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21/1/2002 16:30 GMT  Graham
18/1/2002 14:44 GMT  Roger
If no one else does we may pick up the board.Who has the name tags?If someone else has the name tags we can manage without the board.Why are you going to be late? How late is late? 
17/1/2002 19:59 GMT  Graham
I have the board, but won’t be there till late on Friday night, if anyone is passing and wants to pick it up, please do. 
16/1/2002 12:27 GMT  View from the bench
Although the Medley team lost 6-3 last night , it war the closest they came to victory as the score before the last two games was 4-3.Both these games went to three ends , unfortunately we lost one match to 13 and one match to 14 in each of the last games ( I hope ypu are still following this ).A good team performance and the standard only needs to improve so slighty to get the first victory. Good luck next week as there are two fixtures waitng. 
9/1/2002 19:26 GMT  Mark
Well said Roger. Everyone played very well. Very good to watch. The score was 6-3 Graham.  
9/1/2002 14:35 GMT  Graham
Well done, great report as well, does anyone know the score so that I can update the fixtures? 
9/1/2002 14:06 GMT  Roger
Match report Mixed B v Riseley.We won amd that's all there is to it. 
23/12/2001 19:22 GMT  Mark
I cannot believe that It was "implied" that I had something to do with that message left on Pyghtles Guestbook. Anyway, although mentally scarred, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year (Especially Pyghtle Members!!) See you on the 4th of January 2002!  
21/12/2001 13:49 GMT  Sonia
Roger, you are quite right I do play for Pyghtle. I would be only too glad to help with the image upload for your club. First step is to scan your logo into a powerpoint presentation and then save it as a .GIF file. (As there is a limit on the image size that can be uploaded to intheteam. I warn you that it can take a bit of "tweaking" to get the image as you want it on the web site. Hope this helps. 
21/12/2001 13:36 GMT  Graham
The A team managed to sneak a 5-4 win on Wednesday. 
20/12/2001 17:26 GMT  Roger
I would like to take this oppurtunity to wish everyone at the Club a very happy Christmas , a merry New Year , a happy Easter , Happy Birthday , Happy Anniversary , a good summer holiday and good luck on Bonfire Night.Rember that a turkey is not just for Christmas but also for Boxing Day and the day after and the day after and the day after and the day after and then curry. 
20/12/2001 17:15 GMT  Shirley's husband and Tom's Dad
Mark or Grahem or anyone else , how did the A team perform on Wednesday and additionally what was the scoe? ( I had to refer to myself other than Roger as apparently you are only allowed one message per visit) 
20/12/2001 17:01 GMT  Roger
I think Sonia plays for Pyghtle and the comment she refer's to was a not very kind comment left by a lad called Mark. I have left a message on their web site saying that although we have a lad called Mark who plays for us , a comment of this kind from him would be completely out of character and therefore must have been left by someone else. 
20/12/2001 12:44 GMT  Sonia
Despite the comment posted by "someone" on our web site, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas. "I wonder where you got the idea for the logo from Roger?" ;-) 
19/12/2001 11:25 GMT  Roger
The Mixed B team had agood start last night as Central only had two pairs so we started the evening leading 3-0.At the end of the evening we had made this a very respectful 8-1 victior. GRAHAM we shall have to try to install a logo on our web page or perhaps a club photo? 
18/12/2001 13:30 GMT  Graham
ROGER – I see that Pyghtle now have a team logo on their website, do we need to do something about this? 
6/12/2001 15:10 GMT  Sarah
Hello nice to see the site up to date now with results and fixtures well doneyou young ones See you all soon  
5/12/2001 19:51 GMT  Mark
The Mens team played Kimbolton last night in a very tight game. All games were close, but in the end we lost 5-4.  
4/12/2001 12:31 GMT  View from the bench
The medley team lost last night 6-3 to Harleqins. This is nor strictly true as Harleqins imported Ian Mason who also plays for Pyghtle A team.Clare and Andrea , Clare and Shirley and Andrea and Keith won our three games.The other team members were Alan and Neil who played well.So far we have played nine different players and have played against a Portugese international and an A team player.Considering all the above and that we are using the Medley team to gain match experience for those who have not played before we are doing extremely well.Good luck for the future. 
1/12/2001 19:44 GMT  Mark
The Mens's team had a tricky match against Thrapston on Friday. Myself and Graham, and Dave and Duncan won two matches each and John and Roger won the other in our 5-4 win. Everybody played well and we will hope for another good result on Tuesday against Kimbolton. 
