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7/6/2001 17:03 GMT  ?
visit our web site at and leave a message in our guestbook - its crap but what the heck!! nice site girls good luck for next season 
21/5/2001 16:44 GMT  Emie
hey People you did well at Cottenham! Sorry i couldnt be there. Later ppl.  
20/5/2001 20:45 GMT  Lisa
Hope they doin a bbq at Godmanchester cos my dads said the burgers are on him 
19/5/2001 10:35 GMT  Holly
hey well done girls we have done really well to come 5th in the league so come on cats lets win the cottenham and the godmanchester tournaments so we can prpove were not pussy cats were wildcats so lets go get them!!!!!!!!!!!! 
15/5/2001 18:00 GMT  Kipper
Hey girls, ave a good time at the disco on friday! Well done 4 this season. Luvs ya! 
21/4/2001 12:18 GMT  Kira
Hey cats, well done. It was hard not having any subs, otherwise we could have beat them. Good luck for next week. 
1/4/2001 12:15 GMT  captain (kirsty)
Well done girls EVERYBODY played well i knew we could beat them, although i knew it wasnt going to be easy. it was weird not to score but setting up both of Kaylas goals was enough 4 me. 
31/3/2001 16:42 GMT  me
katie timms- player of year 
31/3/2001 15:18 GMT  holly
well done girls i knew we would win there a excellent team and we went boldly and beat them well done kayla you diserved thosh goals. well done wildcats i hope you up for it next week against burwell swallows  
18/3/2001 12:37 GMT  Kipper
Well done Wildcats!!! You played well. Nosh you were right it was a good experiance to play on Lintons team. I enjoyed it, i'd do it again.  
18/3/2001 12:33 GMT  Kipper
Fran. I'm there!!! I like CREAM EGGS!!!!!!!!!! 
17/3/2001 20:20 GMT  holly
well done wildcats for beating linton 21-0 well done to linton though for sticking with it and not giving up well done girls  
17/3/2001 20:16 GMT  France
Well done Wildcats! 21 - 0 deserves praise. Congratulations to Kirsty (10 goals), Katie (5 goals), Holly (3 goals), and Kayla, Flora & Lisa (1 goal each. Equally I would like to praise Linton Aztecs for not giving up - Fran you're a brilliant player. However this weeks 'Creme Eggs' are Kipper and Charlotte - if you want a Cadburys Creme Egg you know where I can be found! 
13/3/2001 21:15 GMT  Monica
Well played to everybody for Saturday. I thought we hadf them. Oh well next time.See you soon.  
13/3/2001 19:53 GMT  kevin jacklin
Many thanks to andy and all at wildcats for arranging game on sat.Everyone from cherry hinton thoroughly enjoyed themselves.Even though most parents could not walk next day we would like a rematch.  
13/3/2001 18:00 GMT  kira
how about this 4 an e-mail address: 
13/3/2001 17:56 GMT  kira
i woz ere!!!!! 
11/3/2001 22:15 GMT  Matthew Benstead
Hi Emma. Nice site. If I was a girl (which I'm not ) then I would play for you. 
11/3/2001 11:59 GMT  Kipper
Hey Cats well done for yesterday altough we lost. You played well. 
6/3/2001 20:59 GMT  Lisa
Come on Wildcats we can beat them on saterday and we can do it with style! 
4/3/2001 21:47 GMT  Paul Isaacson
Andy thanks for everything you did to help us on Saturday 24th February. sorry the result later on in the day didn't go your way.Speak to you soon.Good luck to all the girls for the rest of the season. Come on you Wildcats!!!!!!!  
