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24/7/2002 22:02 GMT  GFC_SB
Sorry about the website lads. i really did n't mean to!IT was a total accident. I did n't even realise i'd done it till I went on the main intheteam page and the Brentford news was under Upthegills! I aint got a flying fek how I done it and I could n't do it again if I tried! 
20/6/2002 15:26 GMT  Claudio Ranieri
Excuse me, you can lend me some Ingland pounds for buy player? Hairy Ken ave stopped my monies :o( 
15/6/2002 16:37 GMT  Sebastian Garcia
Damn! This team allready has a "Motivational Therapist", that's my speciality! But I can help as an "Overseas consultant" or "spanish language cyber-hooligan" Eager to know what the score of the match was!  
15/6/2002 09:12 GMT  Dr Marvin Monroe
Just to like to pass on my best to all on the Rangers team (do I mean it??) and let's hope this afternoon is good fun. C'mon U Bees!! 
12/6/2002 20:06 GMT  lancashirehoop
don't forget to take photos and post them on web site. It will be interesting to see what you all look like having unknowingly rub shoulders with you on the terraces over the years. Sorry I can't be there, there was an outside chance but its not to be. Best of luck 
9/6/2002 21:35 GMT  Egon Ronay
I'll just pop down to check on the food standards!! 
6/6/2002 17:41 GMT  maverick11
this beesotted match, can you turn up on the day pay and play? I don`t know what I`m doing yesterday let alone on the 15th! Great idea btw  
5/6/2002 17:23 GMT  Leicester Bee
Alright lardies? Hope you're all well, and raring to go. We're all starting to get very excited over this game, so here's to an enjoyable day, and plenty of food and lager. Sod the football! Let's just have a good time. 
20/5/2002 09:44 GMT  sweepy's dad
15/5/2002 21:41 GMT  Sweepy
14/5/2002 22:43 GMT  Steve Coppell
Thanks. You really helped didn't ya? Any-one need a manager? 
8/5/2002 12:39 GMT  Loftboy
Good luck for the game, I cant attend but i will be kicking every ball with you. 
8/5/2002 11:13 GMT  Ulrikakakakaka
Sven....back to bed!! 
8/5/2002 10:42 GMT  Sven
Hallo QPR alternative. I feel I must be wishing you the best of luck against the small team from Middlesex. I have a place small in my heart for the QPR. I am sure you will be able to be beating them with easy. I apologise for my poor state of the English, and hopefully will speak to you all personally on the day. SGE. (PS, Varc, I am needing a Capitan for the World Cup, can you cancel your holidays? - Could you let me know of your players that may be available to me too?) 
7/5/2002 18:35 GMT  Ron Noades
Good luck for the game. Is the ground any good? Any chance of a lend? 
7/5/2002 16:20 GMT  Peter Ebdon
Having just got up after a late night I thought I would wish you all the best of luck with the game against Brentford. having won the world championship, it would be the only other thing that could make me happier. Good luck boys, especially dazy and Surrey Hoop, thanks for all your support the other night, Pete 
7/5/2002 13:04 GMT  Sweepy/Cranford Bee
Best of luck everyone. I know it will be great fun and hopefully QPR will win. Please dont kick me too hard. I promise to be nice to you all. Sweeps. 
7/5/2002 11:10 GMT  Steve Coppell
I wondered if I could borrow a couple of your players, as my shower of no-hopers don't stand a chance on Saturday against Stoke even if we do have the lucky dressing room. 
7/5/2002 10:16 GMT  Chris Wright
Good luck to you on your big day. I hope you make a better job of running a football team than I did. If you would like any help or financial advice with regards to signing players, just let me know. 
7/5/2002 09:10 GMT  Clark Carlisle
Just heard about this site from the Gaffer, and have to say it sounds like great fun. Best of luck to you and especially to Coastal Hoop, with his foot. I know how you feel my friend. Clarky. 
3/5/2002 21:59 GMT  Ian Holloway
It's great to see two sets of opposing fans getting together and playing football at a grass roots level. I'm proud of lads like these and wish them well. I've been speaking to Ingham, and after a few hours of chatting, I'm glad to report that I've learnt a few things. All the best boys. 
28/4/2002 10:50 GMT  GFC_SB
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