29/11/2001 14:02 GMT  Roger
Unfortunately we lost the medley 6-3.The ladies won all their matches and played well. Although Montagu fielded a good team , they played in the right spirit and Tom , Neil and Keith had some very enjoyable games.The mixed matches were closer fought and the score line could have been closer than the 6-3. All matches were completed and we packed the kit away and left at about 9.30 pm.See you on Friday.Roger.  
29/11/2001 10:07 GMT  Graham
How did the Medley game go on Tuesday, Montagu looked like they were taking it seriously fielding Portuguese internationals? Was there enough time for the game? 
27/11/2001 15:02 GMT  Graham
27/11/2001 10:46 GMT  Graham
I notice that the fixtures are still last years, if someone gives me the password, I will update them.  
26/11/2001 18:50 GMT  Mark
Roger. We work to a lead time of 8 working weeks, so if you take into account Christmas, I can have them ready for the beginning of February. Sure you'd like green though?? 
26/11/2001 16:28 GMT  Roger
Mark. One pair size 8 green felt boots please . When can they be ready? 
25/11/2001 19:21 GMT  Mark
You must have come back before our Mixed 'A' match on Thursday night, Andrew!! We played Talisman and lost 6-3. A bit disapionting, but who NOSE, we might beat them at home!!! 
25/11/2001 14:55 GMT  Andrew
I'm pleased to see that all the teams win when I go on holiday - if this is significant, I'm prepared to go away again if you pay me!... Well done everybody 
23/11/2001 12:32 GMT  sarah jayne
just thought i would take time out from my studies to say hello to everyone. I thought i would let you know that the ladies team are invincible this season and we shall go on and win the league this year and for many years to come. I must part as I have an assignment to finish by 1pm see you all soon  
19/11/2001 18:49 GMT  Mark
Me again. Still wishing 'Good Luck' to the Ladies team for tomorrow night. Am I the only one who bothers??? 
14/11/2001 18:48 GMT  Mark (Official Match Report!!)
The Mixed 'A' team played their first home match of the season, last night, against Montagu. Everyone played well, and we won the match 8-1. (Team:- Jane & Mark, Gill & Graham, Claire & Dave) 
13/11/2001 09:41 GMT  Roger (Unofficial Match Report)
The Mixed B won their first match of the season last night 8-1.All the three pairs (Sam & John , Lyn & Duncan , Andrea & Roger)played well and thoroughly deserved the victory. 
9/11/2001 11:11 GMT  Roger
I have looked on Pyghtles web site and they have won all their matches to date but are yet to play away. 
8/11/2001 19:22 GMT  Mark (Down but not out!!)
The result of the Mixed 'A' teams fixture was 7-2, to Pyghtle. We put it down to a 'Lack of Match Practice'. Hopefully we will do better on Tuesday at home against Montagu. 
8/11/2001 17:59 GMT  Roger
Any results from last night? I have looked on Pyghtles web site but they have not posted a result either. 
6/11/2001 13:39 GMT  Roger
Becuase I am my man 
1/11/2001 19:29 GMT  Mark
Your welcome Roger. I would like to know, though, how you get time at work to log on to this site? 
1/11/2001 10:20 GMT  Roger
Mark , many thanks for the match reports 
31/10/2001 18:58 GMT  Mark (Official Captains Reports)
Firstly, I have considered myself severely bollocked!! We have played 2 Mens matches so far. The first was against Kimbolton away. We had 3 new partnerships out for this match. Graham and Myself, Roger and John, and Dave and Duncan. Most games were very close, unfortunatly the majority going to Kimbolton, who won 7-2. Graham and Myself winning the 2. The second match was away at Kestrel. The same pairings played again. We played slightly better in this one, and one 6-3. Myself and Graham winning 3, Roger and John winning 2, and Dave and Duncan winning 1. If anyone else would like me to post Match reports, could they please let me know? 
31/10/2001 13:09 GMT  Roger
Mark , I draw your attention to your message left in the guestbook of 23Dec01 where you say you are quite happy to put the match reports on the guaestbook providing the captain's give you the reports. As you are the captain for the men's team I guess you hav'nt given yourself the match report yet which is why we are unable to read them. Give yourself a bollocking! 
30/10/2001 17:33 GMT  Roger
Still no match reports! 
30/10/2001 13:43 GMT  Roger
Congratulations Mark you were the 1000'th visitor to our web site and all you said was LOL@Pyghtle.What does that mean? 
29/10/2001 18:48 GMT  Mark
LOL @ Pyghtle. Is the Hall definately ok now? 
29/10/2001 12:30 GMT  Roger
Where are the match reports?What can I read when I have a spare moment at work? As an aside Pyghtle have a web site on the Intheteam group and they claim to be the biggest club in our league. 
