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22/8/2002 14:16 GMT  jojee
Got some info about organising a booze cruise..let me know wot u think, or if u have any other shenanigans we can get up to instead..wot about 27th sept? train hard! 
16/8/2002 13:53 GMT  Yvonne
Do you mean we're having hoops and not stripes? That's not like NUFC! I'm gutted! 
15/8/2002 10:49 GMT  Tanya
Apparently our new horizonal black and white striped kit is in the post!  
13/7/2002 10:15 GMT  jojee
Good to see you all at the fun day. 'new recruits' seem keen so all looks promising for new season. Good luck with Claire's pre season training!!see you soon xx 
11/7/2002 01:36 GMT  Coach Wes
Greetings from the Little Rock Futbol Club ’87 Girls! We are a select soccer team from Arkansas. Just finished competing in our second Southern Regional tournament & are enjoying our summer vacation and preparing for tryouts. Saw your info on another site and thought I would drop in and say hello. Stop by to visit our site ( )and sign our guestbook if you get a chance!  
17/6/2002 08:48 GMT  Alison Davies
I play for my county team in leicester and I'm going to Bristol University in october and I would like to join a local football team in the area so I don't have to keep going home every weekend. I'm hopefully going to try and join the university team for wednesday BUSA games but I would also like to play on sunday's in a local league. I was wondering if you could inform me of the teams that play in Bristol so I can try and find more info on them to decide which one to join. Thanx. 
8/4/2002 13:46 GMT  Emma Morgan Donegal Celtic Ladies FC)
HI just dropped by ur site - thought it was very good and i wish you all the best in the future. I have added ur club to our links section andwould be grateful if you would do the same thanx :) 
15/3/2002 17:04 GMT  fi
hi!a very nice site you have got here!Good luck for the season ( well whatever is left of it anyway!)any chance of a link back- 
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