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1/7/2002 16:44 GMT  Bricey
Well done to all the teams (especially the 2's) winning on Saturday. Keep it up lads. 
10/6/2002 17:34 GMT  rob folly
sorry for the run out boys, that game hurt !!!! revenge will be sweet. 
7/6/2002 08:19 GMT  Ameen
Unfortunately, I shall be out of action for a good few weeks due to work reasons. I am undertaking audit projects (not Enron)in Riyadh and Dubai (45 degress currently) and as such not aware of my exact return, except for that it will be sometime next month. Best wishes to all 3 league teams.  
31/5/2002 14:18 GMT  alan green
29/5/2002 22:17 GMT  Ameen
Yes, good luck to the 1's too on saturday. Go forthe and....(ahem),bag another juicy 20. And as a sign of respect to the Queen's jubilee, can all skippers kindly call "Heads", please. Thank you. 
28/5/2002 19:39 GMT  rob folly
indeed, well done to tr 2s, good luck lads for saturday, im sorry i am unable to play ( as if you all cared ). ake me proud. 
28/5/2002 08:30 GMT  Paddy
Well done the 2's !! Good work fellas !! 
22/5/2002 20:02 GMT  Ameen
Call "heads" this weekend and use Mr A.B's double headed coin when tossing - might help. Let's stop the rot fellows........... not forgetting to mention Lambeth will be on a roll after the Windies win. Come on everybody, altogether now "Yeh Dosti.............. 
20/5/2002 13:20 GMT  rob folly
did he mention that.....doh 
20/5/2002 12:44 GMT  paddy
Yes well done old boy. I read the beautifully scripted match report on I couldn't help noticing you had another rather expensive 1 for Mr F.  
20/5/2002 12:16 GMT  rob folly
we won without you paddy, that is all you need to know !!!. on a serious note, i would take it that you all have recieved a letter in the post, regarding helping the club raise funds for our "clubhouse" at the home of cricket ( wood lane isleworth ). can we all please play our part and blow the dust off all of our cheque books and make a donation ( the amount is not important, whatever you can spare )to the cause, as i am sure you all would agree, its our club, and we need to give something back to it, as it gives alot of pleasure to us all.......thanks. P.S well done Gazza my son !!! 
20/5/2002 10:55 GMT  paddy
where can I find out the weekly results? 
18/5/2002 18:43 GMT  malcolm mcnicol
member 1955-1961, how things have changed!! regards to Mike Gibson, the only person I can recognize as having played with!! 
17/5/2002 14:17 GMT  rob folly
17/5/2002 10:35 GMT  Ameen
That game was abandoned as a draw - the other side kept smashing 6's over the fences and they ran out of balls!!!!! How's that?? 
17/5/2002 09:55 GMT  rob folly
yes, but how did Bumble Village second eleven get on ???? 
15/5/2002 09:51 GMT  Ameen
KOOKABURRA FORDHAM SURREY CRICKET LEAGUE Results - 11 May 2002 DIVISION ONE Whyteleafe 154-9 Abahani 155-5 Lambeth Enterprise 263-6 Battersea Ironside 107 BBC 164 Selsdon 165-8 Clapham Old Xaverians 85 Beddington Village 86-5 Godstone & Horne 158 Wandgas (Mitcham) 98 New Malden Haraambe 204 Putney 152-8 Old Tenisonians 72 Sheen Park 74-6 Woodies Lions 301-4 Old Thorntonians 214-7 DIVISION TWO Hampton 178-7 Old Thorntonians A 182-6 Ewell Ruxley 206-4 Honor Oak 50 Lambeth Enterprise A 86 Wandsworth 87-2 Morden 140 Economicals 116 Old Isleworthians & Heston A 198 Old Isleworthians & Heston 202-3 John Fisher Old Boys 104 Old Suttonians 106-3 Deando 172 Redhill & Old Coulsdon 143-7 Sunbury Village 140-7 Travaux 100 DIVISION THREE Deando A 96 Surrey Seamers 97-4 Guildford City 267-3 BBC A 99 Hook & Southborough 125 Battersea Ironside A 126-5 Merton 166 Addington (1743) 86 St Lukes 160-7 Norwood 161-7 Putney A 118 Park Hill 119-5 Rowan 138-6 Sunbury 139-2 DIVISION FOUR Battersea Ironside B 116-9 Old Tenisonians A 117-8 Commonwealth (Balham) 168 Beddington Village A 157 Peckham Rye 152 London Welsh 110 Godstone & Horne A 125 Reigate Priory 51 Raynes Park Former Pupils 81 Vinyl Products 85-1 Sunbury Village A 80 Wandgas (Mitcham) A 81-4 Wandsworth A 100 Morden A 101-8 Whyteleafe A 197-3 Hook & Southborough A 146 DIVISION FIVE Battersea Ironside C 263 Hook & Southborough B 90 Old Isleworthians & Heston B 189-8 St Lukes A 50  
13/5/2002 12:13 GMT  Gurj
Well done the 1's. Thank you for the kind words Paddy and all on Saturday...I'm think you probably were a little worried during the game !!! But 'the quality' came thru in the end..if any of you fancy a game in the 2''ll be more than welcome!! ps, thanks to Charles for keeping it below boiling point.  
13/5/2002 11:22 GMT  paddy
Without wishing to indulge in too much mutual back slapping. Well played the 2's. I think that is the 2nd highest score we've conceeded in a couple of seasons and at 96 for 1 after 20 overs the 1sts were, in Bill Bonneywell's words, " doing nothing but bollocking each other ". Great knocks from Gibbo and Ameen had us reeling and a nice effort from Jalu to keep the innings on track. Like the way Gurg marshalled his troops in the field as well. More disciplined and bit nastier than the 1's. Can't beat a bit of snarling on a cricket field. In the end we just got enough of the rub of the green to sneak home.  
13/5/2002 09:39 GMT  Ameen
A big congrats to the 1's and Charles for a well worked win. Good knocks from Fish and Paddy, liked the way the innings paced itself towards the 199 score. Maybe 25-30 runs short in the end, so well bowled in the last 12 too. Maradona's "Kick of God" was the start of the turning point, so well done to sticking with the task. (p.s this is a genuine post - 
3/5/2002 01:39 GMT  charles
a nice sites 
10/4/2002 09:56 GMT  Graeme Hollocks
I am sorry to have to annouce the recent death of Jack Clayden, who was one of our Vice-Presidents. Our condolences go to his family, especially his son Martin who is another former member of the Cricket Club. 
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