18/10/2001 20:48 GMT  Andrew
It's best to get Riseley out of the way before winter sets in! Good luck to both teams.... 
18/10/2001 19:01 GMT  Mark
How did the Ladies team get on last night?? 
11/10/2001 22:58 GMT  Mr Unofficial Match Reporter
The Ladies team won 7-2 playing some excellent stuff. The mens team lost 7-2. I am sure some one will put an official report up soon!! 
10/10/2001 21:27 GMT  Mark
Just a quick "Good Luck" to the Mens and Ladies teams for their match tomorrow night. Does anyone elso ever come on here?? 
27/9/2001 17:54 GMT  Mark
Just a quick 'Good Luck' to the Mixed 'B' team for the match tonight. If it's not too late for people to read before the game? 
24/9/2001 09:03 GMT  Graham
RDBL tournament dates – Ladies Doubles, 23/2/02 – Mens Veteran Doubles, 23/2/02 – Mens Doubles, 30/3/02 – Mixed Handicap, 27/4/02. More detaiils nearer the dates. 
11/9/2001 13:14 GMT  Roger
Just a note to say that now we have the fixtures(Graham , you did a great job ) I will endeavour to put them on our fixtures page.We now know that we will not be able to play badminton at Manor until after the half term holiday (the end of October).We are trying to locate an alternative venue until then and at the moment we have four courts booked between nine and ten this Friday(14/09/01) anf next Friday (21/09/01)at the Diamond centre , Irthlingborough.This is open to all club members on a pay and play basis.Look forward to seeing you all.Thankyou. 
6/9/2001 10:14 GMT  Graham
3/9/2001 17:53 GMT  Mark
Any more news on the Sports Hall? 
29/8/2001 21:10 GMT  Graham
Hello, anyone apart from Mark out there? 
29/7/2001 13:05 GMT  Mark
Great news Graham. When does that mean we will be able to use it? 
23/7/2001 18:20 GMT  Graham
Latest news on the Sports Hall, builders are back on schedule and claim it will be finished for the start of September. 
12/7/2001 20:51 GMT  Graham
We could talk about football, but I don’t think John would like that. West Ham for relegation, Leeds for the Premiership, UEFA Cup, FA Cup, Worthington Cup etc... Anyone disagree ????? 
10/7/2001 18:40 GMT  Mark
Now that the seasom has finished it's all gone quiet on here. There must be something to talk about!! 
25/6/2001 22:12 GMT  Andrew
A note of thanks to John for organising the night out at Wellingborough Bowling - a great evening was enjoyed by all (except for food, but that's not your fault,John!)... 
15/6/2001 09:49 GMT  Graham
What night out???? 
13/6/2001 20:24 GMT  Mark
Just thought I'd leave a message as no-one has left one for a couple of weeks. I hope everyone who went on the night out has fully recovered! See you all at the AGM. 
25/5/2001 14:07 GMT  Roger
Mark , I don't know Gail's address , but she has her own web page ( with pictures).Just type in Gail Emms. 
24/5/2001 17:59 GMT  Mark
No, Roger, I didn't get Gail's number. You don't happen to know where abouts in Bedford she lives do you? 
24/5/2001 14:34 GMT  GRAHAM
23/5/2001 16:49 GMT  Roger
Result of last nights match England1-Japan 4.At least Gail Emms won her match.Mark , did you get her phone number? , she is still single and only lives in Bedford, 
17/5/2001 16:09 GMT  Graham
14/5/2001 19:49 GMT  sarah
i love you all your my life i couldnt live without you. remember to bring a bottle on friday!  
13/5/2001 17:57 GMT  Mark
Sandy would like me to pass on her thanks to everyone who has helped with the junior club this season. She greatly appreciates it. See you all on Friday for the last club night as we know it! 
11/5/2001 17:38 GMT  jane
I would like to say ---what little monkeys you all are and Im coming up to clubnight to sort you out. 
4/5/2001 15:34 GMT  Graham
0-0 an excellent result, Valencia will think they’re through, but watch Leeds score an away win. Roger wins the prize for the best Jane answer although I don’t think its what she was going to say, somehow. 
3/5/2001 16:27 GMT  Roger
Graham when you said thump them I assume you meant scoring goals , or did you mean a Batty type of thump?Jane "I would like to say that having seen all the men from the other teams how handsome,well mannered and what excellent players our men are and that the ladies would like to treat them all to a night out" 
2/5/2001 20:57 GMT  Mark
Not quite four or five graham. They were the better team though! I will bring the tournament details up on Friday. Jane: "I would like to say that I won't drink too much over the weekend...... but we all know that's not true!" 
