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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
23/8/2002 22:37 GMT  The Secretary..
Well said Jaffa, think those in the know already knew that, luv the guestbook though its were them in the know and them who aint a clue can air there views.Always gonna be s***stirrers but do think 'Really Reg' last column has it spot on with his last comment. 
23/8/2002 19:05 GMT  Jaff
Well it seems like people are running their mouth on here again and are too scared to leave their name. Its nice to see someone rates me as the best keeper in Newark but to be honest it means nothing at this stage. Also if anyone thinks I have a problem with Ducko they are very mistaken. Would I have signed for Farndon if I didn't get on with Ducko? In fact he was one of the main reasons I signed for Farndon. 
23/8/2002 15:36 GMT  Huh??!
Jaffa rated the best goalkeeper in Newark? You ARE taking the p*ss, right?! 
23/8/2002 07:18 GMT  Dean
Can someone please remove that picture of Stenson's artichokes from the website as the appeal like Warners hailine is fast receeding 
22/8/2002 20:22 GMT  Farndon's Best
We might not have played that well in friendlies but we haven't had our best side to choose from. When have our main strike force, Ben and Birdy, played together? They haven't yet and with the quality of those 2 players maybe that will be our cutting edge. What you have to remember "Reg" is that from last season we have 4 quality players to come in. Jaffa is rated as the best goalkeeper in Newark, Ryan and Ben are 2 of the best young players in Newark and Michael Allen's qulaity is there for all to see. Add that to the likes of Venie, Issott, Lewis, Burt, Brompton, Bird and a fit again Cossie then there is all the makings of a team that can challenge for silverware at the end of the season. 
21/8/2002 23:18 GMT  Having....
....Seen you play several times I wouldn't say exciting is exactly the word. Yes you pass the ball around well but you clearly lack penetration in the final third. I spoke to people who saw you play Newark Town and they said you had alot of possession but you had virtually no chances and you had to rely on them scoring for you! If you get that sorted who knows what might happen, but until then you'll still be slightly behind New Inn/RHP/Lowdham (possibly). 
21/8/2002 17:40 GMT  Really Reg..
A lot of what you say is true,one must emphasize of there Youth, perhaps am older head may help. Think you may be pleasantly surprized that all is not lost regarding the Uni situation, not bad as you say.Also missed out on other attacking midfielder Goodrick back from injury. However totally disagree with your views on the reserves not helping out 1st team and vice versa,bit of a age old myth is that one.Time will tell its coming tegether , the main thing is patience, lets hope some of the young ones understand that! 
21/8/2002 17:06 GMT  reg
One of the main reasons RHP did so well last year was their huge squad of players, Farndon have by far one of the strongest midfields in the area ie, Lewis Burt Venie Issott Cossie M.Allen etc but with Rhys and Greg off to uni and the reluctance of reserve players helping out their 1st team will mean they might struggle over the christmas period, when injuries and suspensions tend to take their toll, also many Farndon players are too young to be playing two games a weekend, 'Farndons best' is entitled to their opinion but its the managers decision, and he's done a good job with the young lads so far! However New Inn and RHP are efficient machines and do win trophies, but they are boring to watch! I think most of the younger lads are about 19 and play the kind of football that is far beyond their years. There is no doubt that people will be excited by farndon this season by their skill and atitiude even if they dont win trophies 
20/8/2002 22:36 GMT  Venie
The trouble is with me I can't seem to get a level of consistency for Farndon where I think I do for Flowserve (sat). If the first 11 was picked on performances during pre-season I agree I probably wouldn't make the first 11. I just got to turn that around and this season under the guidence of Ducko on a Sunday and Hillier on a Saturday, I think I will. Everyone goes throught a bad patch in the season I guess mines now in pre-season...well I hope it is anyway. 
20/8/2002 17:37 GMT  Lets just say....
One for sure the guestbook be eventful this season,don't take everything you read to be true. You need more than 11 players to do any good, already have few injuries (U ok Venie!).Last year showed loads promise, this season have added new faces, but hey Rome wasn't built in a day so you lot remember that! As for keeper/manager there virtually bedpartners luv each other to death! 
20/8/2002 16:53 GMT  Unrest?
Jaffa appears to have a good relationship with his Manager!! 
20/8/2002 12:10 GMT  Barge
Opposition wasn't up to much? Yeah right whoever the f*ck said that obviously only saw the result and not the game. Farndon didn't walk all over us, that's all i gotta say. 
20/8/2002 08:26 GMT  Farndons Best
So you are saying Farndond Best team, doesnt include Venie? surely he is/was the best young talent around at 1 stage + should b able 2 walk into the team! 
