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5/7/2002 23:48 GMT  me
I come looking for football and allo I find is goofy Brits! 
30/12/2001 16:54 GMT  Barnsley Blade!!!
nice website. 
2/6/2001 15:31 GMT  secret blade 4
hibberd for england.he MUST start at all times next season hes our matchwinner chortle chortle. .....newsflash..... after being released by the pigs (due to financial difficulties ) the abbey are pleased to announce DES WALKER as there new signing. he has signed a 2 yr contract worth &2.85 a week and a packet of pork scratchings 
28/5/2001 16:33 GMT  secret blade 3
Here Here Secret Blade 2, I can see it being almost as tough a season for the Pigs as it will be for the Abbey, memo to all for next season, make sure you give the ball to Paul H at all times, I've heard he is the best player in our league. 
24/5/2001 12:22 GMT  ?
we need the hits so visit the best ladies soccer team this side of huddersfield on and leave a meassage in our guest book. 
15/5/2001 19:42 GMT  secret Blade 2
bit quiet on here lads since the end of the season. afew of us wont be able to cope with 28 games next season especially the old ones (eh john?).anyway at least lee might tighten up at the back when des walker leaves his beloved pigs so then the pigs can sign another sunday league centre half to play with ashley westwood hahahahaahahahahaha UP THE BLADES 
19/4/2001 17:23 GMT  John
I know that united are better than wednesday, and I will kiss cuevas' boots if united are above us in the table 
18/4/2001 17:45 GMT  secret Blade
2-1 we beat the pigs 2-1 we beat the pigs 2-1, 2-1 we beat the pigs 2-1, we beat the pigs 2-1 we beat the pigs 2-1 
14/4/2001 23:49 GMT  englands no 1
Time to think about getting promotion lads, I hear that the animals from T&L are coming down 
3/4/2001 19:15 GMT  john
cant wait to see cuevas and brett and paul on sunday to discuss the match NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
31/3/2001 19:36 GMT  brett
if utd lose on sunday to the pigs then i am not here next sunday! if we win i'll be in the big tree car park at 9.00am next week waiting for john and lee.up the blades come on you red and white wizards! 
27/3/2001 19:27 GMT  not telling
Paul taylor man of match today!!!!! 
12/3/2001 18:54 GMT  spencer robinson
up the blades 
6/3/2001 16:20 GMT  chris coggins
Nice Site!! I work for HealthSouth Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre at Don Valley Stadium, we are the largest provider of Rehabilitative healthCare in the USA and have one such site in the UK. We are currently offering a discount on physiotherapy services etc. for all registered sports clubs and groups in Sheffield. Registration is FREE and all you have to do is get in touch and I will send you a form. All the best Chris.  
18/2/2001 20:08 GMT  Bob Elvidge
Excellant site Like to look around other sites,  
14/2/2001 15:00 GMT  None of your business
Why don't you play some quality teams!! and support some too!! I recommend Glasgow Celtic!!!! 
7/2/2001 17:14 GMT  Simon Bowers
I will be back soon to reclaim my goal scoring crown.Almost forgot what it feels like to score, also can we have a new team photo as i'm not right keen on the blonde look. 
26/1/2001 00:58 GMT  steve
just surfing, great looking site, shame about the Bramall Lane picture spoiling it! 
25/1/2001 22:01 GMT  guess???????????
as the "points for scoring" competition gets closer i ve decided not to pass to shaun anymore and if i get brought down for a penalty again i'd rather miss than let him take it 
23/12/2000 14:28 GMT  Lou Tontoon
Merry Xmas Abbey boyz. All the best!!! 
22/12/2000 18:39 GMT  Paul (the scooterboy)
The nose is not too bad.The doc says i shouldn't miss many games.I turned up on sunday to show you all but the game was called off i guess. Hope u got my email Steve. SEE YOU SOON. 
6/12/2000 18:02 GMT  brett
as i drag my battered limbs off to lanzarote for a week dont let me down. PS is there anyway i can arrange a percentage of the profits regarding bookings involving me in any way shape or form? 
4/12/2000 21:24 GMT  JOHN( old git) BRELSFORD
26/11/2000 16:02 GMT  PAUL(the scooter boy)TAYLOR
20/11/2000 18:33 GMT  brett
managed to escape from the fdl mafia JUST i must learn to fall better next time i get booted all over as i cant afford the booking fines. i would just like to personally thank 'the big boss' of fdl totley (no.6)for his kind words of support throughout the match and advise him that next time he offers to take the whole team on he should perhaps try it with the hope eric can afford his fine hahahahaha 
19/11/2000 14:29 GMT  Paul (the scooter boy)Taylor
Nice touch!! 
26/10/2000 21:31 GMT  john
2 wins outa 2 for the owls,that should shut marcus up for a bit.Weather forecast:- sheffield:rain and rain tenerife:sun sun sun!!!!!!!!!!  
26/10/2000 19:08 GMT  ANDY
Top site for a pub team keep it up i'll be back!!!  
22/10/2000 14:09 GMT  PAUL TAYLOR
First visit here and i must say im impressed.Well done boys for keeping the score under 10. Kit is looking pinkish but that will suit simons blonde look. See you next week. 
15/10/2000 23:17 GMT  carlos fandango
marcos by this time next week they will have knocked you out of the cup as well 
15/10/2000 14:06 GMT  stephen
mr fandango so many messages so late at night. 
15/10/2000 14:03 GMT  brett jenkinson
quite impressive mr faulkner.i ve only missed 1 game this season and we lost 6-1.....missed my aggression in midfield i think. p.s that keeper of ours is crap-more eratic than dave beasant 
15/10/2000 13:31 GMT  MCN
I am not looking forward to Laycocks, carlos if you read this, ha ha for last season when they knocked you out of the cup 
15/10/2000 13:30 GMT  BrettJenkinson
I think that I should not be playing in midfield, I should be sub, and that keeper of ours is ace 
7/10/2000 17:43 GMT  Anonymous Visitor from Out of Town
Spinning ball on your main page, nice work!!! Now see if you can get a club crest reflecting in some water. Now that's original. Well done our kid. 
6/10/2000 23:25 GMT  carlos fandango
play russ at right back then laugh as he tries to kick it with his right foot 
6/10/2000 23:24 GMT  carlos fandango
Dont give jenks the ball in front of goal nuf said 
6/10/2000 23:23 GMT  carlos fandango
give cuevas less beer and curry on a saturday night and you will go far!!  
1/10/2000 13:26 GMT  john
yorkshire puds and roast spuds yummy!!!! 
9/9/2000 13:06 GMT  Craig Garton
It's a good job your not on the voting list darling!!!! What a fantastic Web Page.. 
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