2/5/2001 12:24 GMT  Graham
Any guesses anybody on what Jane would like to say, a prize for the best answer. Roger – luck doen’t come into it, we will thump them four or five!!!! 
2/5/2001 11:32 GMT  Roger
Mark , any details of the junior tournament , ie fixtures times etc.Can tou bring them to Club on Friday.Graham , good luck for tonight. 
1/5/2001 19:48 GMT  Jane
Hi there- long time no see everybody. What with Easter and husbands working away it has been difficult to get down to club night in the last few weeks. I would like to say that Ill see you all this Friday..... but Iwill be away on the annual Girls weekend(next year we are hoping to have a girls week!- but dont tell the husbands!!!Bye bye see you next Friday- hopefully.Graham I intend to drop some squash and my deposit for bowling round to you tomorrow. I would like to say  
1/5/2001 19:29 GMT  Mark
It's the Junior Badminton Tournament over the next two weekends. (Sat 5th May, and Sun 14th May.) Any help would be gratefully accepted! If you would like to help please contact either Sandy or Myself for details. See you all on Friday. 
25/4/2001 16:49 GMT  sarah
hello everyone hope we are all ok i look forward to our p*** up at the end of the season sorry about the stars no offensive words are allowed 
21/4/2001 11:48 GMT  Gill
Unfortunately Roger we lost 5-4 - I'm not sure where this leaves us. 
10/4/2001 11:01 GMT  Roger
Any new,s from last Friday? 
3/4/2001 10:21 GMT  Roger
Well done the Ladies.Good luck in th black hole at Risely on Friday.(Graham , is there a bar at Risely) 
1/4/2001 19:22 GMT  Graham
I have confirmed the crucial Ladies match on Friday, apparently supporters are more than welcome at Risely and the BAR WILL BE OPEN until 11.00pm. Good Luck and see you all sometime before 11.00pm, you may be into the third game by then. 
1/4/2001 17:37 GMT  Mark
Great result for the Ladies. Only one more win away from the League title. Which will inevitably lead to a celebratory night out! What more motivation could you possibly need? 
1/4/2001 12:58 GMT  1/42001 jane
Another victory for the Ladies team on Friday night 5-4.The venue was even worse than usual- we had to cope with near heat exaustion as well as lack of light.Thanks to all who played, especially Sandra for filling in with her usual style.  
28/3/2001 07:06 GMT  Roger Mens Match Report V Thrapston
An excellent 6-3 victory to end our season.All pairs played extremely well with Mark and myself winninf three, Graham and Dave winning two and John and Duncan winning one , a perfect team result.It was a measure of how well we played in that all the games we lost went to three ends and were closely contested.I would like to thank all the men who have played in the team this year especially to Duncan , Neil and Keith who have all made their debuts and have played exteremely well.I hope Dougs knee makes a complete recovery foe next season.With the squad we now have available we should do much better next season.This season we have won 4 matches and lost in 6 which is an excellent result considering the injury problems and new pairings for half of our matches.Here's to next season.Thankyou 
27/3/2001 22:21 GMT  Andrew
Right, get your skirt on Graham, no-one else available! Congratulations to the ladies on the Tournament results, must be worth a pint at the World? 
27/3/2001 12:04 GMT  Graham
The Ladies match on Friday is still on, I couln’t re-arrange it, sorry. 
26/3/2001 13:58 GMT  Gill
Well the ladies did the Racqueteers proud on Saturday. It was an all-Raunds final - Claire and Sarah had a tough draw in their Semi against a couple from Pyghtle who hadn't lost to anyone all afternoon, but they were on form and won. In the final Claire & Sarah were really pushing us in the second game, and at one point I thought we might have to go to 3 - but Jane and I managed to win and have the trophies to prove it!! Now we need a night out to celebrate (as if we needed an excuse). See you Friday - what's happening about the ladies match? 
26/3/2001 13:56 GMT  Roger Tornament at the weekend news
Well done to the ladies ( being Gill , Jane , Clare and Sara ).They annialated the opposition and ended playinf against each other in the final ,with the honours going to Gill and Jane.Dave and I took part , but never got going , so we went.I did not realise we had a Match Report Secratary I could have given this to him.Good idea Mark.Just a reminder , we need to win tonight ,I need to be able to strut around Thrapston rather than skulk. 
26/3/2001 11:06 GMT  Graham
How did we do in the tournaments at the weekend, does anyone know? 
23/3/2001 17:29 GMT  Mark
As long as the Captains give me report, I will be happy to put it on the site, as well as updating results etc. Good luck to Jane and Gill, and Sarah and Claire in the tournament tomorrow. 
