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28/6/2002 20:30 GMT  In Off The Post
What a great site you have here my friend. Visit mine at 
25/6/2002 06:47 GMT  David
Excellent site you have here my friend, it is very well done. I would like to invite anyone else that has a football (soccer) site to visit my page and get listed in the directory.
21/6/2002 10:31 GMT  Martin
I thought we were missing something in the second half (besides a decent keeper) where was the british steel that we have shown in so many games, that determination and gutso, we never put their keeper under any pressure. i am a big fan of Beckham but he looked like a clown today diving around to try and get a penalty, leave the cheating to the south americans, its not our style. 
20/6/2002 22:19 GMT  crafty w@nk
c'mon BRASIL!!! 
20/6/2002 21:23 GMT  Johnny G
Quality m8. Roll on 2mora mornin, 2-0 to the Mighty Lions! Come On England From all the Mackems!  
20/6/2002 20:38 GMT  dp1
What a FANTASTIC site you have here, very well done me old matey.

20/6/2002 13:45 GMT  RedLoz
Come on England, do the nation proud. Scholesy to Beckham, Beckham to Heskey, Heskey to Owen, it's a goal. 
20/6/2002 13:12 GMT  Wafty Crank
All the best to the mighty Brazil. Come on Ronaldo!! 
17/6/2002 21:03 GMT  BlackpoolFootballClub
Wow Great site! COME ON ENGLAND!! 
17/6/2002 17:27 GMT  Parson's Green FC
Great site, visit our site We have our own England features! 
15/6/2002 16:22 GMT  Elliot H-C
Great Website! Why not visit mine at 
14/6/2002 17:17 GMT  jfh
11/6/2002 19:33 GMT  KING ARTHUR
It's great to see another England Website on intheteam. Well done mate. I like it. For more coverage of Becks and co's journey to winning the World Cup, check out this site C'MON ENGLAND ! 
11/6/2002 19:16 GMT  Andy Dear are lucky doing a website all about england...i am the owner of the scottish one and i really dont have anyhting to do untill august,seen as we aint in the world cup!!! 
11/6/2002 15:45 GMT  ?
10/6/2002 14:20 GMT  Andy Page
Great site, please visit mine Keep up the good work. COME ON ENGLAND! 
10/6/2002 14:01 GMT  Sally Chew
England are shyte. 
9/6/2002 17:32 GMT  Elliot Hutchinson - Cox
I have put on my links. Please could you name my Link as Liverpool Football Club. Thanks. 
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