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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
16/2/2002 13:33 GMT  dave henderson
how do you get membership for this sophisticated club then? 
7/12/2001 02:39 GMT  Rodders
What's happened? According to this website you haven't played for months. I want match reports detailing Hoss missing sitters and Razzle struggling to get his top on. Sort it out Kendo. 
16/10/2001 12:23 GMT  Daniel King
25/5/2001 14:37 GMT  Benjamin Aitken
hay i run a team called Wandsworth Town and we have had our application for the league accepted for the 2001/02 season. e would like to play you in a friendly to see where were at. Please dont hesitate to contact me on email or 02088742165. Cool wed site. Thanks ben 
31/3/2001 16:40 GMT  Steve K
Hope u win on Sunday Boys, greetings from Cloudy Tenerife!! 
13/3/2001 20:12 GMT  damien from irishcentre
Hoss you sound rubbish and come play us and we'll show you how football is played. Allan Sampson i strongly suggest you take me seriously and look our team up on find a club P.s its at the top of your screen 
23/2/2001 12:39 GMT  For a cool site
18/2/2001 15:43 GMT  Ian Parker
Hoss, I think it's about time you considered retirement! Razzle, I think it's about time you considered losing some weight! 
15/12/2000 12:56 GMT  Ben Fry
Will Hoss end his near 2 month goal drought on Sunday. I hope so otherwise he'll be a nightmare down the pub afterwards! 
29/11/2000 13:23 GMT  Tim Osborn
just checking out the site on behalf of FC.CHEAM here's to a good game on sunday all the best for the season! 
8/11/2000 14:23 GMT  Hoss
Sid taylor has dropped from the sydneys greatist ever back four to make way for chopper noone.  
8/11/2000 03:23 GMT  andy parker
Greetings from Oz. Nice to see I'm featured in all the greatest back four line ups of all time but I really think Trigger should have been considered. Hope you got back to winning ways on Sunday. E mail me with 11 and 5 a side results if possible. Cheers, Rodders.  
14/10/2000 14:05 GMT  Father Rossi
I've seen craggyisland and it is good, however the boys at do like to drink the altar wine! 
10/10/2000 11:22 GMT  jack is the best website ever. 
10/10/2000 11:21 GMT  cyril
shit should be ashamed of yourselves.scumbags. 
9/10/2000 21:19 GMT  Andy Hossack
The greatist sydney back four Mallion Frost Daly Sid Tayler unfortunatly they never played in the same team. 
3/10/2000 19:25 GMT  Paul Wilshaw
Just checking your site. Good Luck for the season. Paul Wilshaw Manager; Talisman F.C (Stoke-on-Trent)  
18/9/2000 19:22 GMT  Allan Sampson
Gentlemen, the message below was not written by myself. I strongly suspect that those responsible were members of our pathetic rivals Cadzow Hamilton AFC. If you visit either website you will see they have a long history of childish behaviour. Let me apologise on their behalf and wish AFC Sydney all the best for the forthcoming season. If any further messages are added on behalf of The Bruce AFC, you can check their validity by the fact that we can spell. I have left my e-mail address for confirmation. Cheers. 
18/9/2000 11:43 GMT  Ben Fry
8-1 to the Sydney. Ross and Hoss the hat-tric heroes. Get well soon Razzle as well 
14/9/2000 21:50 GMT  allan sampson
ur page sucks why not visit a great page at in the team THE BRUCE  
11/9/2000 08:10 GMT  Ben Fry
Well done Hoss,the goal famine is over! 
7/9/2000 20:12 GMT  Andy Hossack
The goal drought ends sunday 
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