23/3/2001 13:32 GMT  Gill
What a superb effort from the A team the other night with a convincing 8-1 win against Kestrel. The 1 being lost by Dave and Claire game 14 in the 3rd game - so you can't get much closer than that. Graham I think its a superb idea that Mark is Match Report Secretary - does that mean he has to update all the results on the fixture list as well as nobody seems to be doing that - definitely an item for the AGM 'Website updates'! See you all Friday. Gill 
20/3/2001 11:36 GMT  Graham
19/3/2001 20:00 GMT  Mark
What's happened to all the other match reports?? Other than my poor effort, Roger seems to be the only one who reports regularly. Maybe we should have a "Match Report Secretary".  
19/3/2001 19:56 GMT  Mark (Unofficial Report)
Well, as no one else has put the result from Fridays match up, I shall do it. Myself and Jane started off brightly. Winning the first game. Unfortunately it went downhill from there and we lost the other two. On the bright side though, Graham and Gill, and Dave and Claire one two of their three giving us the match 5-4.  
14/3/2001 12:41 GMT  Roger
Any news from last nights match? 
27/2/2001 08:00 GMT  Roger
Mark If it wasn't for the fact that we played? Sarah. It's good to hear from you.Glad to know that your drinking , sorry studying hard.See you soon. 
26/2/2001 20:00 GMT  Mark
Sorry, no trophy, but we did reach the semi-finals after finishing third in the group. If it wasn't for the fact that we played.  
26/2/2001 09:35 GMT  Roger
Graham,Mark-how did you get on , when can we see the trophy? 
25/2/2001 22:01 GMT  sarah
hello everyone long time no see but im just studying to hard hope you are all ok and i shall see you in a couple of weeks 
21/2/2001 09:57 GMT  Roger Mens Match Report 20/02/01
Well played everybody.100% effort (110%from John who looked drained at the end)from all.Duncan played with a cold and played well with Graham , but this was another new pairing in many that we have had during this injury hit team.Well , we lost 3-6 and the pitch was definately to blame , it had cut up rough during the Rugby League game , or was it the grey shirts (we had trouble in seeing one another). Although we lost3-6 the result could have gone in our favour(for example , had we won)and we played better at home than we did away to Pyghtle earlier in the season.We now have one match left - against Thrapston at home- and hopefully we will have a full , fit squad of players for the selectors to choose from.Thankyou 
7/2/2001 19:00 GMT  Andrew
No luck for the Mixed B at Highfield Centre on Friday despite an excellent effort from Sam & John, ended up losing 6-3. I blame the selectors for putting Andrew in the team and the feathers and the strong smell of curry in the hall! 
3/2/2001 13:09 GMT  Mark
Another mention that as there is no match on Tuesday night there will be a club night starting at 7:45pm. 
2/2/2001 17:44 GMT  Roger Mens Match Reports
Two matches to report on.We lost to Montagu 0-9 away from home.However we beat North Logic at home last Tuesday 7-2 with Neil and Keith winning their first rubber.John and Dave played extremely well and both or first and second pairings won all three of their rubbers.We finished the night with no injuries! Thankyou 
29/1/2001 17:10 GMT  Roger
Any Team news for tommorrows mens match?We need to sort out tatics.We need to win.Thankyou. 
23/1/2001 18:10 GMT  Graham
Mark, I would love a game, but I don’t think I could run around at the moment, ggod luck tommorrow night, will see how I feel on Friday. 
23/1/2001 17:34 GMT  Mark
I know it's a bit late notice but as there is no match tonight, I will be up at club night in case anyone wants a game.  
19/1/2001 18:06 GMT  Gill
Well I'm afraid it's obviously been a losing week - the ladies lost on Wednesday night - don't know what the final score was either 7-2 or 6-3. Let's hope we do better tonight or else I think its time to retire! Graham hope you're on the road to recovery ready to throw yourself around the court again - I wouldn't have thought you'd have needed an op, I thought you would have damaged yourself enough with your diving antics on the badminton court. 
17/1/2001 22:28 GMT  Andrew
Graham, are you sure you are not trying to make this thing bigger than it really is? I bet you could be ready for the mens match on the 24th if you really tried!! Hope you feel better soon.... 
