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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
31/5/2002 21:41 GMT  MURPH
eventully found site! what a dissapointment!wheres the photos & caravans! 
24/5/2002 12:05 GMT  somone in holand
thers no a good patience player oot o the lot  
16/5/2002 14:18 GMT  ooozcurseen???
Just watched the Scotland game. Witaloadaskitter. OVER 
13/5/2002 16:42 GMT  jmt
a big sigh of relief--jessie not making Patience game 
6/5/2002 09:47 GMT  Jandro Umbo
aye,yer nae dud Miles! SO what's the line up fir the patience game then?? OVER 
5/5/2002 20:14 GMT  The Sutherlands
When Avoch go up to lift the world cup we'll be there we'll be there when avoch go up to lift the world cup we'll be there we'll be there 
3/5/2002 20:54 GMT  Mordie Giles
Not only the "finest left foot north of the Dee", but also one of the "top refs north of the Dee". "Aye boys" 
2/5/2002 16:02 GMT  Jandro Umbo
Good luck against Maryburgh, land of the "finest left foot noth of the Dee" Toorie/Miles-who said that?? Fine night fir playin beducks OVER 
30/4/2002 10:31 GMT  Handrojay
Yip, I'm up for it, as will one or two of the previous players. Was in fact playing twice last week, and it was nice to see that the skill I never had is still no there! Miles-FRO OVER 
28/4/2002 12:16 GMT  Gary Munro
Someone has swiped a few of your words in your main spiel.Probably Fortrose fans.( Do they have any? ) 
27/4/2002 18:48 GMT  jmt
I ken a good Captain(non-playing of course) 
27/4/2002 18:36 GMT  Miles
There is a left legged wonder in Kingswood also wanting to play - but lets not go down that road again! 
27/4/2002 11:31 GMT  billy
there is a patience in austrila wanting to come over to play in goals 
24/4/2002 14:48 GMT  Scott Patience
Looking for names of anyone interested in playing in the Patience team in the game Vs Rest of Avoch during Gala week. 
21/4/2002 07:43 GMT  Keith Patience
Report and stats from Dinwall Thistle match now available 
14/4/2002 07:23 GMT  Keith Patience
check out Avoch v Maryburgh report. 
8/4/2002 20:40 GMT  Derek Patience
Stats for Contin game now added 
3/4/2002 20:27 GMT  dotz
brian send me your email address 
3/4/2002 14:24 GMT  Brian Davidson
Someone emailed me my password, but didn't give me a user name? 
13/3/2002 16:25 GMT  Jandro Umbo
Come on lads, dunna hide behind fancy names, its proper bi-names we need. I canna mind any Piorot's in my time-Bantams, Frews, Paddies, kyches and toories,etc but Piorot, no mun. ten cran 
13/3/2002 11:05 GMT  Hercule Piorot
Who pinched the bacon? Did Toorie hear anything? 
11/3/2002 20:55 GMT  gordy
lets not forget all i was left with was my socks 
11/3/2002 17:37 GMT  A.Trialist
Is that the same Gordy who lost his trousers on the Cromarty Bridge? 
11/3/2002 14:09 GMT  A.N.Other
It,s been a long time since Miles hit the "net" 
10/3/2002 18:16 GMT  george miles
10/3/2002 10:26 GMT  keith patience
One step beyond 
9/3/2002 16:01 GMT  Allan Carmichael
Is Dotz really 43? 'Mon the Avochies! 
9/3/2002 11:48 GMT  Scott Patience
Sound Like 
8/3/2002 15:58 GMT  J TOORIE esq
out boys out!!!!!! 
8/3/2002 14:48 GMT  Jesse
Veteran striker with deadly RIGHT foot requires berth and is available on a bosman. Dunna all rush OVER 
8/3/2002 14:09 GMT  brian jumbo
Heres to another cracking season , just missed out last year lets hope for better this year All the Best from Culbokie 
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