10/10/2000 07:42 GMT  The Gaffer
Rez,wasupppppppppppp with training on Thursday. 
9/10/2000 23:55 GMT  REZWAN ASIF
Great site Glenn keep it up and se u all sunday and also need to sign my mate shack up so bring the book with u, wasupppppppppppppppp 
7/10/2000 23:05 GMT  The gaffer
Keegan resigns after 0-1 defeat.At the moment that would be a decent result for us.Lets put it right tomorrow and lets hope Mr Benion is not the referee as Sid may be up on a murder charge. 
4/10/2000 12:35 GMT  The Gaffer
Mick Allen may be re-signing can you bring a signing on form just incase to training on Thursday. 
3/10/2000 19:40 GMT  The Gaffer
Apology's to Rob for giving you the wrong surname in my match report. 
3/10/2000 19:36 GMT  The Gaffer
I have checked a few club pages on intheteam and ours is one of the best. The only thing I would change is the club history on the home page.Check some of the sites out to see what you think.I like the idea of asking visitors to sign our guestbook could you include that on the home page. 
1/10/2000 13:05 GMT  sid
glenn i was looking on the site and you have made a mistake i have not had a yellow card it was a straight red so change your stats 
29/9/2000 20:12 GMT  Rob caulcott
The sites looking good.see you sunday  
29/9/2000 18:57 GMT  Paul Wilshaw
Hi Glen, Great site.I am very impressed.You can add my email address now you have it. Maybe I can do a section as in the Vale programme.The Bosses view.... 
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