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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
20/1/2002 16:53 GMT  WHASSUP
18/1/2002 18:17 GMT  fredrick chufflewuphett
we are the best bofs in the world we would like to....sorry there is a interference with my choclate factory  
18/12/2001 00:02 GMT  Qef Macbeth
A Qef never forgets 
22/11/2001 11:39 GMT  Super Hoops

Parson's Green Football Club 
15/11/2001 22:04 GMT  free porn:- 
28/8/2001 11:47 GMT  Ivor Hardon
You are a right bunch of ugly Fcukers!!! 
28/8/2001 11:47 GMT  Ivor Hardon
You are a right bunch of ugly Fcukers!!! 
21/8/2001 09:22 GMT  Adam Bell

Please Vote for my Site to be inside the top 100 Yorkshire Websites.

Please keep voting. Thank You

9/6/2001 17:00 GMT  The Chief
Come check my website out at 
29/5/2001 16:10 GMT  syresham cc 
25/4/2001 16:48 GMT  mUPPET mAN
Go on 
6/3/2001 00:00 GMT  Irish Centre
We have addeed your website to our links (at and would be grateful if you could return the compliment cheers 
23/2/2001 17:20 GMT  MIGGINS
Fair play Smiffy, those Pikey gits have crashed this site with there own advertisment! Im sure its illegal somehow, but If Backers took his finger out his ar*e and sorted this site out there wouldnt be squatters on here!! Backers why cant we swear on this fu*ing site you knob!!! 
23/2/2001 16:47 GMT  smiffy
Migs, i tried to slate you and put it on that other geezers guestbook by mistake, whoops!!! 
23/2/2001 12:41 GMT  For a cool site
22/2/2001 13:39 GMT  Thalia
You guys are doing surprising well in the league and the moment. Not bad for a bunch of part timers.  
22/2/2001 09:29 GMT  MIGGINS
Im back, Smiffy your gonna get a pasting and Backers update this site and stop knocking one off!!!! 
15/2/2001 13:12 GMT  smiffy
What do you think of shi*e, Burnley, what do you think of Burnley, sh*t, f*ck, w*nk, t*ts, b*ll*cks. 
15/2/2001 07:29 GMT  Coops
Update this site Backers - its a disgrace 
11/2/2001 19:51 GMT  jimmy mullen
we are burnley super burnley we are burnley from the north 
7/2/2001 13:07 GMT  smiffy
Miggles, another astute response from the forest scummer. Can't they just make you a pair of concrete boots and throw you into the Trent??? 
6/2/2001 14:51 GMT  MIGGINS
Ah Smiffy my dear boy sorry for not replying to Slag you off as quickly as you would expect, but I have had more pressing matters to attend to. Such as my bionic foot that Im gonna kick your scrawny ass with! Bitch!!! 
1/2/2001 15:36 GMT  smiffy
no reply from miggins, he is gay, with a steel foot!!! 
31/1/2001 13:51 GMT  smiffy
I do not support Derby, mearly manage them. That is why i will be getting them relegated, to rid the premiership of all east midlands crap, i will then move onto leicester to complete my mission. Enjoy Division One, it is where you belong!!! 
30/1/2001 17:35 GMT  MIGGINS
Smiffy you are a bloody Derby fan in disguise!!!!! You Sheep shagging ponce 
30/1/2001 13:29 GMT  smiffy
Miggins, forest are sh**e!!! 
30/1/2001 13:26 GMT  smiffy
Now the season is in the mid winter recess, and the kickers seem to have gone their seperate ways for the Wed night tournament, i expect to see some silverware when we return for training. 
25/1/2001 15:35 GMT  MIGGINS
You probably did hit the cross bar mate, seeing as I was constantly stuck on the edge of my area like a drowned rat. Another day different playing conditions I think it would of been a different game altogether!  
25/1/2001 14:01 GMT  Horse
Sorry Miggs but if you are going to injure yourself saving a shot that is going over then you truly are a Muppet. Didn't I hit the crossbar last night as well? 
25/1/2001 13:23 GMT  MIGGINS
Ok I confess Iam the "life time fan" and the "4 month fan" however I must stress this was only for banter purposes only. Im centainly neither of the above, the Muppets will get the better of you so dont get so cocky you bunch of knob jockeys!!! P.S I dint have any gloves Horse and it bloody stung!!! 
