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5/11/2001 21:13 GMT  The REAL Mark Mackie
Whose the loser who wrote an entry with my name? get a life 
2/11/2001 09:47 GMT  Mark Mackie
watch out england and dan turner i am going to be top scorer this season 
16/7/2001 19:57 GMT  NKC
We play the game with our feet,not our mouths.See you next season. 
15/7/2001 22:27 GMT  Nick Hulme
Just a quick message to stuart to say that Mortlake are going to slaughter you next season by atleast 3 goals, in both of the games. You better sign some good players or you will be in serious trouble come September. 
14/6/2001 18:59 GMT  Lee Dewhurst
Good luck next season in the west surrey youth league see you there 
11/6/2001 19:09 GMT  Emerson
Congratulations lads, excellent season! See u all at pre season training! 
8/6/2001 10:07 GMT  Rob Barrs-James
Further congratulations to the lads on an unprecedented success in the League's Sportsmanship Award.You are a credit both to the Club and yourselves.Many thanks also to all the other fine Clubs in the league that were kind enough to vote for us.  
17/5/2001 19:29 GMT  Sue Christie
Terrific result following an excellent season. 
16/5/2001 09:31 GMT  Rob Barrs-James
Congratulations lads on 2nd place and a fitting end to a really successful season.Your team spirit,discipline and hard work throughout the season has been exemplary and made my job a pleasure.We now look forward to a fine summer and next season's campaign in the West Surrey League.  
12/5/2001 17:06 GMT  Miles
i hope there will b some updates throughout the summer! unlucky guys u tried ure hardest (u just didnt hav me at left back!)  
9/4/2001 13:08 GMT  North Kingston
Thanks Onslow,you gave us a great game.It's a pity one team had to lose such a dramatic match.Good luck in the future. 
6/4/2001 10:21 GMT  onslow
well done lads on your cup win, a well played game that could have gone either way. We're glad we played in the best game this season! 
1/4/2001 19:45 GMT  Adam Elliott
Special thanx 2 rob for all his work for the team and to leading us to the winning of the league cup. Also well done to nick, Dan e, Dean and especially Gary who had outstanding games. unlucky stu with ur penalty.  
21/3/2001 21:11 GMT  Chris Joseph
this is a brilliant site. i found it while surfing the inhteteam website.  
13/3/2001 13:18 GMT  James
Nice site, it's better than ours. Well done mark for being top goal scorer. Uve scored more goals than our entire team. CONGRATULATIONS 
6/2/2001 19:10 GMT  jim raff
Good site Stuart, my profile is a bit lame!! 
22/1/2001 18:57 GMT  Robert Gracefus
Great site Stuart! 
9/1/2001 17:13 GMT  Steve Faroon
Good site ! 
1/12/2000 13:49 GMT  Malcolm Randall/League Secretary
Stuart since I last visited the site three months ago you have made some good improvements - Many congratulations carry of the good work 
12/11/2000 22:39 GMT  Tony Appleby
it seems that your goalkeeper and defence are the most solid part of your team. How about you re-organise the midfield and strikers so that your keeper and defence get the results that they deserve? 
7/11/2000 00:20 GMT  Ray Jonstone
I note the recent dialogue on your site re corners. As a former youth coach the reply that the corner taker is in goal means you only have one player who can take corners- I think you need to sort that out! What if he were injured and out for the season? 
3/11/2000 09:48 GMT  bob winston
Great site to learn all about small football clubs good job! 
23/10/2000 21:43 GMT  Christina
This is a nice website! It has a lot of information and it is cool to know what is going on in other countries. 
26/9/2000 22:05 GMT  Nick Christie
Smashing site!!  
21/9/2000 11:27 GMT  Mark Mackie
Good site But i am better than you say I am 
11/9/2000 12:38 GMT  malcolm randall/guildford, shere & district
congratulations stuart i hope you get good support. you will see we have already linked you to our site. also have a look at you might find it usefull. 
10/9/2000 15:01 GMT  emerson
well done stuart 
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