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18/6/2002 22:46 GMT  Lucy
Im okay nah it was me how cud u think it wo smurf i sound nowt like her! 
18/6/2002 10:39 GMT  rocky
hiya becky i dont think our reserves have played morley spurs but our first team might have our number four is sometimes me or lucy smith in the reserves it just depends but lucy has got black hair and i wouldnt describe her as nice!!!! and ive got more of blonde hair wi brown bits in it but im natuarly browny blonde!! and claire nottingham is numba 4 for the first team she is well fit!!! anyway i got bk from holiday on friday i went 2 weeks b4 on friday anyway got to go top up my tan hun cos its like jamacia here!!!! write back luv rocky xx ps sorry lucy i thought it wo smurf how r u??? 
17/6/2002 21:33 GMT  Lucy
Think it wo me that answered the phone the other day rocky!Yeah it was!Hey every1 me and vicki rushforth would like sympothy off u all on wednesday we had a bad crash on friday and for anyone who may be saying it we werent going fast because id just changed out of second gear mentioning no names (erm sarah hancox)heard me and vik was lucky to get out with out serious injury and thats most important thing isnt it!So settled a few things there and il c u all wednesday were i will b saying hi and then getting totally smashed out off my face because i havent got a leg i was in hospital saturday tea time getting treatment for my head neck and leg!No sense got knocked into me so dont get excited!1 last important message wear ur seatbelt they really do save your life. 
17/6/2002 11:44 GMT  becky teale
hey rocky when did u go to falaraki cos my mates have just come back from there too.I play for morley spurs but i aint playin for them anymore i dont think not sure yet.I wont be playin next season anyway cos ive got to have an operation ive completley tore my not good news.Who is that lass that plays for you shes got right nice eyes i think she wears number 4 and she has brown hair. 
17/6/2002 11:04 GMT  rocky
alright becky sorry i aint written to you lately i went to falaraki for two week wi the lasses from footy it wo a rite joke so what you been up 2? oh yeah hiya carter yeah i have spoke to vicky i wo in hudd on the 4th of this month wi vic,sadie and katherine you should have cum out we went down spinners and vicky mac got steaming and walked into a sign post in the middle of the path she had a rite big lump it wo nuff funny and sadie layed on a window ledge and cut all her arm anywayz got to go now lauras having a stress. write back becky and who do you play for again? and will you be playing next season??? hi to everyone else and smurf wo you wi hayley shaw da utha day wen i rang her and wo it you who answered da fone and wo talking to me????? 
14/6/2002 18:52 GMT  laura
have fun in america ratch!well done on ur big trophy vicki!! 
13/6/2002 08:11 GMT  Vicki
Have a great time in America Ratch. Good Luck to every1 taking exams this next week!!!!!!!! 
12/6/2002 13:17 GMT  Ratch
Wkd site matey well impressed. Just to let everyone know that I will be unable to grace you all pre-season as I am off to America for 3 months life guarding...its a hard life but dont worry you cant get rid of me that easily i'll be back playing in september and will see you all then. Sorry couldn't make it to the presentation evening hope you all had a good time. Take care everyone and will see you in 3 months when ive got a wkd tan x 
11/6/2002 08:11 GMT  Vicki
Hey thank u. I would have loved to c u in a dress. I hope there are pictures!!!! ha ha 
10/6/2002 22:47 GMT  Lucy
Vik hey honey botu time you get the recognition that u deserve and presentation night proved that!The sites coming along good well done!U all missed me in a dress and make up yesterday Claire Berry can tell u how daft i looked!Neway c u all wednesday if i recover from this bad hangover that is!Still feels drunk actually so got the hangover to come yet lucky me!  
10/6/2002 11:32 GMT  Gemma
Hey ya'l not spoke to half o ya in time,hope every1's ok! It wa g8 @ presentation nite 2 see ya get ya throphy's well dun u al deserved them! Wel i no il b speakin 2 sum soon but il see rest l8tr. great site 2. Lv Gema x 
4/6/2002 17:21 GMT  ANGELA
3/6/2002 21:35 GMT  audrey
not bad vic not bad at all.congratulations on the trophy!!!luv aud. 
3/6/2002 18:49 GMT  Angela
hiya sticks, great site keep it up ! luv angela  
3/6/2002 16:13 GMT  Jo Mitch
Well ya Know Deb could'nt keep away. How's you anyway????????. What you up to in Manchester????? Hey Vicki Nice site matey. Whoever Me is i think you should reveal yourself. 
2/6/2002 17:20 GMT  me
smurf!wots ur number?u wrote it down wrong. 