19/8/2002 21:22 GMT  Jaff
Nice to see someone has an idea of who our best 1st team is but does our big headed manager? Anyway if we think we are capable of winning something this season we had better get off to a good start with New Inn and NSk in the 1st month but if we play to the best of our abilities we are more than capable of beating any team in the league  
19/8/2002 20:57 GMT  Fixture News......
First Team : 1/9 a v Newark F.C.,8/9 a v New Inn,15/9 h v Gedling Old Boys(Notts Cup),22/9 h x nsk, 29/9 a v wheatsheaf. 2nd Team 15/9 h v gunthorpe(poss away as 1st team drawn home),22/9 a v Barkstone(subject to notts cup draw), 29/9 h v new inn res. No matches 1st & 8th for reserves due to manager being away in Cuba on scouting mission! 
19/8/2002 14:18 GMT  Farndon's Best
I thought Farndon played really well on Sunday, I know the opposition wasn't up to much but there was alot of neat and quick movement throughout the team. There has been some good signing this year for Farndon but there is still alot of players who think they are far better than what they actually are and do you really think these players would play for the second team? Im sure that some of these players will be unhappy when Mr Duckmanton finally picks his first side. My side for the first game would be : JAFFA (GK) NICKY (CB) R.LEWIS (CB) MARTIN (CB) GREG (LWB) RYAN (RWB) D ISSOT(CM) COSSIE (CM) M.ALLEN (CM) BIRDY (CF) B.ROCHE (CF).  
19/7/2002 10:14 GMT  The Main man
Venie! Doesnt worry me mate id sjin him before he realised he was being skinned, doen it before and ill tell you what! Ill do it again! Burt, he'd love to skin me he couldnt beat me at football with his lucky hat on. Its gonna be emotional 
8/7/2002 22:49 GMT  Jaff
Is it true DH is joining us as coach then? Are Pete and Ben definately signing and are there any more to come?  
27/6/2002 11:02 GMT  Venie
thanks...I guess?!? 
26/6/2002 12:03 GMT  Lookalike
Brazil and Bayer Leverkusen centre half Lucio and our very own Venie! It's uncanny! 
12/6/2002 17:05 GMT  No.1 FAN.
Here's a little story which may shed some light on things; Whilst out shopping for bits in Newark, I spotted little Max in Sue Ryder charity shop!.......HMMMMM. Is that where that dreadful shirt came from you wore on the presentation night? I BET IT WAS! 
9/6/2002 10:54 GMT  The Jury
Don't worry No.1 fan - think you may see him next season somehow! (Odds On with Ladbrokes!) 
8/6/2002 11:42 GMT  No.1 FAN.
I'm GUTTED that gareth Priestley is joining the 'lads army' cause now I don't know who I'm going to take the pi55 out of? WATCH OUT, The FAN'S about! 
29/5/2002 22:42 GMT  To Nicky
Save up over summer see me whenever Dave 
29/5/2002 17:02 GMT  Nicky
who do we have to pay the money to that we owe from last season? 
27/5/2002 18:42 GMT  Result of AGM
For those of you who were unable to make the AGM last Sunday pleae not following changes: The chairman of the club is now ex player Mr.Chris Liley replacing Mr.Ernie Keynes who along with Mr.Steve Cobb become Vice Chairman of the club. Andy Duckmanton has relinguished his duties as Treasurer to enable him to spend more time as Manager of the first team. Dave Bennett was re-elected Secretary again and has offered to also take on the role as Treasurer as there was no other applicants. Gavin Stenson will again assist Andy with the running of the first team. The second team has one change with Steve Tinsley as 2nd Team Manager assisted by Richard Allam. Dougie Grant has stepped down to concentrate more on playing each week with the club. A club committee will be formed shortly and any players wishing to hep out in running the club along with the management committee should let the Secretary know over the coming months. No change to subscriptions, bonuses will be paid to players as per normal. 
18/5/2002 07:21 GMT  The Winners
Following winners on the night: 1st Team Managers Player : Paul Barratt 2nd Team Managers Player: Rob Spry 1st Team Players Player of Season : Greg Burt 2nd Team Player of Season : Ali Longdon Club Person of the Year Award : Ali Longdon. 
25/4/2002 13:54 GMT  Dean
Just like to add my congratulations to the Reserve team for another successful season.Reaching the semis of the Notts Junior and gaining promotion for the consecutive year is a notable achievement.Well done to Steve,Dougie and all of the players...have a good end of seaon do and see you at the start of next season...I bet The Mighty Wingnut Stallion's ears are swelling with pride :-)) 
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