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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
3/8/2002 22:11 GMT  sal
wel im so sorry administrator. its that HT she is a trouble maker hahahaha  
26/7/2002 10:50 GMT  Administrator - In the team.
This guestbook will be shut down unless messages are kept clean and to the point of the web site!! 
17/7/2002 22:25 GMT  stan
ha but we beat u ya geeeeeeeeeeeek!!! erm and we also beat leeds so ha ha! geek! i tell you what though, what about that picture of haidee tiffen! 
17/7/2002 13:51 GMT  sal
erm stan we will beats leeds and not go. something you can not do i believe ha 
16/7/2002 18:40 GMT  stan
hey sal, dont think u'll be playin wolverhampton in the first division so u can hit me in the face instead! 
15/7/2002 21:34 GMT  salliann briggs
when you play sheff goughie am guna get you on the other cheek ha. what a silly thin to do and stop it with your head. what ever next 
15/7/2002 21:27 GMT  dohball
Hi! just like to say like the sight well done! 
12/7/2002 21:36 GMT  Bev
Glad to hear it Goughie! Sorry mate but I did middle it. Next time you'll let it go for 4!!!! 
8/7/2002 14:56 GMT  Goughie
My cheek is now a normal-ish size! Thanks Bev! Nothing to worry about girls! I won't miss the few thousand brain cells knocked out of me by the ball! See ya! I'm going to vote a thousand times on your little poll so that I can get Wolverhampton to the top of the 'Who will win the Northern premier league?' debate!! HA HA!! (evil laugh) 
23/6/2002 17:13 GMT  Michelle
When i get some new piccies i will put them on, promise!! Keep checking back! 
22/6/2002 19:37 GMT  visitor
when are these pics going onm' on! 
20/6/2002 15:16 GMT  John Smith
Hello Britney!!!! 
20/6/2002 09:01 GMT  stan
HAVE IT!!! i just want to tell u all not to be scared of the wardrobe monster, its the burglars smashin the window and breakin in that u want to be more scared of! nice pic fumpaaaaa!! HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
8/6/2002 19:50 GMT  Michelle - Supporter Lady!!
Thanks to the visitor for the comments. I will get more photo's on A.S.A.P at the moment i'm not getting to many of Wakefield's matches but, rest assured more lovely photo's will be added soon. 
8/6/2002 12:23 GMT  visitor
nice site ladies. i run local kwik cricket teams and a womens team in garforth. Just looking at your profiles and must say, you all look pretty fit! . it would be nice to see a few more photo's of the rest of the girls. good luck for the season girls.  
29/5/2002 13:25 GMT  Sue Haley
Glad to see you have joined us in producing a website......Good luck for this season 
29/5/2002 12:52 GMT  brillo
this site is bril!!top effort shell!!ul ave some cheesy pics of the rest of the team!!neway just to say gud site dude! 
28/5/2002 22:44 GMT  salliann
when taking pics of the team members did you ask them all to get there teeth out. anyone fancy a carrot 
28/5/2002 10:12 GMT  fumpaaaaaaaaa
this is quite fun innit. apart form what a geeky foto of me. bloody hell shell, u dun a gud job. int milk brilliant. no buts or  
25/5/2002 22:46 GMT  fi
Hey wakefield, u r all linked up from our site!!Have a great summer ya'll fi 
24/5/2002 18:36 GMT  fi
Hey ya all!!Good luck for the season, or next season ( i dunno when cricket seasons finish and end).Big hi to Shell, i nice little site seems to be getting 2geva here.good look helen too, as u r the only player i (vaguely)know. have a great summer everyone!! fi p.s sorry this is a crap message i dunno wot to put, im not feeling very witty today soz 
23/5/2002 18:26 GMT  wakefield ladies football club
just found your site..looks really good! pls visit us at maybe we could organise a friendly? we play you at cricket, you plays us at fooball?! 
22/5/2002 18:50 GMT  salliann briggs
im very impressed. its even better that you can get info how wakey lose every week. bonus 
20/5/2002 19:08 GMT  Tracy
20/5/2002 18:40 GMT  Helen
Hi everyone!!! as a team player of Wakefield WCC I on behalf of the team would like to welcome you to this new site. Will try and get all the details on as soon as poss!!! Everyone give a big 3 cheers to Michelle for doin this site for us!!! Hip Hip ..HOOORRRAAAAYYYY!!!!  
20/5/2002 11:06 GMT  Michelle Atkin
Welcome to the Wakefield Ladies Cricket Club web site. Please feel free to leave us a message. We will have all the information added as soon as possible. 
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