25/1/2001 12:16 GMT  smiffy
Pick all 6 of them out you muppets. 3 games 3 wins, says it all really. 
25/1/2001 10:16 GMT  'Horse
How are your fingers '4 month fan'? F*cking girl 
23/1/2001 15:21 GMT  4 month fan
23/1/2001 14:12 GMT  'Horse
The MK's were founded 4 months ago. 'Lifetime' fan - that explains why you talk such babble. 
23/1/2001 13:11 GMT  Backers
I too as club secretary would like to voice my concern over recent results. However, this is not due to the captaincy skills of Ricky Cooper in my humble opinion. The board and the team fully support Ricky and thank him for his vast contributions to the club. 
23/1/2001 08:49 GMT  Life time Fan
22/1/2001 13:05 GMT  'Horse
I think you will find that, as Vice Captain, I would be next in line should Coops get the sack. However, Cooper has full backing of the playing staff and is going nowhere. 
22/1/2001 12:06 GMT  Coops
Kiss it Eccles 
19/1/2001 18:18 GMT  Matt Eccles
Please can someone confirm the rumours that Ricky Cooper is facing the sack following recent results ?. Finnegan shows real potential as head coach. 
18/1/2001 20:17 GMT  Coops
Oh yes its the return of the horse. Muppets beware we will unleash the dragon 
17/1/2001 16:38 GMT  'Horse
PS - good to be back. I wrestled with the alligator, tussled with the whale. I locked up lightning...threw thunder in jail!! 
17/1/2001 16:36 GMT  'Horse
...but plenty happening on the pitch. We must prove our superiority by grinding the Muppets into the dirt!!! 
17/1/2001 08:10 GMT  Coops
Not much happening on this site anymore 
2/1/2001 14:06 GMT  MIGGINS
Calm down Coops put your rattle back in your pram, we have all been getting drunk (this poxy site wont let me input offensive words, wot a load of shi@e) and dont have time to go on to this site!!! Except Waggs who thinks he can pull birds if he dosent drink, I suggest you become an alcholic Waggs. Happy new year you scum bag Kickers!!! 
29/12/2000 20:34 GMT  Coops
Where the F+** R U Lot 
26/12/2000 17:02 GMT  Coops
Happy Christmas to all muppet kickers frm battle ground Indiana. It is the season of goodwill to all men and Miggins. p.s. Backers, update this site you puff.  
22/12/2000 10:49 GMT  WAGGERS
Does anyone have any brown i can buy? I'm desperate. 
21/12/2000 13:03 GMT  MIGGINS
Smify I'll have you know I distance my self from criminal activity, all these allegations you have heard are millicious and untrue! (Honest) 
21/12/2000 10:12 GMT  smiffy
Migs, i think we will have to call for an independant drugs test, if the muppets win again. You must be lacing their drinks with steroids!!!! 
13/12/2000 13:33 GMT  MIGGINS
YOUR NOT SINGING, YOUR NOT SINGING, YOUR NOT SINGING ANYMORE!!!!! The Muppets will finish above the Kickers this season, with or with out the Brazilian footed Englishman!!!! 
4/12/2000 12:02 GMT  QEF
30/11/2000 18:19 GMT  YOUNG FOREST GUMP
28/11/2000 12:30 GMT  Coops
Dave - good luck for the season & hopefully we can arrange a game in the future. Nice to speak to a decent team 
27/11/2000 20:37 GMT  Dave Cooper (ICL 3 Lions)
Cheers for visiting! Yes I'll add a link to yur excellent site. Good luck in stuffing the muppets if you ever meet. We are always looking for games, a end of season tour could be on the cards maybe? 
27/11/2000 14:37 GMT  Ricky Cooper
I chucked you QEF because your a fat ponce who stinks  
25/11/2000 13:59 GMT  QEF
24/11/2000 14:39 GMT  QEF
23/11/2000 14:19 GMT  john henry
23/11/2000 13:29 GMT  Claire
Good to see you boys are keeping up the good work! 