17/1/2001 16:36 GMT  Roger Mens match report
Well,welost 3-6 to a stronger Kimolton side that we beat early in the season.Again , Neil and Duncan played extremely well and came close to winning.Altough we lost it was,nt through lack of effort on our part.We now go to Montagu next Wednesday another tough fixture.Thankyou 
15/1/2001 17:39 GMT  Graham
Roager, you can borrow my racquets anytime, the way I feel at the moment I won’t be needing them for several YEARS. Mel read this and said b******s to that!!!!! Good luck to the Mens and Ladies teams in the matches this week, I will be thinking about you, in between the moments of pain and agony . . . hope to see you all soon (ish) 
15/1/2001 16:58 GMT  Roger
Graham , how are the b*******,s , hope not to painful.Just take it easy (Mel, just in case you read this Graham should be up and about in about three weeks and needs lots of tender loving care in the mean time).Just hope we don't miss you to much in the leagues PS Have you a racket i can borrow? 
11/1/2001 20:40 GMT  Andrew
The Junior Club is starting again next week (16/01) - Sandy has asked that we provide a rota of volunteers again and this will be supplemented from amongst the youngsters parents. Can we arrange on Friday?... 
8/1/2001 15:10 GMT  Roger
Happy New Year to one and all.Hope the power cut last Friday did not upset the badminton , or didn't you notice!I did't get a new racqet from Father Christmas so I will have to play with my old one.See you all next week. 
5/1/2001 15:09 GMT  Graham
Reminder to anyone entering this years FA CUP competition, completed forms and money due in before Kick-off tommorrow. 
28/12/2000 12:46 GMT  Andrew
Medical Report: Doug still has problems with his knee - have advised him to rest up until the new year. Gill, keep up the good work with the drinking - look forward to seeing you in the Gym, first week of January.... Happy New Year everyone.. 
26/12/2000 15:15 GMT  Gill
Just a quick hello to everyone, hope you've all had a good Christmas and not suffering too badly with hangovers today. I don't really feel I drank enough yesterday, so I'm going to try and drink some more tonight. Mark, great news that you're now online - what's your e-mail address so that I can add you to my committee list. See you all in the New Year.  
23/12/2000 12:35 GMT  Mark Dunkley
Just to let you all know that we have finally caught up with the rest of the world and are on line!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone @ RRBC. 
22/12/2000 20:54 GMT  Andrew
Looks like the men's team is back on the straight and narrow and should now win all games between now and the end of season. Has anyone heard from Doug? - I dropped round to see him but he wasn't in..Happy Christmas everyone. 
15/12/2000 16:05 GMT  Roger
Sarah Jayne. If you are out there you still owe for your Club shirt.I am being chased by Brian .Thankyou. 
15/12/2000 09:48 GMT  Graham
Andrew, I hope the “chairperson” knows about the drinks, if she doesn’t I assume you’re buying, mine’s a pint! Come to think of it, the whole mens team deserves at least a GALLON after the performance last night. The turning point of the game was obviously Roger smashing his racquet into several pieces, I think it inspired us on to get the win. Can you afford to smash one in all of the remaining games Roger? 
15/12/2000 09:28 GMT  Roger Mens Match Report and Apologies
We stopped the rot last night with a 5-4 victory against North Logic at KLV.Our new pairing of Duncan and Neil played extremely well and were unlucky not to record their first victories.I am sure their time will come especially when we play North Logic at home with proper plastic shuttles.On a personal note I would like to apologise for my petulant behaviour after loosing our first game especially to Dave.It was a moment of supreme frustration and I will make it my New Years resolution not to let it happen again.Well played everyone and we can look forward with more optonism.Thankyou 
14/12/2000 22:48 GMT  Andrew
C'mon gents, we need to end the year on a high note, so make sure you get that win on Thursday! If you do, the drinks will be courtesy of the chairperson on Friday night..... 
13/12/2000 11:33 GMT  Graham
The Ladies match due to be played 13/12/00 will now be played 17/01/01. 
13/12/2000 09:37 GMT  Roger
Graham , has the Ladies match due tonight been cancelled and rearranged? 
13/12/2000 09:17 GMT  Roger
The men battled hard last night against Montagu and managed their third successive 8-1 defeat. We could not understand during the post match analysis how we lost by such a margin. It was going to be tough to win as Doug unfortunatly sustained a knee injury and was unable to play in his last two rubbers.We know go to North Logic at KLV on Thursday where we will undoubtly win.Thankyou.  
12/12/2000 17:18 GMT  Graham
The last two messages look the same don’t they, sorry, bloody computers, don’t know what happened. 
12/12/2000 17:16 GMT  Graham
The Ladies beat Pyghtle 6-3 and Wanderers 5-4, the men will be beating Montagu and North Logic 9-0 this week. 
12/12/2000 17:14 GMT  Graham
The Ladies beat Pyghtle 6-3 and Wanderers 5-4, the men will be beating Montagu and North Logic 9-0 this week. 
