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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
12/8/2002 11:06 GMT  Susan
I came along for a shower with the team after the first game but there was no-one there. Was the first team game called off? Biggsy, are you going to call me - I didn't mean what I said about small willies. 
9/8/2002 21:43 GMT  Webmaster
Good Luck to all players, managers and the committee for the new season.  
17/7/2002 08:19 GMT  Lee
Hurstpierpoint FC have a vacancy for 2nd team manager, the team currently play in Division 1 of the Mid Sussex league. New players are very welcome for both the 2nd and 1st team, the club is looking to progress forwards over the next year and have some very exciting plans for the club including a ground upgrade. We have excellent facilities and also have a fully qualified physio on board who is free of charge to the players. Our 1st team will play in County div 3. The club has a great social side, with some real characters, but are also dedicated to achieving some playing success. Anyone interested in applying for the 2nd team Managers job (assistant, physio and lino etc) or interested players, please contact me on 07703533921, or the above email. Alternatively call Rod Wilson on 07767 624226 
2/7/2002 01:54 GMT  Red
Hi boys only sorry I didn't meet any of you during my year in Hurst - or DID I? ;) Love from Auckland New Zealand 
5/6/2002 19:27 GMT  Aimee
Hurstpierpoint are going to win the divison this year. And kempo is geting to get even fatter then he is now. ( Dad said that) not me.  
24/5/2002 03:28 GMT  Linda
Ian who isn't - short and covered in hair then? 
17/5/2002 20:33 GMT  Aimee
Hi Kempo im still waiting for that ring hope it's here soon  
14/5/2002 08:57 GMT  Ian Barber
Your close Linda...infact I am a rare breed of Gorilla Dwarf. 
10/5/2002 07:01 GMT  Linda Evans
Well Tripod guess you must be a dwarf then 
25/4/2002 11:02 GMT  Stato
Colin Gardiner aka Man Mountain, 'I don't go down' and Alf, has won the MOM a few times...7 times in 10 games. Using these figures, i have concluded that Colin must be hurst's most highly payed played of all time. While playing for hurst he earns a staggering 0.12p / minute, thats £7 / Hour or £10.80 / game. If Colin was to play full time for hurst, I estimate that would earn him £12,600 / annum...not bad going for a pot head!! 
13/4/2002 20:14 GMT  Lee
Well done to all the players, committee members abnd everyone invovled in the club, for maintaining Div 3 status. Its been a priviledge working with everyone this season, and lets hope the club goes on to better things in the next few seasons. 
14/9/2001 15:33 GMT  Lee
Glad you liked the honesty John! Match reports only reflect the game that was played, and if you don't look at the truth then thinsg will never improve, and boy after saturday do we! need to!! 
13/9/2001 22:22 GMT  John Rea
I am a Haywards Heath supporter and found your match report on the 2-0 win to be a refreshingly accurate account of what actually happened! As is so often the case you get an unbalanced account of the game in favour of the home side but your report was 100% accurate - well done. The whole of your web site is a tremendous credit to the club and I hope that you go on to have a successful campaign and I have to be honest that following Saturday's game I think that Heath will be returning to Hurstpierpoint next season. 
12/3/2001 02:38 GMT  Andy Crothers
G'Day from "down Under". Thought I'd drop you all a quick line to let you know the Hurst flag is still flying in the land of Oz - although it looks like it might be at half mast soon!! Good to see we stuffed the Village though! Maybe it's time to bring back Nana McKentsley - ummmm maybe it's not that bad yet!! Keep those heaters on!! Cheers, Crovie  
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