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8/8/2002 16:16 GMT  |Guy Lambert
Struggling to train tonight due to calf injury picked up playing 5-a-side on Monday. Will come along, but unlikely to get involved. 
6/8/2002 21:30 GMT  jez griffiths
Since when has a test match ever gone on til 8 or 9 o'clock? Anyway thursday will be washed out. See you at training. 
5/8/2002 17:26 GMT  Simon Winfield
Will not be at training due to work commitments at the Test Match. 
5/8/2002 08:31 GMT  Roberto Carlos
Sorry chaps, been away for last couple of weeks (may have neglected to mention it!). Will miss training again on 8th due to work commitments. I am available for Sundays friendly, if considered worthy of selection! 
25/7/2002 13:27 GMT  Ade
Adidas World Cup boots at Macro for £47. Speak to Lambert for further details if interested (size 10 is the biggest). 
23/7/2002 13:16 GMT  Ade
Most of you should have the email, but for those who don't, the Awards Dinner is booked for Friday 16 August 2002 at Saltwater. Let me know by email whether you can make it. Further details should be on the site ASAP, including the menu which I forgot to send out! 
23/7/2002 11:53 GMT  toby stevens
So the lad Judge gave up on playing out on pitch after losing by a cricket score to Blean Cosmos, Canterbury Eagles and Woodnesborough Boys' Club every week as a teenager. Results like that can really crush a man. But after being on the wrong end of weekly maulings for the whole of the eighties, only a masochist or a madman would want to be a goalie. But then sanity never was his closest friend... 
20/7/2002 21:29 GMT  Eric the oak Bandoo
Fantastique effort guys . Great profile i laughed that much it blew of f my ileostomy bag! We are definitely the sophisticats of the premiere league 
18/7/2002 17:18 GMT  ac bulwell
nick can i confirm a date next weds after training cheers  
17/7/2002 07:14 GMT  G P Lambert
Unable to attend again this week. Sacrificing improved fitness for weight gain at staff end of term party. 
16/7/2002 11:20 GMT  ac bulwell (notts alliance 2)
would your side be interested in a friendly in the near future MICK DOYLE AC BULWELL 
15/7/2002 12:11 GMT  Simon Winfield
Have had the operation. The shoulder joint was totally knackered and I have had an inch cut off the clavicle bone. I will be back stronger. 
11/7/2002 20:14 GMT  James N
Good Luck and best wishes for the new season we look forward to meeting you in November, James, Gedling Rangers FC 
11/7/2002 11:25 GMT  Arlo "Carlos" Cox
Mikey - a word of caution! I tried to come back too soon after my op and it cost me two years of top flight togger! Take it easy... 
10/7/2002 10:51 GMT  Mike Payton
I'll be back. 
10/7/2002 08:44 GMT  Judgey
Jessica? That'll be the rhino. 
9/7/2002 11:05 GMT  mark wood
Now if the name had been Jessica from spearmint rhino you'd have had me chaps 
8/7/2002 13:24 GMT  kelly from the blue oyster bar, Las Vegas
Woody I've seen a doctor. You really should call me as soon as possible!  
7/7/2002 21:38 GMT  kelly from the Blue oyster Bar ,Las Vegas
Would Woody from England,please get in touch as soon as possible? 
6/7/2002 13:31 GMT  nathan Judge
good luck for the season 
6/7/2002 10:29 GMT  Guy 'The Professor' Lambert
Unable to attend training on Thursday -taking group of kids to Eurodisney at their parents' expense. 
2/7/2002 10:47 GMT  Ken Judge
Best wishes for next season The web site is great 
1/7/2002 13:33 GMT  Matt Le Frog
the french branch of "Allez Ally" is proud of guys! see you in May 2003 ciao M. 
1/7/2002 09:55 GMT  Bob from mississippi
gee guys what a greatsite. Keep up the good work! 
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