2/6/2002 12:32 GMT  carter
gwaaan mad rocky wi ur bad self!u betta tell ur cusin 2 stop ringing me!!shes a joker man!!u spoke 2 vic recently? 
31/5/2002 17:57 GMT  Debbie Lodge
nice site! anybody out there remember me? Im living in Manchester now playing for Machester city ladies....Yes we did take your national league place last season!! Jo, what you doing back at hudds? thought you had left for good!! 
30/5/2002 22:45 GMT  Jonny Mitchell (jo's handsome Brother)
After visiting your website i now feel all you lovely ladies should visit to keep track of every womans favourite mens team. 
30/5/2002 18:15 GMT  beckyteale
Hey rocky so what was Vicky sayin to you then??It definatley wasnt me though. So you was seeing Sadie then?I didnt know that i knew you was seeing Vicky but not sadie.I can remember playin against you ast season you beat us 9-0 both times ha.There is one nice player in your team i think she wears number 4 and shes got right nice bec xx 
30/5/2002 17:09 GMT  lucy
Gcse haha  
30/5/2002 14:14 GMT  beckyteale
no i aint playin lucy,ive tore my cartilage gotta have an operation so i dont think i'll be playing ha. 
30/5/2002 10:52 GMT  rocky
sorry becky it wasnt you txting me it was vicky txting me of another sim card saying it was becky teale sorry but i thought it was you but shes just told me that it was her sorry agen have you spoke to sadie latley i havent spoke to her since erm she found out about me and vicky!!! i want wiv any of them but i was meant to be getting back with sadie and i havent spoke to her since anyway write back ive got to go now ive got an exam how boring!!!!!! i will write to you later bye ppl!!!!!!!! luv rocky!!!!!!!! hayleys still well fit that was sue hunsley she plays footy for scunny with me everyone over here has got an obcession with hayley shaw and sadie!!!!!!!! i dont no why though although hayleys not bad!!! but i cant really say owt bout sadie but sue thinks she looks like demi out of bad girls!!!! anyway we r of now gcse maths exam is waiting for us!!!!!! bye 
29/5/2002 23:10 GMT  lucy
Yeah were entered why arent u playing?Dont know if i will be!  
29/5/2002 08:16 GMT  becky teale
You have been entered my manager said that Town and Bradford have been entered and the vixens have too.Should be a good tournament shame i wont be playing though. 
28/5/2002 20:38 GMT  Norton Player
Hey! Thanks for adding the link :D 
28/5/2002 12:37 GMT  Claire
hi wardy,we're all fine are u coming out with us on sat 1st of june,afta presentation? 
27/5/2002 20:11 GMT  lucy
Well im not guna think of u again now!Ul definetly sleep well knowing that haha!And Becky why wil u c me at the Morley tournament.Dont even know if were entered. 
27/5/2002 17:03 GMT  Wardy
nice to know lucy you think of me when your toe hurts :o) il sleep better at night knowing that!! lol 
27/5/2002 11:18 GMT  becky teale
whos rocky then?I dont know who she is.Glad your ok c ya at the morley tournament then lucy xx 
26/5/2002 20:22 GMT  lucy
im good becky!wardy my toe was hurting the other day and i thort of u 
25/5/2002 17:30 GMT  Norton Player
Hi, we've set a site up and were wondering if you want to swap links. Anyway, good luck to all your teams this season :) 
24/5/2002 08:45 GMT  becky teale
Well its nice to know uv all been talkin about me!ha.Whos rocky cos i havent been textin her at all i ant even got her number.I no she's an x of Vicky mcs though!!Hey Lucy how r u? 
22/5/2002 18:47 GMT  helen aka wardy
hi claire, yes it is wardy!! how is you all? xxx 
21/5/2002 20:05 GMT  lucy
claire dont be nosey  
21/5/2002 08:41 GMT  claire
helen who?is it wardy?? 
20/5/2002 20:33 GMT  Stranger
Hiya everyone, hope pre season training is going well!! Its Helen by the way!!! sorry i havent been in touch but i lost my phone..... well it was stolen and i lost all my no.s!!! anyway hope you are all training hard and il hopefully make it down there soon. H x  
18/5/2002 19:22 GMT  Martin
Just wondering if anybody could help me im tryin to track down lauren emmerson for some footy trials.finding it very hard,any information much appriated. 
18/5/2002 12:59 GMT  Willyheckerslike
Watch that Adam Armitage he's a a fraud !! 
16/5/2002 13:43 GMT  lucy
Yeah ive met her shes got brown hair and shes just a bit taller then hayley. nah i didnt play that match. no dont think cath plays nemore wel i ant seen her anyway. I know sadie yeah shes an old "friend" of becky teales. 
