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18/11/2001 00:50 GMT  free porn:- 
1/9/2001 14:07 GMT  Bill Barnett
Could not find today's fixture on this site. The club's answering machine talked about the week ending the 27th. which was a Monday. Nothing for today...1/9/01 
13/6/2001 16:39 GMT  Mark Fredy Davies AKA The Gas Man
After working in the usa, i am planning on two weeks in sunny canada, before returning back to wales. Hence me checking out your club, as i would very much like to have a dabble at playing in Burlington before returning. So this is a general warning that the gas man is on his way!  
9/6/2001 17:31 GMT  The Chief
check our website at our league starts sunday 
26/5/2001 11:10 GMT  ?
visit the best ladies football team this side of huddersfield at and leave a message in our guest book. 
21/2/2001 13:16 GMT  TOM JONES
2/11/2000 19:44 GMT  Bermuda
1/10/2000 23:01 GMT  Allan Sampson
we are coming to canada for a holiday and want some practice:contact me at in the team the bruce for details of dates etc 
29/9/2000 10:40 GMT  Steve and Bob in cottage country
We are away for the weekend so won't be at the club to watch the game, good luck boys.  
18/9/2000 14:18 GMT  Denis
Barry last 2 games stats. VS Markham 25-24 we win Miles 2 trys, Denis 1 try 3 con.'s, and 1 penalty VS Barbs 26-3 we win Mike B 1 try, Bryce 1 try, Miles 1 try, Denis 1 try 3 con.'s 
15/9/2000 11:34 GMT  Steve Carter
Masters A.G.M will take place Tuesday 10th October 2000 at 7-30pm in the clubroom. Only those who have paid dues to the Masters will be permitted to vote for the next executive. 
7/9/2000 16:21 GMT  We love Ya Barry
Barry, The time has come for you to tie up those boots, strap on some padding Its September Barrrrrrr, funny to see you at training. Is it time again for you to step up into the firsts. Can you handle it , I mean the pressure..... Short and Bald, I still love ya! And Yes Barry we can't wait for you to join us for the rest of the season. Regards, Your worst nightmare, or wet dream. Denis.  
7/9/2000 12:29 GMT  Iwas There
So another Rib Fest has come and gone. Our thanks go to the people who served as security when it was required, especially those who seemed to be living there. To the rest of you and mainly the tourists to Bermuda who will benifit from the money raised and did NOT do their bit....SHAME ON YOU. Because this is read by many I've kept my comments w.....s. 
25/8/2000 10:51 GMT  What" Day " is it?
To Watcha Whoremoan, You need to get a real job!! Everyone who knows Rugby knows that the Dancing Queen with the head band is my real favorite player to watch. Regarding calling me at 319-0884 it is easier to page me at 540-2717 as I will respond quicker. Richard the Turd.  
18/8/2000 15:50 GMT  Watcha Whoremoan
I am ardent rugby watcher. I am female and a rugby groupie. My favourite player that i like to watch playing is the hunky winger "Barry - long dong - Hyslop" oooooo he's such a dish. I would love to be in the showers after a hot, sweaty rugger match with Barry and his lower rugby friends. When i look at Barry with his tight bum running up and down, up and down oooooooo i'm getting carried away here. Anyway if there is any way that i could meet this beef cake please call me at 319 0884. Thank you. 
18/5/2000 19:31 GMT  A player from that era
80-85 team 1 T. Spencer 2 G. Mackenzie 3 G. Greson 4 R. Wilkinson 5 A. Glazebrook 6 S. Carter 7 R. Mitton 8 D. Cowan 9 P. Edwards 10 D. Paul 11 J. Campbell 12 I. Hamer 13 D. Northey 14 J. Reid 15 S. Hyslop Extra forward E. Anderson/ R. Watson Extra back L. Scherer  
16/5/2000 20:53 GMT  John Campbell
Good to see my 'old club on-line! I'm playing with the Toronto Lions these days so drop by and say hello. Dave Swift's Classic XV sure brought back alot of happy memories. I had the pleasure to play with some great rugby players on some great teams during my days at Sherwood Forest. I never knew Tom Rows was once a winger. And to think Steve Carter as a referee given the lip he used to dole out frequently. And how could one forget those memorable tours to Bermuda and England/Wales. And Cye Beechey's taped pre-game pep talk! You'd swear he was in the room. I learned my rugby administration from some of the best in the business. The Club has always been and still is blessed with a wealth of committed and experienced administrators who are devoted to the game of rugby football in its finest traditions. The clubhouse, pitch and ORU Senior rugby didn't happen by accident. Just look at the photos of your Past Presidents for starters. Pretty impressive Honour Roll. I was saddened to hear of Alex's passing. Alex introduced me to the Centaurs in 1973. I rejoined the club in 1979 after university and playing for the Bytown Blues - another young club in those days that has gone on to achieve sustained success on and off the pitch. So I guess I fall into the 80-85 era for the record. If you're short numbers for a Master's game, please email me. It would be great to play with the lads again and re-live some past glory and share a few tales of misadventure and mischief. Trevor Knight and Christie Hogan - what a pair! Friends through rugby, Friends through life. Hope to see some of you again at our wedding. Bring your boots. Cheers, John Campbell 
11/5/2000 21:58 GMT  A local Fan
After reading the Burlington Post article detailing the upcoming season, I would like to know more about this wunder-prop Brendan Cox. He sounds truly amazing. Could he even be greater than .....Mark Smith! 
9/5/2000 18:38 GMT  Steve Carter
Great write up Barry, not just because you mentioned the Ref, but I must draw your attention to the last sentence, we as a club will only play those who are the required age. It has always been a club policy unlike other clubs who play anyone they wish,ie underage players!!!!  
9/5/2000 18:30 GMT  Steve Carter
Let's tell the truth for once, Mark Smith is really a pain in the arse! 
6/5/2000 02:50 GMT  Jeff Rumple
I once had the privilege of playing with Mark Smith, and as I remember he did in fact dominate the front rows of the 80's and 90's. I am perhaps his biggest fan. Mark Smith friend of the enviroment, friend to all living creatures......except Kevin Schultz!!!!!! 
4/5/2000 11:35 GMT  Brendan Cox
Mark Smith profile is outstanding. He truly is gifted. 
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