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25/7/2002 18:24 GMT  David Watson
I used to watch the Kineton Cricket matches back in the 6o's yes a long time ago. Keep up the good sport. I'm in the U.S. No cricket here I'm afraid. 
21/6/2002 12:20 GMT  jonathan hewett
Looks like a good start, I see boom booms in the runs and I think I spotted a few catches in the stats must be a leap year! Hope youu are all well and keep up the good performances! One stat that I would be interersted in is average age it seems to be going up. PS I'm playing for Pyrford in the Fullers Surrey League and in the runs!  
26/5/2002 10:29 GMT  Alistar Gray
Good Luck for the rest of the season. 
5/1/2002 00:19 GMT  Ansley CC
Just looking for teams who we used to play against and found your site. It's a great read, well done. I was so impressed, I have set up our website at intheteam. By the way, what happened to that "Holland" chap? I remember facing him when he was bowling sharp and hostile!!! Best of luck in 2002. 
19/6/2001 05:04 GMT  Jeremy Hawkins
Its great to be able to see what's going on back home all the way from British Columbia......keep posting the results as I take a look each week....just hope to see a few more "W"s in there! 
16/6/2001 17:33 GMT  Dowty Arle Court
We would like to say how good your website is, and wish you luck for the coming season! And ask if you could tell us how you were able to get moving images?  
22/4/2001 22:05 GMT  Dave (Roy) Tyler
Hi, just thought I'd let you know what a good site you have, I used to live at Norton School where me old man worked and we used to play for the club. It's going back a bit now late seventies /early eighties. Looking through the names there are a couple that I remember Nellie and his dad, I played with both of them. If it's the same one then I know Ian Brand too, there may be others that I'd remember if I saw them but not from just their names. Yours Roy Tyler  
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