4/3/2001 20:55 GMT  Kira
Hi people. Wild Cats Rule and every other team drools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I like Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
16/2/2001 14:08 GMT  vicky race
I play for barnet copthal womens football team in north london. My usual position is goal keeper but i sometimes play midfield. I would be interested in assisting your team maybe goalie training if you need someone. If not good luck for the rest of the season. Vicky Race Youth Offending Team, Cambridge 
9/2/2001 02:00 GMT  Mike Boyette
Am delighted to fing your web-site... We live in Houston Texas (USA) where we have a very active and successful youth soccer program. Soccer/football for girls has become very good and offers many opportunites as the girls grow older. Colleges are looking for outstanding players. I would like to propose two ideas. One is, our daughter (Callie 11) is interested in the possibility attending a soccer camp in the UK for the highest level of young ladies. Callie is an exceptional talent. Also, we have other fine young (pre-Olympic) girl's (11-17) who may be interested in attending a camp if it can meet their needs. Can you offer any suggestions? Secondly, I am close to a number of USA colleges who are looking for highest for your highest level young women's players interested in attending USA Universities. How might we locate and recruite such UK talent? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Mike Boyette (713) 669.1572 (home)  
4/2/2001 12:42 GMT  kirsty
17/1/2001 07:45 GMT  John Lawson
Really excellent site, if you get a chance check out our site at We are a girl's club down in Sussex with six teams and about 70 girls playing football. Keep it up girls. 
10/1/2001 20:00 GMT  David Braun, Soccer Dad
Hello ladies from IFC Red Lightning Girls in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Great Website. Here's wishing you all the best! 
24/12/2000 21:21 GMT  kirsty
24/12/2000 21:18 GMT  stacey
WELL DONE WILDCATS i think u played really well. well done to the scorers (hayley and lottie) 
24/12/2000 21:15 GMT  Kirsty
i would like to congradulate Hayley metcalfe 4 scoring her first goal.WELL DONE Hayley celebrated with top class actions 
24/12/2000 16:28 GMT  coop.s
good web page have good fun playing football. from all at the ampthill, rufc . u/14s 
22/12/2000 21:45 GMT  Andy & France
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you all at training on the 6th Jan at the Manor Community College. 
10/12/2000 12:56 GMT  Emma
It was only a friendly match and the other team were missing all their subs and goal keeper. So I kindly volenteered to join their team for the match. It was alot of fun. But being a goal keeper is harder than it looks. 
10/12/2000 12:47 GMT  Holly
i think the team played really well yesterday and well done to the emma who went onto the other team .  
9/12/2000 20:09 GMT  Kira and Natalie's Mum
Well played yet again girls - especially Emma who did the game proud as defender for the opposing team! 
6/12/2000 13:44 GMT  Andy
Thanks for the message Sarah. It was a good game and both teams played well. I am sure you should get some better results after xmas. I am affraid you've got more chance of raising the Titanic than beating us. Looking forward to playing you at home and taking another 3 points.  
5/12/2000 21:44 GMT  Sarah mansfield
Was at the game on saturday against Cottenham as I am joint manager. I thought we played very well and the result did not do us justice. I hope your girl is getting better and we will see you at Cottenham for a easy home win 
2/12/2000 19:50 GMT  Natalie and Kira's Mum
I hope Hayley gets well soon. See you all next week. 
26/11/2000 15:46 GMT  Natalie and Kira's mum
Well done girls against the Burwell Swallows. Keep it up. 
13/11/2000 18:16 GMT  Kira Davison
Hey team! I woz ere 2000! 
7/11/2000 17:16 GMT  Stephen Spencer
Andy. Just visited your site. It's great. Thought your girls played very well on Saturday and provided us with some good football and some tense moments. I'm sure they will take a few scalps with their fighting spirit. Thanks for stopping at the accident. Everyone is OK 
28/10/2000 18:36 GMT  Natalie and Kira's Mum
Well done girls! Sorry I wasn't able to get there this time. I think you must like playing in dreadful weather conditions! 
18/10/2000 20:26 GMT  Natalies Dad
Just checking the site,looks great.Good luck at the next game. 
17/10/2000 17:45 GMT  ___________________
well done my friend 
14/10/2000 21:45 GMT  darren
hi well done im the musketers manager well done to be beaten 3-0 
14/10/2000 21:37 GMT  holly swallowe
im one of the players and i would like to say congratulations to the whole team playing cambridge united f.c on 14.10.00 we lost 3-0 but most new teams have lost 10 20 nill so well done 
15/9/2000 16:18 GMT  Andy Bolton
All the very best for your new season.Enjoy yourselves and have fun. Cambridge Kestrels WFC. 
9/9/2000 12:39 GMT  Emma
This website is really good, best of luck girls! I hope we can see some more pictures of you after a few matches 
8/9/2000 15:11 GMT  andy
Welcome everyone thought I would be the first in the guestbook. 
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