15/5/2002 10:02 GMT  rocky(scunthorpe united ladies reserves)
thanks for that lucy was you playing when huddersfield played bradford reserves at leeds road because i might be able to remember you!!!! because i came over from scunthorpe to watch vicky mcdonald play football!!! you might remember me as the one with the love bites on my neck ha ha! does catherine (ginner) still play for you? tell carter and jo i said hello for me please will u? do you know sadie aswell then!! shes vickys sort of friend!! if you know what i mean? have you met becky teale then? and if you have what does she look like? anyway ive got to go cos ive got to go do my football in the community service with the little kids around the schools but i will keep visiting your website bye for now!!!!!!! 
14/5/2002 23:16 GMT  lucy
carter still plays and so does jo hayley and vicky dont. Withers is friends with cater and hayley and becky teale is friends with heyley and goes to durham 
14/5/2002 13:24 GMT  rocky (scunthorpe united ladies reserves)
hi there great site can anyone tell me if jo, carter , hayley shaw catherine and vicky mcdonald still play for you!!!!! i know them through football and does anyone know who becky teale is?? because she keeps txting me and whos withers??? if anyone has any information about any of these then could you write something in the guestbook and i will write back cheers!!!!! 
13/5/2002 07:48 GMT  Claire
Well played yesterday vik,some ace the site.duno bout my profile wednesday claire 
12/5/2002 16:52 GMT  Tristan Jackson
Like the website Vicki, lots and lots of love Tristanxxxxx 
10/5/2002 19:45 GMT  fi
hey.looks like you are building a nice little site here!its harder than it looks i found!!Good luck if u have any games left, if not enjoy your summer fi p.s any chance of a repicricol (god knows how u spell it!!)link 
3/5/2002 19:46 GMT  laura
thanx 4 doing my profile vicki, im still one for the future even though its my last game on sun, funny that! :-) 
30/4/2002 10:45 GMT  Vicki
Give me time , i'm putting the profiles slowly. It was a good game on Sunday. Well played every1. We will def beat them next time. 
28/4/2002 21:22 GMT  Lucy Diamond
Oh bless that cartoon girl running with the ball on the homepage is me green kit brown hair its me!Good game today evry1 we didnt desrve to draw we desrved all 3 points 
28/4/2002 19:58 GMT  gemma (smurf)
hey g8 site girl, gives us all summat to luk @ afta a win!!!! He He Get r profiles sorted girl!!!  
27/4/2002 22:09 GMT  laura hammond
well done vicki,great site!get my profile sorted lass! 
27/4/2002 07:39 GMT  Ady Lomax
Hi Vicky, great site. I hope all your work is more appreciated than mine was Ady 
26/4/2002 12:07 GMT  kirklees ladies fc
hey girls..join our "Sod Chip! Save Our Points" campain. the league have unfairly deducted points off us this season and we are appealling against it. we'd be gratefull if any of you could leave a message of support on our guestbook. thanks.  
25/4/2002 09:18 GMT
>Hello, i am a commercial manager who specialises in raising funds for sports >clubs, i am part of a lottery syndicate that help fund clubs of all sizes and >budgets, there is no charge for this service. I can show you how to raise the >funds you need to run your team/club whatever your sport or size of club, >professional or amateur. So if you need our help or advice just send me an >email and we will arrange to raise the funds. > >P.S you do not need any complicated paperwork or expensive reports to apply >for this, and all clubs and sports are guaranteed to be accepted. 
21/4/2002 19:14 GMT  Lucy Diamond
Hey Vikki well done and thanks for taking time to put the town back on the net!P.s.wheres my profile im god 
11/4/2002 16:07 GMT  Nicki Halstead
Well done Vicki on a great website. At least someone has got organised and decided to put Huddersfield Town Ladies back on the map!! Keep up the great work and hopefully we will see u back in the 1st team soon, where you belong. p.s u had a great training session on Weds!! 
10/4/2002 22:59 GMT  Vicki
Thank u all for adding us to your site as well. Thanks and good luck to u all.  
10/4/2002 16:53 GMT  kirklees ladies fc
hey thanks for your message, we've now added your web page to our links :) good luck! 
10/4/2002 07:48 GMT  wlfc
hello...thanks for your email and the link...will add you to our links asap...good luck for the rest of the season from everyone at Wakefield Ladies FC 
9/4/2002 21:58 GMT  Clare (ossett albion)
Hi, just found your site, take it its pretty new, anyway cheers for the link i will get you added to ours ASAP. All the best against Chester le street on Sunday. 
9/4/2002 21:34 GMT  ?
cool site 
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