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5/6/2002 18:25 GMT  Trevor Thirsk (Tricky)
Hi to all who remember me and to you Phil Ousbey are you still playing? Great to find out how the teams are doing. When will that Dave Duane stop scoring goals? Let me know when the next Sportsmans is on and I will come down Regards. 
8/5/2002 19:07 GMT  Phil Ousbey
Hi Paul,and the rest of the club. I may be gone but not quite dead yet.I'm just resting as they say.Great to see your on the 'world wide'Amazing to know that I could be in Australia and still see Dave Duane miss place a pass.If Dave tunes in, thats 'PASS'. When one player that has the ball kicks it to another who has been screeming for it for......20 years!!! Oh Never mind. I'm affraid I don't know Tony Abbis.I started playing around '67.There were a few older players at that time but I can't realy remember many of them.The few I can are Ted Small.Pete Simpkin,Steve Ellor,Mike Fiander,John Percival.Sam Leach is pretty good at remembering the older old boys. I'll logon regularly and please keep me informed of any news. Regards,  
24/4/2002 15:18 GMT  Paul Heywood
As is always the case, after further thoughts, i came up with Phil Ousby, Pete Capps, John Egan. More will no-doubt spring to mind the moment i log off. 
23/4/2002 12:08 GMT  Paul Heywood
Message for Tony Abbis. Tony, some of the 'more experienced' players in the club include Kevin 'Jock' McAloon, Brian 'Sam' Leach, Harry Jones and possibly a few more. Are you still in touch with any of the old boys? Have a look in the Club Forum for stories on Jock and others. 
16/4/2002 17:22 GMT  Tony Abbis
I played for the "Old Boys" in the Lancs. Amateur League in the late 50's and early 60's - any of the old names still aroound? The Thomases et al 
8/3/2002 20:18 GMT  mike sweeney
i have scored 1 goal this season. otherwise the site is comin on well 
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