8/12/2000 17:37 GMT  Roger
So the Ladies have won again?Can they let the Men know how its done? Can anybody let me know the score? 
8/12/2000 17:12 GMT  Andrew
As a spectator at the Wanderers game, I can confirm that the ladies played superbly - and the refreshments were excellent as well..... 
8/12/2000 16:28 GMT  Graham
Congratulations to the Ladies team, beating the Wanderers is a great result. Although it looks like another trophy to polish!!!!! 
7/12/2000 10:43 GMT  Graham
I don’t suppose we could get away with playing a few (if not all) of the Ladies team as the mens team. They would stand more chance than us at the moment, they’d also look much better in tutu’s. 
6/12/2000 18:03 GMT  Andrew
OK, tutu's are out, but what else can we do to get back to winning ways for the Men? It is true about my sad and lonely lifestyle..... 
2/12/2000 19:15 GMT  Roger-Latest Mens Match Report
We lost 8-1 to Thrapston. 
1/12/2000 13:30 GMT  Roger
Only sad and lonely people log on to this site at 11.39 pm.I've asked about tutu's and whilst we are all prepared to wear them we can't agree on the colur and Dave said he would not buy one anyway if it was'nt black. 
30/11/2000 23:39 GMT  Andrew
Does that mean more ballet lessons are required? I wouldn't like to see you in tutu's... 
30/11/2000 13:41 GMT  Roger -MensMatch Reports
So far the Men have played in two matches. The first was against Kimbolton at Kimbolton, and was our first match of the season.The standard of Badminton played by the Men from Raunds was superb,all the drop shots dropping , smashes like missiles and movement around the court like well rehearsed ballet dancers.All pairs contibuted to a final score of 7-2 in Raunds favour , an excellent start to the season and worthy of praise from everyone.The second match was played last night amd we lost 8-1. 
29/11/2000 12:59 GMT  Roger
Does anybody know-someone must even if those taking part-how the Ladies performed last night? 
28/11/2000 15:59 GMT  Roger
I have been denied internet access since the last mens match until now and will compile a report later today/tommorrow. 
27/11/2000 23:39 GMT  Andrew
Fitness Test! Its asking a lot for the men's team to play twice in one week and still comeback for clubnight on Friday! - but I'm sure they're up for it. I'm expecting two inning results...  
27/11/2000 17:47 GMT  Graham
What’s happened to the Mens Match report????? 
23/11/2000 15:39 GMT  Graham
The A Team won again, 6-3, special mention must go to Sam, who played brilliantly in her first game for the A team. 
23/11/2000 10:11 GMT  Roger
Graham I should be at Kimbolton at 9.00 pm. Many thanks. How did you do last Tuesday?. 
21/11/2000 13:33 GMT  Graham
ROGER – I have just spoken to Kimbolton and they are OK with you’re late arrival, as long as it is not too late. See you Thursday. 
16/11/2000 19:51 GMT  Graham
16/11/2000 07:22 GMT  Gill
Just a quick note to say thank you to Roger for sorting out the new t-shirts - even though we didn't manage to persuade Dave to buy a team shirt - the tank top lives!! Doug if you'r reading this did you get me details so that I can obtain an insurance quote. Good luck next week A team as I won't be at club on Friday night. 
14/11/2000 14:26 GMT  Roger
Sarah , how pleasant to hear from you.We are , I beleive , all well although I was hit on the head by a pheasant yesterday , Tom fell over at school and cut his knee , Graham has hurt his shoulder , Jane was playing the other night with a knee support and Dennis had a roof tile blown off his house which hit his car . How are you? 
13/11/2000 20:02 GMT  Sarah jayne
Hello all hope we are all well. Just thought Id pop in and say hello 
10/11/2000 12:58 GMT  Roger
Club Shirts. All the club shirts ordered have now been delivered and will be made availble from tonight. I will not be at club next week and would therefore appreciate as much money tonight as possible. I will leave the shirts in someones capable hands for next week.Thankyou 
9/11/2000 07:38 GMT  Gill
Just to confirm to all Committee members - committee meeting at my house (43 Park Road) on Monday 13th November @ 8pm.  
8/11/2000 14:16 GMT  Graham
Roger, we lost 3–6, sorry. 
8/11/2000 12:39 GMT  View from the bench-Unofficial Match Report
I don't know how last night's Mixed A ended but when I left it looked close with both team's playing excellent badminton.I am hopeful of a good result.Can anybody let us know? 
