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28/6/2001 18:57 GMT  Dave Gatti
Are we going to get together for a freindly? Pleast get in touch. 
31/5/2001 19:14 GMT  DEBS
hi chris 
31/5/2001 18:56 GMT  sam
hi chris 
27/5/2001 21:59 GMT  Ronnie Cusick
Great website, Really neat and with loads of info keep up the good work promoting junior football in the uk. From all at Vale Rangers 
16/5/2001 17:46 GMT  sam stanhope
good luck next season same again but were going to win it next year!!  
14/5/2001 21:09 GMT  Dave Gatti
Chris, Did you get my messages about Freindlies. Cheers Dave 
4/5/2001 18:53 GMT  Peter Robinson(Goalie Lecsaints)
excellent site, we shall do this next year. Thanks for some good games this year. Good luck for next year. My site for Lec Saints is 
2/5/2001 07:23 GMT  sam stanhope
well done yesterday  
25/3/2001 09:22 GMT  rik
hey there, good site (hope u read this) just showed deb, call us soon.x  
24/2/2001 10:33 GMT  sam stanhope
well done on wednesday against saxons,unluky against troyges  
24/2/2001 01:20 GMT  Dave Gatti
Did you read my message, if not ring me 07803-157927.Cheers Dave 
19/2/2001 05:33 GMT  sam stanhope
good luck for wednesday 21.2.01 and well done on sunday lads! 
15/2/2001 03:04 GMT  Dave Gatti
All the best, I run Thorngumbald Celtic under 10's in The Hull Boys Sunday Football League Mini-Soccer.We are looking forward to playing 11-a-side football next season,any chances of a freindly before the season starts.I am also manager of Hedon United in the Humber Premier League.Thorn Celtic have a Website on the Hull Daily Mails Beehive, take a look. Cheers Dave 
31/1/2001 22:01 GMT  Charles Kelly
well done! it's a great site, tons of info on both teams and some cool links too 
17/12/2000 22:23 GMT  Mike Broadley - Leconfield Saints u10's
Great website! looking forward to our return games with you in the new year as we owe your A team one! 
20/11/2000 22:14 GMT  luke Dunne
It was great to look at 
21/10/2000 12:03 GMT  Danny,s grandad
Great games on 15.10.00. Particularly Nathan and Robert. Good luck on 22.10.00. 
19/10/2000 22:21 GMT  Steve Job
Unlucky lads (and lasses)you deserved to win that one. KEEP GOING! 
15/10/2000 15:43 GMT  Emily stanhope
Good Luck to the teams on Thursday 
15/10/2000 15:35 GMT  Sam Stanhope
Well done team ! for our brill result 8.1. Let's keep it up. 
4/10/2000 17:25 GMT  becki scott
its really good . well done 
4/10/2000 09:23 GMT  Paul Gibson
Congratulations on getting a website! Good Luck for this season - especially you Blues!! 
30/9/2000 10:15 GMT  tracey
Congratulations and well done on your new site which is easy to use and very informative 
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