20/11/2000 17:14 GMT  Smithy
OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!I have had my profile removed, i am not happy, jump in my grave as quick would you, bunch of Shandy boys!!! 
20/11/2000 17:11 GMT  farnboro calling
i am working on the return, but it is looking increasingly unlikely as the time ticks and the workrate grows. Can't you get QEF to play, sounds like he would be well good at footie?? What does QEF stand for anyway?? Queer Eager Faggot???? 
13/11/2000 17:36 GMT  Coops
Fieldmouse - you will be missed this week. See you again next 
13/11/2000 16:52 GMT  Fieldhorse
Can I play when my ankle gets better? 
13/11/2000 16:51 GMT  Fieldhorse
Sadly I would like to use this forum to announce my retirement from 4-a-side 'Hard Surface' football. At my age the old joints can't take it. I shall be opening a pub in the Bracknell area before long - filling in my spare time with an assortment of Radio pundetry, a column in the Times and appearances on A Question of Sport. I shall also be working on attaining my UEFA coaching qualification. Can I say hear what a pleasure it has been to play alongside such dedicated professionals as Ricky 'Bite yer legs' Cooper; Chris 'Chopper' Lawson; Chris 'The Cat' Backwith and Neil 'Ginga Tosser' Wagstaff. I wish the Kickers all the success in the future. 
10/11/2000 11:13 GMT  Chris Backwith
Surely he can be the club mascot. We have to show that we support care in the community and having a DSK as mascot would be a good PR exercise. 
10/11/2000 11:05 GMT  Coops
Acting on behalf of the club in the absence of my erstwhile college, the right honourable Christopher Backwith, I leagally obtained the signature (via Handshake) of the Brazilian toe nailed English child - MIGGINS. This can be verified by Stretton, Rob and Skeletor Smith. THe BOY belongs to the kickers and will spend the next three years of his contract sitting on the bench wasting further away - this is for his insolence 
10/11/2000 09:47 GMT  Adam Crozier
I have recieved detailed information regarding illegal dealings within the The Muppet Kickers F.C, such matters will not be dealt with lightly and the F.A will take the strongest possible action available if the Kickers are found guilty. We will commence are investigation immediatly 
10/11/2000 09:33 GMT  MIGGINS
I was illegaly poached by Ricky Cooper to play for the Kickers!!!! This follows the incident when 2 other members of the Kickers Chris Backwith, James Smith and Mr Cooper conspired to break my foot and put me out of action for 6 weeks!!! They relise Im one of the main threats when the Kickers come up against the Muppets!! Your going down Kickers!!!!!  
3/11/2000 12:37 GMT  Fieldhorse
Lucky eh? Not sure how I should interpret that. So, when you've finished emailing Cooper on the sly send me a note at 
3/11/2000 12:01 GMT  Claire
Who is to say you are not! Look this is stupid.... I am not going to argue all day with you about size. SIZE DON'T MATTER...... so they say! I wouldn't know, I've always been a lucky girl!!!! 
3/11/2000 10:45 GMT  Fieldhorse
Who is to say that I am? 
3/11/2000 08:44 GMT  Claire
Who is to say that you are not little!!!! 
2/11/2000 17:08 GMT  Fieldhorse
Less of the little! And who is this 'QEF'? 
2/11/2000 16:53 GMT  Claire
What delightful little boys you all are! 
2/11/2000 15:28 GMT  Wags
QEF - I will scratch your bums with my toothpick. 
2/11/2000 13:46 GMT  Claire
no tnc tonight? well, at least I will get some sleep!!! 
2/11/2000 13:46 GMT  Claire
no tnc tonight? well, at least I will get some sleep!!! 
2/11/2000 10:02 GMT  Claire
So you all have good ball skills then...? 
2/11/2000 09:51 GMT  Fieldhorse
Great performance yesterday Coops. I was very impressed by your relentless pumping of balls into the box! I wish I could dribble then shoot like you.  
2/11/2000 09:11 GMT  Fieldhorse
That's right. On or off the pitch scoring is never a problem. Clean sheets are though! 
2/11/2000 08:55 GMT  Coops
Thanks claire we always bang a couple no matter what we are doing 
2/11/2000 08:52 GMT  Claire
Well done boys! 
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