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21/12/2001 19:17 GMT  David Potter
Best Wishes for the future. I played many times against St F rancis (Littlehampton,Worthing adn Bognor) 
28/11/2001 13:51 GMT  James Peel
To the team captains, would it possible that I may be ale to play for you during the xmas period, I am currently studying away from home, but I will be back in sussex for xmas, any chance that I may be able to get a game or two, reply to the following e-mail address; thankyou. 
14/3/2001 19:23 GMT  Jason Collins
The training seems to be doing us good, our results have improved and my goalkeeping for the 1st's.......... well I've still got a long way to go!!! 
20/2/2001 21:41 GMT  ahha
Boys playing hockey!!?? The girls in scotland could woop your ass! 
22/1/2001 15:26 GMT  RichardH
Ahoy folks! Delighted to see that this site has attracted some rave reviews and esteamed web surfers from as far afield as holland! Will wonders ever cease? Probably not thie season, unless more folks show up to training! anyway, I don't want to take up any more of your valuable time, i've got work to be pretending to do. St. Francis, They may have a web presence, but a grass home pitch keeps their feet firmly on the ground. r~  
9/1/2001 07:46 GMT  Michiel Blaauw
Hi! This is to let you know that we (Dutch team Victoria JC2) are building an organised collection of world wide field hockey links on our site or (Victoria JC2 - The Ultimate Hockey Web Guide). We've already collected more than 1200 interesting and/or amusing links, organised in 30 categories (of which “Coaching & Training” is the largest), and we're still adding links almost on a daily basis. If you’re a hockey or sports webmaster I hope you're interested in putting up a link to our site on your links page, which we would appreciate very much: we love to have foreign hockey lovers surfing by. If you "link us up" your site will be included in our special Friends section! We also just started a Hockey SiteRing of hockey sites from all over the world, which is fun and also creates some more traffic to the member sites, and we cordially invite you to join it! Another possiblity is to add your site directly to our “free for all” links list. I hope we’ll hear from you! Hockey greetings from Rotterdam (Holland), Michiel Blaauw PS Drop us a line in our guestbook when you surf by!  
1/12/2000 03:02 GMT  Derick Branagan
Hi there Dan/Ollie, looking at the player profiles, you two are obviously responsible for the upkeep of this site, great job guys, great imagination seeya soon 
30/9/2000 12:14 GMT  Dan
Ooooh, how close was that??? 3 goals and we still manage to lose, never mind though hey! Comgrats to all who played, sadly the better team came second. We'll do 'em on the grass though.  
18/9/2000 20:14 GMT  Dan Jeremiah
Well, you guys got lucky on saturday, I thought we had it sewn up. If only our strikers could get it past your keeper hey? Well there's next year!  
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