1/11/2000 10:03 GMT  View from the bench-Unofficial Match Report -
Ladies v Pyghtle 31/10/00 Another victory for our Ladies who remain unbeaten with a 100% home record.Could this be their year? I think so. Very confident start from 1st and 2nd pairs with Sam and Sandy winning the all imprtant fifth game to seal the win. All pairs played extremely well and looked most impressive. However , it is fair to say that at least one of the opposition put on a stunning display , most appreciated. Bring on Central our Ladies are ready. 
27/10/2000 21:46 GMT  Sarah-Jayne
I like this site very much now Roger nicely updated. Sorry Ive not been up for a while but all this studying is leaving me knackered. Anyway Iwould like a shirt a big one please. I would also like to see my profile on here with picture to attract guests to this website. See you all soon. Come and support our ladies team on Tuesday when we will be continuing our 100% victory record.  
24/10/2000 14:37 GMT  Roger
Club Shirts. Our supplier is away on holiday again on 1st November for three weeks.We need to place our order by 30th October .In order to do this I need all orders from club members by Friday 27th October. I will be at club on Tuesday (tonight) and on Friday to take orders.Any member who misses these dates and would like a new shirt will have to wait until the next order which could be some time in the future. My recomendation is that we stay with the same colour as presently worn. Thankyou 
13/10/2000 06:59 GMT  Gill
As we won't be at club night on Friday 13th October I'm replying for Jane and myself as she's too flipping lazy to log-on! Our votes on club t-shirts is to stick with the same or Navy shirts. Have a good time folks - Roger this debate will probably still be going on when I get back from holiday!! Any committee members out there who log-on, can you let me know if you can be available for a committee meeting on Wednesday 1st November. I'll be on holiday next week, but you can send me an e-mail!! See you soon.  
10/10/2000 11:49 GMT  Roger
At present it appears that only two members , myself and Graham , use the guestbook.It is for use by any member , you don't need a password.Please feel free to use it so that it is not just a message service between myself and Graham. Anyway Graham , did you see the c**p match on Saturday? Yes you can have a yellow shirt but only if it is the most popular colour.As it won't be then you can't. Sorry. 
9/10/2000 19:14 GMT  Graham
Roger, I don’t understand, can I have a yellow shirt now then????????? 
9/10/2000 08:19 GMT  Roger
Club Sirts. The first poll of club colours took place on friday last.Although the most popular single solid colour was red, it was pointed out that due to practical reasons this colour is not practiacal as during the washing cycle the colour would fade andwe would all end playing in pink shirts and the red dye would transfer to other clothes in the washing machine.So, that leaves the second choice, which due to the previous practical reasons, now becomes the first choice which is the same colour as previous with navy trim.There will be a cost increase involved but until our supplier returns from holiday I do not know what tis will be. In addition all the members who voted for red will now have to recast their votes as red , due to practical reasons, has now been withdrawn from the poll.Therefore a new poll will de held on Friday 13th using a points system and the colour or multicolour with the most points will be chosen.I hope that whatever colour is eventually chosen (and I can see this being a long and arduous process) that most if not all club members will purchase a new shirt.Thankyou.  
27/9/2000 12:22 GMT  Roger
The fixture list for the mixed B matches has now been amended. Thanks Graham. 
27/9/2000 08:20 GMT  Graham Holmes
SHIRTS – anything but yellow (sorry Tom), red or stay the same. 
27/9/2000 08:19 GMT  Graham Holmes
MIXED B MATCH REARRANGED The match due to be played on 3/10 October will now be 10/10, the 3rd will now be available as a club night. 
26/9/2000 20:42 GMT  tom pennifold
I want a yellow shirt for my club colours. 
26/9/2000 20:40 GMT  Roger
Different colour club shirts? A few members have decided they would like a different colour club shirt so we have decided to take a poll of the most popular colour. So far clours proposed are red,yellow,navy blue or to remain the same.Please can you decide and let me know. 
25/9/2000 11:40 GMT  Roger
To all the club ladies and Sarah.All the fixtures are no available on this web page. 
25/9/2000 07:46 GMT  Roger
I am in the process of setting up all the fixtures Sarah!!!!!!!. If you visit again all the fixtures should be there. Please continue to use the guestbook . 
24/9/2000 21:55 GMT  Andrea Billett
Bit harsh from sarah. I would like to see her try!!!!!! Im sure once you have the time and ALL the details you will update this site. Good Luck! 
23/9/2000 17:52 GMT  Graham Holmes
Good stuff Roger! Busy at work then? 
22/9/2000 20:58 GMT  sarah jayne major
this website is a pile of rubbish good try but y is there no ladies fixtuers up there surely not a bit of sexism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bloody hope not sort it out geezer 
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