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26/8/2002 16:44 GMT  name
u need atomic kitten tonez 
18/8/2002 21:41 GMT  and
and actually we are in the middle of changing the whole site. we are scanning new pics and gettin new info and new ringtones. it has taken a while and we have started on it now. we are doin a page at a time so be patiant 
18/8/2002 21:38 GMT  well....
well if u r dat hard sammy why don't u leave your email address then! and the others do come on it but they leave mesages in the members part wich no one else can read. and kit kat ain't the owner of the site! 
18/8/2002 20:39 GMT  sammy mainly 2 site owner which i think is kitkat
i must say how stupid this website is espiclly the big brother page isen't it about time you had something different dat info wud have bin useful wen the programme was actually on not now every 1 no she's won your guest r proberley put off by the homepage with kate onit no 1 wants to no anything else about kate, apart from the homepage and the big brother page everything else is perfect oh yeah another thing me and my friends wanna know is y dose only muffin and kitkat come on the website and not the others that really does bug me SORT IT OUT  
25/7/2002 10:01 GMT  thanks
thanks for dat lisa! is this lisa godber by any chance? 
27/6/2002 18:47 GMT  Lisa
hi your tnes r cool i hate having to think about what number to put 4 what letter. please could you add some more thanx 
21/6/2002 14:01 GMT  ali
ur site is da bomb, is wicked! boyakasha! i give u all respec'! da g man is in da house n so is u girl just like me julie! 
11/6/2002 20:50 GMT  u girls site is so cool
i think u girls have made da best site ever. i like the 2 new pages on lyrics and ringtones. plz keep up the gud work and ignore that dean bloke he has no idea what a good site is 
31/5/2002 20:11 GMT  Elliot H-C
Please put 
22/5/2002 15:51 GMT  site
cool site 
18/5/2002 16:28 GMT  crossroads is rite gud
i wud just like 2 say everyone watch the crossroads movie cus it is brill 
14/5/2002 19:55 GMT  hi all
hi r any of u lot goin up town on saturday??? plz reply luv kitkat 
13/5/2002 20:09 GMT  hi i'm on 2
hi sam i'm on 2 at da same time! luv ellie 
10/5/2002 19:46 GMT  Kert
Yo Ellie! i like ur page. U r good. i can only say:"U Can Do It!" Hah ok c ya. 
8/5/2002 19:03 GMT  this site is wicked
hi this site is sooo cool. any of you girls wanna meet me and my mates so we can have a get 2getha? u all sound so sexy and feisty luv hamish 
4/5/2002 13:19 GMT  Ana
Hi im like da website its lookin gud!!! Il cum bac wen theres mor on it!! 
4/5/2002 12:01 GMT  manager
hi there's not much on this site yet but keep trying cus there will be soon 
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